If you're on a break, are you reading for "fun"?

  1. Are you reading for "fun" right now instead of nursing books?

    I just finished The Beach by James Patterson

    I'm now reading I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. Pretty good so far - it's over 800 pages and I'm only on 100 something.

    What good books are you reading right now?
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  3. by   Altra
    On Monday 12/27 my daughter & I spent the entire day at home reading - a wonderful treat! I finished one of my Christmas presents, Quentins by Maeve Binchy, one of my favorite authors. She (my dd) is working on the Lemony Snicket "Series of Unfortunate Events" series.

    Five more days of break. I'm cleaning the house and grocery shopping today, beginning to get ready for the party on New Years Day. What's everyone else up to?
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  4. by   mitchsmom
    Reading for pleasure is one of the things I miss about life before school!

    I am reading 100 Years of Solitude, which I was supposed to have read in 12th grade but I didn't

    I also got a copy of the Atlantic magazine to check out, because it had good ratings.

    I should be reviewing pharm though!! I had the course in Spring 2004 and I will be starting to pass meds in a couple of weeks so I need to chip off the rust on that subject...
  5. by   #1rnstudent
    I'm not reading anything. I read waaaaay to much for school, so this holiday is my time off. I won't even read the newspaper.
  6. by   HyperRNRachel
    For the first time since starting the nursing program (Jan. 04) I am not reading ahead of time, but only because I did not get to the bookstore in time to get my books and syllabus Hopefully I will get them on Monday and that way I will be able to spend a whole week preparing for class. So this break I have been (this is so, so, so, unlike me) preparing meals and freezing them. I really am not a good cook nor do I enjoying cooking, but I also do not like spending so much money on having my family of 5 eat out all the time. Nor do I like the fact that they are getting into a habit of eating the same foods for every meal.....there is not much variety between burgers and pizza. Other than that I have also been doing alot of shopping. It surprises me how much I like being in something a little more fashionable than scrubs. Shock of all shocks...I can still coordinate an outfit! But in all the shopping that I have been doing I also realized (more like slapped in the face as I went into dressing rooms) that I not only gained a few (more like 20) pounds but that I am also getting rather out of shape. With the slap of weight gain reality I did start power walking again and even moved my treadmill right into the living room, no excuses now! I can deal with extra pounds, but when body parts start bulging and sagging in all the wrong directions it is a clear indicator that it is time to fight back. I also wanted to start to refinish my kitchen cabinets, but with my kids being on break it is really difficult to start a lengthy project because of all the interruptions. Hopefully the cabinets can wait until summer break when I will not have any classes at all.
  7. by   shel_wny
    I'm reading "Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy" - a really interesting book about nutrition and diet. I'm almost done with it and I feel all the wiser!
    In a nutshell, olive oil and veg oil is not so bad for you. Dairy isn't as necessary as the US Dairy Farmers want you to think it is and white bread, pasta, and potatoes are awful from a glucose/insulin perspective. All stuff I didn't know!

  8. by   z's playa
    I'm reading Jackie Collins...the ultimate of eaaaaaasy reads!
  9. by   dsickles
    James Patterson is my favorite author!I am currently reading SKIPPING CHRISTMAS by John Grisham now made into a movie CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS.I plan on reading MISTLETOE AND MAYHEM written by four authors.I love to read a good suspense thriller with an unexpected twist.
  10. by   Jen2
    I am reading Chicken Soup for the nurses soul. I love it.
  11. by   not now
    Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

    I read her other two books and have been dying to read this.
  12. by   Achoo!
    I am reading a medical mystery called " Extreme Measures".
  13. by   HappyNurse2005
    i have read "i know this much is true" it is a good book, you won't regret reading it.
    i love to read. i can't afford to buy any new books, so i re-read my old ones, read my scrapbook magazines, etc.
    but i have been reading ahead in my book, getting a head start on the first unit of hte spring semester. so far i've read about TB, lung abscesses, pulmonary fungal infections, etc. nasty stuff.

  14. by   dharma
    I am reading "The Good Earth" by Pearl S Buck. Very interesting!

    I have to tell ya, too, I read "I Know This Much Is True" a few years back, and it is fantastic. Stick with it, its a ride you'll remember forever. And (don't I just LOVE Wally Lamb) Shes Come Undone is even better IMO.