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  1. onyx77

    What Baffles You?

    When staff have time to complain for 10-20 minutes about how they don't have time to get their work done. Or the CNA who complains that the nurses never help. Trust me.... we do want to help. And will as our time allows. (The good ones will anyway) we as nurses are swamped as well and there's not too much that a CNA can assist with outside of the direct pt care such as baths and toileting.
  2. onyx77

    ASN license same like BSN ?

    Once you pass the NCLEX you have your license. ADN and BSN take the same test. Getting your BSN doesn't change your license.
  3. onyx77

    Are they lying or are they confused?

  4. onyx77

    When to call or page the doctor?

    Oh... and if you start with something like "I'm really sorry to bother you, but I'm calling regarding your pt Mr. Icantstayoffthefloor....." They might not be so hard on you. I love the caller ID at work because I can tell where a MD is calling from. If its a Sunday morning and I see a local church on the caller ID, I will always apologize for bothering them at church. And sometimes we need to word things to make them think its really their idea! Don't worry.... You'll get the hang of it quickly!!!
  5. onyx77

    When to call or page the doctor?

    My motto is "When in doubt- check it out! or call the MD." Definatley go with your facilities P&P for updating MDs with any COC's. Some only require faxes. If you're unsure, call the MD anyway. They may yell at you (literally) but at least you've done your part. But make sure you have a thorough assessment done before you call. The SBAR form that CapeCodMermaid mentioned is a wonderful tool! You can search it online and print it out for free.
  6. onyx77

    Will I ever get out of LTC or am I doomed?

    To the OP..... It seriously sounds like you're suffering from burn out. I hope you get time off soon so you can take care of yourself as well. If we don't take care of ourselves, we can't take care of others. Our pt/residents DO sense the stress and frustrations that we all have when we get burnt out (and we've ALL been there at one time or another no matter what setting we work in) whether we feel we are hiding it well or not. Dementia pts pick up on this VERY well and they will act out because of it! I love working LTC and wouldn't change my setting! However, I understand you're frustrations all too well!!! Unfortunately with the economy all healthcare facilities, including both LTC and hospitals, are cutting back on staff. I left my last job because they not only were cutting back on staff, but were admitting the most acute pts and expecting us to do medicare assessments, change of condition assessments (there were many days that I had literally 15 full assessments), 2 admissions, a discharge or two, 6 different IVs, a tube feeding or two, 15 treatments/dressing changes, 2 med passes, new MD orders and taking care of the crashing resident, the fall, the low BGT, the new skin tear, etc all in 8hrs. I think you get my point. Its places like these that you need to do your best while your there and look for something new. One thing I encourage you to do is really concentrate on your assessments. You actually can gather a lot of info in a short amount of time. It is in LTC that you will really learn to hone into those assessment skills as you are literally the eyes and ears for the MD. It is YOUR assessment that gets the residents the care they need. There is no MD in house to come check out a resident when things start going wrong. I also find that in LTC you do learn a lot about many different disorders/illness. And you get to see the disease in progress. many times start to finish - You can learn A LOT from this. I wish the best of luck to you! I hope you find your niche. Don't count LTC completely out - there are good facilities out there!
  7. I was always told not to write found for the reason that others have stated..... the word "found" could be misconstrude that the resident/pt was actually lost. (which unfortunately does happen from time to time in LTC with wanderers ) I always write "Resident/pt was discovered laying right side on floor next to bed ..... yadda..... yadda..... yadda..." I actually had one supervisor give me a gold star when she did a chart audit because I charted that way!
  8. I was really fortunate in that the full time days RN was a new grad and wanted to work in a hospital. In the meantime they did some rearranging of management, so I was promoted to oversee clinical issues of our longterm residents. Sometimes its just taking a leap of faith. If you're miserable where you are - chances are the grass really is greener on the the other side. If you know of a place that is good to work for and is known for excellent care, check to see if they have openings. Even if just to get your foot in the door. So, really, it takes patience, prayer and lots of soul searching. Good Luck!
  9. I left a job I was miserable in for half the scheduled hours and $4 less an hour. Best move I've ever made! I now LOVE my job and don't mind going to work in the morning. And to make things better...... I've since been promoted to full time and that came with pay raise. I'm now making more than I was at my previous job!
  10. onyx77

    ? about self administration of meds in Personal Care

    If there is a MD's order that its ok to leave at bedside then you are ok.
  11. onyx77


    $21/hr for LPN in WI is a GREAT starting wage! That's more the average starting pay for an RN.
  12. onyx77

    "the future days"

    :rotfl: I totally agree! I wish I could give the Ativan to certain coworkers as well!!!
  13. onyx77

    I Love being a Christian Nurse

    I love being a Christian nurse working in a Christian facility.
  14. onyx77

    Ortho Docs and pain meds

    MD simply stated he wouldn't give him pain meds and told him to see his primary. Mind you pt was seeing an ortho an hour away from home or his primary. Ortho MD wouldn't even contact the primary via phone or fax to make sure that pt left the facility with something for pain. (pt receives med via mail with the VA. but could've pick them up at the hospital he was seeing ortho in) Pt did not even want narcs. Just something stronger for the pain, so he could actually walk for the next 4 months! Pt is A&O x3 with COPD and CHF without hx of addicition or pill seeking. Just simply there on referral of his primary for a hip replacement. I just found the situation extreemely frustrating.
  15. onyx77

    Ortho Docs and pain meds

    Have you ever encountered an Orthopedic MD that would NOT give a pt pain meds when they are clearly in a lot of pain, knowing that currently all that pt had for pain was tylenol and that they couldn't get in for a hip replacement for 4 months?