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  1. Hi there, I'm new here as well and am very inspired by the posts I have read so far. Everyone seems so supportive!
    I am a pre nursing student and should be enrolled in the core nursing classes by fall 04. I'm very excited and can use all the encouragement I can get!
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    Welcome to the BB

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    Hello! Welcome to the board! Stick around its a fun place!

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    Iliel, Welcome!
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    I'm new too! Welcome!
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    Glad to meet you. It is a wonderful site full of supportive people. I regularly stopped in everyday when I was in nursing school and met lots of wonderful people. Now I am an RN and still stop in to visit regularly. Along with nursing I found support for my non nursing life and all the problems that go along with it. Again glad to meet you and hope your journey to becoming an RN a pleasant one
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    Hi and welcome!
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