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ear has 10 years experience and specializes in psychiatric ER, Mental Health.

BSN bound!

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  1. 12/1/2015 Start date Roll call

    I am starting 12/1 as well. I have already been working on nutrition :)
  2. Relocating to Central or South Jersey

    The beauty of NJ is there are so many differnt types of living. Do you want to be close to the ocean? Do you want to be close to NYC (or Philly) but in a more suburban area? Do you want to be in the country? There are a lot of options here. What...
  3. search me!

    I am talking about psychiatric units.... All contraband, drugs, weapons, alcohol, items that can be used as weapons.... What are your indicators for search?
  4. search me!

    Hi all, I am trying to see how far others go with a patient search for contraband. What do you do, how far do you search, what area are you working in (inpatient, ed, outpatient) Do you have/use metal detecters/wands? Any insight would be greatly ap...
  5. Feelings on becoming Certified Psych RN

    I just took the certification exam this past year. I carried around the study guide, thinking I was going to take the test a couple of years ago. Life got in the way though. They changed the test this year, so I scrambled to get it done while I st...
  6. Cold Feet

    Drexel, PMHNP program. Just the two classes I took put a lot of pressure on me. But, hey, it was fun! It showed me how strong I could be. The professors are great. It will be a little time before I start clinicals, but I am determined to stay w...
  7. Cold Feet

    You can do this!! We "spoke" back in September. I started this past fall, and it is a handful! I was working crazy amounts of hours, and taking two classes.. Got a little behind, pulled by hours back to 3 nights, got cought up, then Sandy hit. I...
  8. Rex and WakeMed

    I'm not from that area, but my barents were both in Wake Med. The trauma center was amazing, and to be accepted there is awesome. You will get boatloads of experience in that environment! Afer a couple of years and you want something more "mellow"...
  9. Am I too old to become an NP?

    I am 43, and just going into my 1 quarter this fall. I really hope it is not to old or I am in trouble!! :rotfl: Are there jobs for FNP's in your area? I know we are saturated in my area, I know a few people who are still working at bedside becau...
  10. Fall 2012 Graduate School roll call !!!!

    Drexel University Psychiatric Mental Health NP Working FT ( psychiatric ER and per diem inpatient ) School is considered a part time program. (yeah right) As for my feelings, I am scared to death, and really really excited! Contrats everyone!
  11. I am going to be doing this with three, (4 y/o and 3y/o twins) I want to do this now, so I am not "competing" with homework. I want to be there with my kids through their school. I have a FT job (40hours) and per diem as well. I am not sure how i...
  12. Drexel Fall 2012

    I just rec'd my acceptance letter. I am in! PMHNP program. anyone else?
  13. Looking for an online RN-MSN/NP in Psych

    drexel in pa has one. you have to have licensure somewhere in the area though (pa, nj, de, md, and i think va.) for clinicals, and you have to be at the school a couple of times a year. i am not sure where you are, but are there not any programs mo...
  14. certification exam

    Thanks guys! I did it, I passed. Never want to take that again!! They are changing it in April, so I needed to pass! Thanks for the good vibes!:redbeathe
  15. certification exam

    Just asking for a few positive vibes this morning. I am headed out to take my certification exam, and starting to get a little anxious. I have been reviewing, and walking around with this study book for over a year now, and finally today is the day! ...