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As some of you know, I had a strange clinical instructor the semester. If you don't know my situation, see post in the general discussion area from 1-18-03. Yesterday, I met with the instructor to... Read More

  1. by   Teshiee
    I am so sorry to hear that. And they don't understand why most people cringe of the thought of being nurses. I don't understand why these instructors have to be so tired and ignorant toward the students. It is so true what MICURN said, that the nursing school cirriculum needs a major overhaul or this shortage is going to get far worse. I have to admit there are times I wish I went on to medical school because at least their is a learning environment not a I am the instructor and your are inferior to thee. Sounds like that heiffa was intimidated by your knowledge from jump so what way to get you out. Hopefully someday you may change your mind and go back and if you do moon her arse after your graduation or send her a box of cow dung!!!!!!
  2. by   renerian
    I hate to see people drop. Can you talk to the dean of the nursing program? Don't let one instructor stop your dream! Sometimes personalities are just not compatable.

  3. by   MishlB
    Originally posted by BioRN
    As some of you know, I had a strange clinical instructor the semester. If you don't know my situation, see post in the general discussion area from 1-18-03. Yesterday, I met with the instructor to clear up some things with her. She said I was unstable and needed help. I told her I was dropping and she said I couldn't drop out without an exit interview. I said that I would n't comply and went to the nursing program secretary and dropped out of school. The secretary said an exit interview wasn't necessary. This instructor was so controlling that she actually wanted to control my dropping out.
    I am a normal mother of two with a 18 year fabulous work history in medical and biological research and a B.S. in Biology. I have never had an psych problems. How could a nursing instructor make these judgements after only knowing me for 5 days?
    If this is nursing, you can count me out.
    To all of you who have helped me through my prerequistes, I thank you. Good luck and I wish you all well. Thanks especially to JulieLPN, Mario, and Dr. Kate.

    This is Bio never to be an RN signing off.

    BioRN...DON'T QUIT!!!!!!!! They want to shake you up, and stress you out, but you need to let them know you can do it. It's only a short period of time in your life, and then you can care for patients or do whatever you wanted to do. Don't let ONE person decide your fate...go for it. Prove her wrong!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry to hear that.

    I would however, still be heard. Why not the exit interview? Obviously this being a free country it's not "required". But you could get a few words in before you leave. Perhaps a letter or email?

    Good luck.
  5. by   RNFROG3
    Biorn- I hope you are still reading this since you signed off never to be an RN. Please heed the advice the others before me- DON'T QUIT. Sometimes we have to take a detour and find a different way to follow our dreams but it doesn't mean the end of the dream -just a change in course. There are nurturing schools I went to one Austin Peay in Tennesee. I flunked my last Med-Surg course. (Marrriage going bad , too many student activities, not enough $$,kids- basically too much to handle at once)
    I thought my carreer and life dream was over. My nursing instructors were supportive and almost demanded I come back and finish. I'll be stronger for my failure they said__They were right. You can do it.
  6. by   KELLYGIRL
    I have been a victim of an overbearing instructor. I am still being bullied by her. This is my last semester of nursing school of which she isn't teaching any of the classes I am taking. I just think she has a hunger for eating her young. I now hear from one instructor that "they" don't think I will make it. Guess who the "they" is? HER... I am going to make it...I am going to prove her wrong and anyone else who thinks I won't make it.
    If you have the chance, PLEASE go back... or at least go to another school. If this is what you really want, don't give up. Only you know what you want out of your life.
  7. by   kavi
    I feel terrible for you.

    It's not quite the same thing, but I had an EMT instructor who didn't want me to take the final. She just didn't like me, didn't think I was suited for the profession, and said I was much too 'emotional' to do the job.

    She was a terrible teacher, and I felt that I learned nothing from her. I went over her head, and took the final and went on to challenge and pass the State Exams (this was before National). And got the last laugh.

    And I've been doing it full time for six years and recieved plenty of kudos, proved her wrong big time. And she's completely out of the business, disliked and discredited.

