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Fun2 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Operating Room.

OR RN, former Medical Assistant

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  1. Fun2

    CNOR Identification????

    I don't think a SS card is accepted.
  2. Besides your driver's license, what did you bring as your second ID??????
  3. Fun2


    How did you do the AORN review course? Did you only read through the modules, and then take the one practice test at the end? How long have you been in the OR? I have done the AORN course, and have also ordered the practice test CD. I have Ale...
  4. Fun2

    hand written signs

    I don't think a sign is going to stop someone from being nasty....just sayin'. I also don't think the signs are professional.
  5. UT Southwestern is also a partnership facility.
  6. I am graduating from this program next week! I definitely recommend it! It took 13 months for me to complete it....not sure if it varies depending on when you start. I started Feb, 2009. There are no classes during Christmas break. It's not too t...
  7. Fun2

    CNOR flashcards?

    Has anyone purchased the CNOR flashcards available online, and if so, are they worth the money? Thx
  8. Fun2

    Daytonite has passed away...

    So very sad....such a knowledgeable, helpful person. My deepest sympathy to her family.
  9. Fun2

    Will there always be an RN in the OR?

    AORN is big, and with AORN and ANA joining forces, I'm sure it will be a long time, if ever, that RNs are taken completely out. I guess you should always ask if there is a nurse in the OR if you have surgery. In Texas, there definitely is!
  10. Fun2


    I got my AORN Standards book in the mail yesterday! I have about 3 weeks left to finish my BSN program, then I'll start reading the Standards... I plan to buy the questions CD later as well. Unfortunately, my '2-year' mark (7/21) will put me having...
  11. Fun2


    I'm getting my BSN for me...not for more pay. I'll register to take the CNOR exam after July for myself as well... Extra pay would be nice, but I am seeking the knowledge, etc for my own self-worth. :)
  12. Fun2


    Did y'all do anything special to pass? ....Any special studying, or AORN program, etc?
  13. Fun2

    Regular RN scope of practice in the OR

    Was this your first time to scrub in, or have you been taught proper technique?
  14. Fun2

    MD Anderson New Grad Nurses Jan 2010

    What is the drive time for rush hour from Katy to MDA?
  15. I don't think the sites should be blocked, but the Aide should have been written up. We have access to FB on our computers, but I do not get on it at work. I don't want my job 'minding my business' by being able to see my stuff. (Yes, I do hav...