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  1. Student needing to transfer

    I'm a student in the RN program at Hillsborough Community College. My husband's job just got transferred to Orlando and it looks like I need to transfer as well. How do I go about it? Is it even possible?
  2. Mave

    What are you studying for your Critical Thinking Exam???
  3. Please Read (knee surgery)

    Quick background: My husband (the self-employed cable installer) injured his knee. I took him to the ER, received xray (no broken bones), discharged & referred to orthopedist. We don't have insurance & he had to pay out of pocket for 2 doctor...
  4. Complete Placenta Previa.. Then Nothing!

    Thanks for your reply. I spoke to her today and she hasn't had any bleeding. I'm starting to wonder if maybe she's just not telling the whole story because she told me that she was able to return to normal life and just be on pelvic rest for a few da...
  5. Complete Placenta Previa.. Then Nothing!

    Strangest thing happened to my SIL this past week. March 8th (she was 16.5 wks pregnant), she had a routine u/s where she learned she had complete placenta previa. Two days later, she says she started brown spotting with clots. It continued sporadica...
  6. Nrsg Dx Vs. Medical Dx

    Thanks Mave! This is what I also found: Medical DX: Physicians are licensed to do so; Specific and related to pathological disease processes; relatively uniform; always an actual health problem Nrsg DX: Nurses are licensed to do so; Based on client's...
  7. Nrsg Dx Vs. Medical Dx

    How do you answer this question: List the difference between a nursing diagnosis and a medical diagnosis. 1. 2. 3.
  8. Hand washing... use lotion?

    This may sound like such a silly question, but I have to know. With all the hand washing that is required of nurses (and rightfully so!) do you use lotion to keep your hands moisturized? I'm a nursing student and my hands are literally cracking and b...
  9. Tampa/W. Coast Students Roll Call!

    Maybe for Dale Mabry, but for Plant City students our first day is tomorrow (Tues). You're Dale Mabry right?
  10. Tampa/W. Coast Students Roll Call!

    I was shocked by how many books we're going to have to buy. And how expensive they are! I went to the Plant City bookstore and if I buy my books there, it's going to cost about $500!! Tuesday is our first day. I'm so excited!
  11. Tampa/W. Coast Students Roll Call!

    Mave, I don't know if you heard back from Ms. Sandrowitz yet, but I went ahead and emailed her. She wrote back and said the hospital orientation has been rescheduled for the entire nursing program. That's all she said. She's always very short in her ...
  12. Tampa/W. Coast Students Roll Call!

    Mave, They sent it to my personal address.
  13. Tampa/W. Coast Students Roll Call!

    mave, not a dumb question... i wondered the same thing. :) i'm pretty sure that we don't. when we had our orientation, ms. sandrowitz told us that the uniforms were just for clinicals. she said we could even come to class (as in lecture) in our pajam...
  14. Hey Y'all! I'm graduated. Happy Dance

    Congratulations!!!! I can't wait till I'm there too.
  15. Well the title pretty much says it all. I start nursing school in 3 weeks and I need to have a physical done. I also need the TB test and a varicella titer. What's the cheapest way to go about getting this done since I don't have insurance? Help?!?!