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  1. Management of severe EOL pulmonary edema

    atropine drops sl....dries up secretions to help stop the gurgling soum nds also helps :)
  2. Do you keep your license(s) in your wallet?

    We don't get hard copies anymore either...but when we did I used to carry mine in a plastic pocket on my work badge until my boss asked me to take it out and put it in a safe place telling me a story about how someone had stolen her friends nursing l...
  3. sterile vs. clean dressings?

    Yes Mcknis...if its a closed wound you certainly do not want to do a wet to dry. And remember you need an order for wet to dry dressings. The thought process or at least what I remember being taught long ago is you pack it wet and as it dries the dea...
  4. Grr! "Customer Service" Nursing Gone Crazy!

    I had a pt tell me the other day "You are paid to wait on me hand and foot" my response "No maam I am not. I am paid to help you get better and you can open your own straw. Thats helping you get better so you can go home and take care of yourself" ug...
  5. Can I go by a nickname as a nurse?

    At my facility your badge would like like this: Elizabeth "Liza" your last name,RN. It is the lewis blackman law that requires your legal name on your badge here.
  6. Has your hospital changed visitors policy r/t the flu?

    Noone under 19 and if you have any s/s of the flu
  7. 11 Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)

    No Im sorry I cant stop doing chest compressions on this patient to turn your mothers television down. You cant see the down arrow? (yes this seriously happened. The daughter walked right into the room where we were coding a pt and told me her mother...
  8. Had mine, all I got was a sore arm for a few days.
  9. LOL so do I. Its funny....hey CONGRATS!!!! Its an awesome feeling isnt it?? Good luck to you
  10. Hospitals cracking down on who can enter

    My hospital at this time is not allowing anyone under the age of 19 to enter unless to visit a very critical pt. This is due to the swine flu breakout. Otherwise normally anyone can enter at anytime.
  11. Two Patient Identifiers

    We ask name and dob which is checked against the emar then we scan their armband. If you are on the wrong emar it will tell you and wont let you go any further.
  12. Barocde Scanning

    We use barcode scanning at my facility. I know it has saved me a med error or two....
  13. Mandatory Flu Shots

    My facility is mandating both vaccines. There are 3 reasons you dont get it 1) is medical (allergic to eggs, hx of gilliaine barre) 2) religous reasons and I forget the 3rd but if you have these accomodations you get to wear a mask every minute you a...
  14. My hospital's new PPE policy!

    Our policy is almost the same. Except the eyewear. We have also been told that "according to manufacturer" you can reuse masks as long as they are not soiled. We were told to put them in a paper bag though not our pockets. There is a shortage of N95 ...
  15. use of capnography as 'vital sign'

    I dont mean to sound stupid but what is capnography/ETCO2?