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  1. Well, we spent all day in lab today covering the basics of physical assessment....Of course being a male, it became obvious my female partner wasn't going to let me listen to posterior lung sounds in class, as everyone's around. My only problem is I pretty much live alone, so am thinking about carrying stethoscope everywhere I go, just in case I'm with friends and can whip out, "say, let me hear your lungs/heart..."
    Am kinda freaking about return demo as we MUST have it done before clinicals in 5 weeks, not sure who I can do it with(am thinking about calling member of the clinical group), and not sure what the correct conversational procedure is. I can memorize the steps, but the conversation is freakin me a little!
    Going out to school tomorrow to watch a bunch of required clinical videos, and an actual video of the assessment process(done by last year's students), am hoping it allevates some fears....
    On an employment note, I have a second interview next week at a major DD home employer.....Crossing fingers, job works well with school as shift is 4-12, and only major problem is getting up on R and F morning, outside of that, no issues. Every other aspect works....
    Thanks, just had to vent a little....I'm almost thinking if I'm even meant to be a nurse....LOL(does every guy feel this way?)
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    Awww it's ok. I remember how daunting it was in the if i can't even take a BP how can I be a nurse? But it does get easier....NOT A SINGLE nurse was made overnight.

    Try to practice on anyone who will let you. I found most of my friends thought it was pretty cool. Other fellow classmates will be just as freaked out as you....just ask. I wouldn't mind of a male classmate wanted to listen to my posterior lung sounds....i mean seriously- what they may see a bra strap? lol.....Now SOME people are very modest( remember some clients will too) so don't take that as a slight..just keep trying communication to get them at ease and ...just keep searching and you will find those who think it's fine!

    Communication gets easier with the more clients you work with. My very first REAL client I was all " name is....ummm.. I am here to do this...ummmmmm"

    But now ...just 2nd semester - it's SO much easier! It was even easier by the 3rd client!

    You can do it! Good luck!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Hang in there, Loco. Many men have gone before you and I know that you can do it too!
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    Thanks, I needed that!!
  6. by   ear
    Take a deep breath.

    Carry your stethescope around with you. We have a lot of people that stop by our house to hang out. Every single one of them had dealt with my assessments. BP, P, heart/lung sounds. They were more than happy to let me practice on them. IT was great. People are indeed quite receptive to helping.

    As for the job, good luck!!! I am sure it will work out for you!!
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Listen to your nieces and nephews too. Kids sound so much different. I would look around for folks with murmurs and lung issues.
  8. by   Tweety
    Wait a minute.....maybe I'm just an insensitive guy, but your partner wouldn't let you listen to her lung sounds??? Not even through her shirt? Not even posteriorly? I would let your instructor know this, it's part of their job to assure that you get the education you need and if your partner isn't cooperating then they need to help you find someone who will. Don't shortchange yourself just because you're a male.

    Good luck on getting that job you want!
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  9. by   blueberry21
    I agree with Tweety. You need to let the teacher know that your partner hasnt been able to "participate" and you need to have a different lab partner.

    Ive just started also, the teacher also doubles as a patient for anyone who "isnt hearing anything" or just to help. We have every size student in our class and she encouraged us to switch partners so we could see the difference.

    Good luck.:wink2:
  10. by   WDWpixieRN
    Yeah, I would think your lab partner is going to have to get over this pretty quickly...I'm a female partnered w/a female, but I've noticed we've already gotten pretty quickly past any "personal space" issues in the 2 weeks we've been in class. I would think your partner's going to have to do the same or the instructors are going to need to get you help.

    Good luck!!
  11. by   Achoo!
    We have a male in our class as well. We were to wear sports bras in class, and I had no problem letting him listen. I was far from nude.
  12. by   Daytonite
    I see Tweety posted my response before I did. As long as you are acting professionally with another female student, she has no business not being cooperative with you. I'd talk to the instructor about that. 1/3 of my original nursing program was male and we all got along quite well because there was respect and trust between us. When it came to OB clinicals it was seen to that our "guys" were given special privleges that up to that time (we're talking 30 years ago) most male nurses never got in OB.

    Carry the stethoscope everywhere. Pretty soon people will be calling you to come and listen to their this's and that's and asking for all kinds of medical advice. You'll be wanting to shut out the calls.

    Good luck with the job interview.
  13. by   locolorenzo22
    Yeah, i second the "unprofessional" aspect of the practice in class. Am planning to talk to instructor about who to do return demo with(a few students talking in class come to mind), also have to ask as we're doing clinical compentecy in class next week(VS, and transfer to bed/w/c, if that counts as our VS return demo. I hope so....)
    Kinda ticked today as I planned to go to school to watch a bunch of videos, no notices that campus would be closed for the local powerboat races, and 4 staff members yesterday told me that the campus would be open. Go Figure. So am taking today to clean house/do laundry, tomorrow and monday to study and catch up on reading.....
    Reward for test on R is big party on Sat. with some friends....good times...LOL. Thanks for all the replies, all! Really kind hits me after thinking about things.
  14. by   Daytonite
    You clean house? :blushkiss When you're done you can come over here. I'm looking at my white ceramic tile floor and my floor mate. This white tile was my brother-in-law's idea. I should get off the computer and clean this expansive floor, but I j-u-s-t c-a-n'-t s-e-e-m t-o m-o-v-e! S-t-u-c-k t-o c-h-a-i-r. I convince myself there are more important things in life. Have a great weekend.