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  1. RN to MSN NP

    Hi 4jen, I'm also in the same boat. I've just submitted my application to USF's RN-MSN (CNL concentration). They have a cohort starting this fall at their San Ramon campus. After, I complete the program, I hope to get post-master's NP certification ...
  2. Healthcare but probably not RN! Somebody PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi there, If you can't stand being a CNA, then don't waste your time becoming an RN. You will still have to clean poop, give enemas, clean nasty green wounds and the list goes on.... pretty much everything a CNA does and then some or rather a whole l...
  3. I'm cofused!

    I'm looking to secure a job at John Muir Walnut Creek, specifically L&D. I have no experience in that field. I've been working Med/Surg. Gotten some negative reviews about the place. I've applied to their post-surgical and endocrine/renal and abo...
  4. new nursing students @ Los Medanos College

    Hello, First of all, let me say CONGRATS for getting accepted!!!:balloons: . However it's one thing to get in and it's another to stay in it and graduate successfully. So Goodluck!!! Well, let me see how i can simplify this: 1st semester: You must ...
  5. How long did you study for

    Graduated May 25th; started studying on the 1st of June. I studied using Kaplan and Saunders. Kaplan for questions and strategies and Saunders for content and rationales (better than Kaplan). Took the Nclex on the 21st of June, 3 weeks to be exact....
  6. good feeling post nclex

    Hi everyone, Just have a quick question. How many of you finished the Nclex feeling good about it only to find out that you failed? i've heard in the past that if you feel like you passed then that means that you actually failed. I stop at 75 and ...
  7. Hello people, Having a bit of a dilemma. Will be graduating from NS soon and I got a job offer at Sutter Delta Medical Center, Antioch and I'm curious to know what the working conditons are like especially on MedSurg 1. I know that there is a new ma...
  8. Nurse to patient ratio

    Thanks guys for your replies. Your inputs are very helpful!!
  9. Nurse to patient ratio

    Hello, Just a quick question. I will be graduating from nursing school in May and myself and my husband are contemplating moving to Dallas TX from Cali (too expensive). i've been doing some research and I've heard that nurses in the acute setting tak...
  10. Anyone working @ Medical City Dallas?

    Hello Texans, Just a quick question. I will be graduating from nursing school in May and myself and my husband are contemplating moving to Dallas TX from Cali (too expensive). Well , I've been doing some research and I'm thinking of Medical City Da...
  11. Question.

    Hello, I'm a nursing student graduating in May and I was wondering if any one knows what the starting wage is for entry-level RNs at Mount Diablo Medical Center, Concord. I would also like to know if they have a union. Any responses will be well...
  12. Los Medanos College RN Program

    Oh, you're so welcome :wink2:. I just have one more piece of advice. Finish up all your prerequites for nursing school before applying and apply to as many nursing programs as you possibly can. There's nothing more frustrating than working your but...
  13. Los Medanos College RN Program

    Hello melody, I think you had responded to my post, but I've been so busy with school that i haven't had time to reply. I apologize. Anyhoo, I decided to take a break from the books today and smell the fresh air. Okay, I'm an RN student in my third ...
  14. I got my acceptance letter!

    I concur
  15. Thanks everyone for taking out the time to reply. I'm going have to agree with Hikernurse. I feel exactly the same way about the INS. I'd rather not reschedule. I will just have to start working on the make-ups now like lisamc1 suggested, added t...