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  1. New Student

    Congratulations and best wishes! I can't wait to start my clinicals. I am in my 1st semester of ns.
  2. WHoo-Hoo! I got the job!

    Sorry, can't answer any of your questions. Just wanted to say congratulations!
  3. New.thrifty ADN student paying for school. Is this to much?

    I am paying just about the same for my ADN. I go to a small private college and it's a new program, so I am getting a lot of negative comments. Like, I would never pay that much and I wouldn't go there until they have been around awhile. Whatever!...
  4. I got my acceptance letter!

    Congratulations and Good Luck! :balloons:
  5. Finally had orientation

    It is nothing personal to me, unless they take up my class time to get answers to question they could have gotten had they not been sleeping and shopping instead of orienting. Trust me, I have life experience and college as well, but took the time ...
  6. TEAS takers...thoughts

    I felt the same way about this test. The study guide was not helpul for the science portion for me. The rest was pretty easy. I hate math! It wasn't too bad. I studied the anatomy and psy. just knowing it would be on the test and it wasn't. I h...
  7. Finally had orientation

    It was great and I learned a lot of good stuff. My program is new, and I will be in the 1st class so they are pulling out all the stops for us. My dean said that they are 100% committed to this programs success and to ours. The clinical lab is s...
  8. Am I the Only Late Starter?

    Sept. 14 for me. I can't wait! Don't worry time will fly!
  9. I got in! (CNA class)

  10. How do you organize for first year students?

    I have been wondering the same thing. I have not started yet though. I have orientation on Sat. and start the following Thurs. So far I have purchased a calendar/planner (notebook style) and will write everything in it dealing with school and family...
  11. **Fall Starters, Labour Day Wknd 2005!**

    Or trying to anyway. I have my orientation on the 10th and start on the 14th so I am trying to relax and enjoy my last moments of freedom for the next two years!
  12. Is it impossible to get A's in NS?

    I am so ready to start school. I appreciate all the responses, and I guess all that really matters is that at the end of school I am prepared to offer my patients the very best. I will take what ever grades I get as long as I know I've done my best...
  13. Is it impossible to get A's in NS?

    You guys are my amazing. I am so happy I found this site. It seems as though we all have a whole host of things going on and life is about much more than NS. I know that in my heart, but the perfectionist in me keeps on rearing it's ugly ol head! T...
  14. Is it impossible to get A's in NS?

    I have been thinking about grades and how at the ripe old age of 36 I really want to do great in NS. I have my dh and all my family 100% in my corner. I have however encountered people who just seem to want to find something wrong with my choices. ...
  15. **Tuesday Fall Starters!

    I don't start until the 14th. It is taking too long to get here. I am waiting and waiting. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy my free time because on the 14th it is history! I have my books and it is killing me not to open them up! I feel like s...