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  1. Ok Grandma!

    :roll hehehehe.
  2. Ok Grandma!

    Don't feel bad. Some people just don't want us nursing students. I had a guy actually ask me if I was going to another school to become a nurse since I was going to community college. He also asked if my stethescope was even real! :)
  3. Probably a silly question but... (re: thyroid check)

    Have to agree with Daytonite with this one. I've had Thyroid Cancer too. Your are either just coming down with something or you think you are. Don't worry it is one of the things about nursing school. Last semester I thought I had DVT.:)
  4. Florida Roll Call ......

    I'm in my second semester @ PBCC! How are you liking it so far?
  5. Clinical instructor gifts

    We made our clinical instructor a gift basket.
  6. Finished Semester One (of 4)

    Congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only three more for us who are in the ADN!!!:) I just can't believe that our first semester is over! I'm just glad that Pharm is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. South Florida Students affected by Wilma check in here

    We were suppose to have a Pharm test last Wed. Pharm is already hard enough without all this! ARGGG!!!!!!!:) I miss PA in the fall.... but not the snow! I miss it for a minute and then when I have to deal with being cold I remember why I'm here. Hop...
  8. South Florida Students affected by Wilma check in here

    I am a first year nursing student at PBCC. As far as I know classes will start back up on Mon. Oct. 31, but they said to check back just in case. I live in Broward and we just got power back yesterday. There is a toll free number that you can call. 8...
  9. Do you have any classmates that want to set you up and fail?

    It's so sad that in a profession where we are suppose to be caring individuals this would happen. WTF? I'm lucky and have a really good group. We look out for each other.
  10. What are the actual nursing classes like?

    I think it would be so hard to take nursing courses without A&N, Lifespan and all the other classes. It gives you such a good building block. Besides I spend so much time on my actual nursing courses I think I wouldn't be able to keep up the othe...
  11. How's Nursing School Going So Far? (1st and 2nd years)

    I'm in my first semester and I'm loving it so far. We just had our hospital orientation yesterday and our first day at the hospital today. We didn't have any patients yet. That starts next week. We have two days of lecture, 2 Clinical days, one Pharm...
  12. I got my acceptance letter!

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Just do the things that you won't have time for when you are in school. Because it is busy! I have never read so much in my life!!
  13. Aaah! Starting Nursing School NEXT WEEK!

    I have orientation on the 18th and classes start the 24th. I am so nervous!!! I have all my vaccinations and paperwork done and all my supplies are bought. I just have my books, uniforms and stethoscope to get.