I can't be excited

  1. because I made an A this semester and all of my friends barely passed, a few of them failed and I can't be excited to anyone except myself and it sucks. In nursing school it feels like you are the odd one out and everyone hates you if you made a good grade. I haven't told anyone my grades this semester because of this. The only person I can tell is my boyfriend and he doesn't get it. I should have been stoked after I found out my grade but instead I was consoling others who failed or congratulating those who passed by points I could count on one hand. It sounds selfish, but I'm proud of myself and I worked my butt of for my A! Its just frustrating to have to keep it under wraps to those who understand it the most. Thanks for letting me tell someone!
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    Quote from RNstudent13renee
    Thanks for letting me tell someone!
    That is what we are here for. There are many threads on AN for the same reason. You want to jump for joy, but you can't without making them feel worse.
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    That's AWESOME!! Congrats for sure!!

    I've felt the same way, I just started telling people I passed. When they'd inquire further I'd say it hardly matters if I've passed, right? After 2 years they finally got the message, LOL, and I was able to jump for joy with the other "passers"
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    I can empathize, completely. It's hard to tell classmates that you're disappointed in that B, when you were so close to an A. They'll likely look at you like you're insane, and dismiss your feelings altogether. I learned to rely on the support from my family instead of my nursing brethren.

    Congratulations on your achievement! You've earned it, and should never be ashamed of it.
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    I think you should celebrate. We all are afforded the same opportunity. When we leave school we all face different challenges. For instance last week during finals. I had no will to study. (My fault) then here the day of finals my son get really sick DX:walking pnuemonia. Great.... So here I am waiting for My Dr. Appt and trying to study. Procrastination at its best. Did I fail no but could I have receive an A yes. How you spend your time earning your grade is totally up to you. How you prefer to celebrate it is up to you as well. I say party on, jump scream shout you deserve it.
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    Congratulations! I agree, go celebrate! You can still be there for your classmates, but still celebrate with your BF!
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    I understand how you feel. I have routinely gotten As and I have seen people fail and get dropped from the program for 2 fails. One of the people it happened to is a close friend of mine. Support them through the loss they have and be sensitive about talking about grades etc, but don't let it get you down. You should not be made to feel ashamed by anyone for getting a good grade because you are not trying to compare yourself with them. It is ok to celebrate and be happy you did well. I don't know you, but I'm proud of you and your achievement. Go celebrate with the boyfriend or family!
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    Thanks everyone! Its so different from my other coursework. Then, so many of the people I talked to made better grades than me so I've felt the way they feel, but when you are the one who finally made the A its hard to be humble about it. I've been going with "I passed" as well. This semester was rumored to be the hardest of our program...now I'm bragging. Sorry! Thanks again for the support.
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    You cannot take away from your accomplishment because others have failed. I started college with my bff and I am in the nursing program while she just sits at home because we had different levels of dedication to our goal. I am not sure what contributed to them failing, I do know it was not your job to coddle them. I am glad you are able to feel bad for them, but what you did was an amazing accomplishment, enjoy the rewards of your hard work.
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    You rocked the semester and deserve some kudos! Don't be afraid to tell others who aren't in the nursing program with you: Tell your significant other, your family, and definitely post it here. You should be proud and happy, you worked hard, so congrats to you!
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    Yes! You rocked it and SHOULD be proud! Congrats and keep it going...