    Another example is the Catholic priest here. I'm not Catholic, but everyone goes to his church because he's a remarkable guy. He's been a priest for like 40 years. As he tells it, they didn't want to ordain him way back when, because they didn't think he was 'suited' for the priesthood. Now, he's the only priest left out of his entire class, virtually all of them left the priesthood and married.

    The point is---just as these others are saying---if you want to be a Nurse, don't let someone else ruin it for you. Chances are you are not the first she's driven away, and someday she will get what is coming to her for doing this.

    Everything I've encountered on this board and in talking to other nurses is that it isn't an easy profession. Like EMS, the only reason to do it is because you want to. And you know you do.

    Think of her as an unpleasant bug that ruined a pair of shoes ---when you walked over her to move on toward your goal. :chuckle

    Good luck!
  8. by   2banurse
    Great Advice Kavi!!!

    It is a sad truth that when some people get in the position of supervisor, manager, etc., the power goes right to their head. They forget or block out that at one time they just started out.

    We have to in essence take back the power and let those who are on this power trip know that it isn't going to work. You are not going to just roll up into a ball and roll away. If it is not meant to be, then it is your choice, don't let anyone make this choice for you.

  9. by   suzielee
    Hi Im so sorry you dropped out but I totally understand why. Im about to finnish but this has been the most abusive experience of my life. Wheel chairs thrown at me (left a beauty bruise) verbal insults screamed down the hallways of the ward I was co-oping on, interviews that were an act of public humiliation. Ive struggled so hard to get thru my program without going postal. At 40 years old I walked away from a marriage, a house, a boat and my life saving to attain this goal and at every step Ive encountered a psychotic nut as a teacher (although some were good) The expression "nurses eat their young" was engrained into me from the very beginning. All I can tell you is that if you want something bad enough-hold your head high and screw them all-this is for you @#&%$! them!!!!!!! The one thing that scares me though is that these people are licensed to care for the vulnerable patients we deal with-this is terrifying!!! Should they not have a personality test or review to determine that the insane are not allowed to nurse or teach? I empathize with people that are sociopathic and narcisistic but I dont think that nursing is a profession they belong in!!!!!!
  10. by   GPatty
    I PM'd you......
  11. by   passing thru
    Why didn't you take your complaint to the dean of the nursing school. ? I had a instructor write some unkind things about me and I was so mad! I wrote a 43 page letter to the nursing schoold dean that night !! Called her office twice the next morning and hand delivered it. Had 2 conferences with the dean. Two years later, I was an R.N. and that "Instructor" was doning floor duty at a local hospital!
  12. by   Rock
    Hi Bio:

    Sorry to learn of your dilemma. You must remember, however, that nurses are people too. You may find this hard to believe, but instructors are part of the human race. That is, some will have unresolved psychological problems, some will be envious of a pretty young woman, i.e., they come with their prejudices, biases, enviousness, etc.

    Perhaps the instructor is threatened by your knowledge of medical terminology, and biology.

    When in liberal arts college, I had difficulty with short, fat and bald male instructors who could be very vicious, and that would be reflected on my grades, as they could not remain objective. You see, my dear, I am tall, slim and as a Senior Citizen, I still have a full head of hair. I am also told by many that I am very attractive.

    So you see how it goes. An unattractive, short, fat, bald man would give me grades lower than what I deserved.

    You must report this person to the head of the department. Perhaps the director is looking for more information to drop this person from the program. If they have enough complaints against her, she would be dropped now or at the end of the semester.

    I once worked with a Nurse Rachet in a psychiatric unit. She had more problems than some of the patients. The Head Nurse finally caught on to her and she got canned.

    Don't give up!!

    :kiss :chuckle
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  13. by   zudy
    Bio, I hate this for you. I had the same problem in BOTH LPN and RN school, SOS, just different names and faces. I was lucky that other instructors saw my worth, took up for me, and helped me.
    So what is the deal here? Why are so many of us sharing the same story? MICURN is right, we need a major overhaul in our schools. How many other stories are out there that we never hear about? Before I came to this board, I thought mine was am isolated incident, that it was me, for some reason I irritated instructors so much that I should of been kicked out, now I see that Iam one of many. This makes me so sad.