I got my acceptance letter!

  1. I'm so excited.

    I took my pre-reqs during the fall and spring of last school year. I applied for the program in June and I just now got my acceptance letter. I have orientation in November and I start in January.

    Question is... Is there anything I should do between now and January to prep myself for the program? Or should I just relax while I can?

    I just had a baby in July, so I don't have THAT much free time on my hands. But I'd like to be as best prepared for the program as possible.

    Btw, it's an ADN program at Hillsborough Community College in Florida.
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  3. by   pixiestudent2007
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Just do the things that you won't have time for when you are in school. Because it is busy! I have never read so much in my life!!
  4. by   DusktilDawn
    Congratulations on being accepted. Enjoy to the fullest the freetime you have now. Also congrats on being a new mom.
  5. by   Jessy_RN
    Congratulations! I say sit back and relax. Who knows when you'll be able to do that again while in the program
  6. by   Nathalie
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the feeling because I was recently accepted to Nursing School also. I cried and laughed I was soooooo happy. Than after I called the whole world. I was on cloud !!!!! I bought a book to prepare myself. I believe its called "Studying tips for beginning Nursing Students" Its a pretty good book but I am taking classes this semester so I donthave too much time to read it. I know theres another book thats supposedly good and its called "Surviving Nursing School, and maybe even love it". I also got an NCLEX Review book to see how Nursing Test are structured. I got that because I am a nerd though. hehe....Other than that I say sit back and relax. Oh yeah and today I bought my stethoscope so that I can start running after my fiance and family members and listen to their hearts and lungs.... LOL Good Luck. What school will you be going to?
  7. by   nursewannabe07
    Congratulations and Good Luck!
  8. by   Nikkik163
    Congrats!!! I would just relax and spend lots of time with your new baby because in a few months you will be very BUSY!!!!
  9. by   Momto3andNurse2B
    Congratulations, Lauren!!!!!

    I'm a fellow Floridian, but on the east coast. I just started in August at Broward Community College.

    My advice to you is to relax and enjoy your baby...don't worry yourself to death about getting "ahead" before you've even started.

    Good Luck!
  10. by   Tweety
    Greetings from St. Pete across the bay! Congrats all around. Just enjoy what time you do have and worry about nursing school when it gets here.
  11. by   AuntieRN
    I too want to say congratulations! I remember the day I got my letter. I called everyone too I was so excited. I went out and bought everything the letter I got told me I needed for school. I think I spent about $600.00 only to find out half the books and stuff I did not need for a few semesters and the lab coat that was mandatory I have never used and will not need to use now (I am in my third semester, the lab coat was for precare during the second semester and I took that in the summer when there was not enough time to do it...LOL). My reccomendation to you is sit back, relax and enjoy what little time and freedom you have. Once it starts there is no more free time. I have a hard time finding enough time to take a shower everyday which is about all the free time I have from studying and working. But I would NOT trade it in for anything in the world. I love nursing school. Good luck!!
  12. by   titohan
    Quote from pixiestudent2007
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Just do the things that you won't have time for when you are in school. Because it is busy! I have never read so much in my life!!

    I concur
  13. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Congrats to all that received an acceptance letter!!!!

    I would relax and spend plenty of time with your lil' one. If you feel you need to be doing something, take a little time reviewing conversions.
  14. by   Twinkie1
    Congratulations! :hatparty:
    Best of luck to you,