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  1. i♥words

    Expert advice on passing your 1st semester

    The 10th edition has the 2012-2014 NANDA diagnoses while the 9th edition has the 2009-2011 NANDA diagnoses. But I know we have the 2015-2017 NANDA diagnoses now, so I'm assuming an 11th edition is in the works. The 10th edition was a required text my...
  2. i♥words

    Is A&P 1 the most difficult class in nursing?

    No. No it is not.
  3. i♥words

    Sticky situation .. What would you do?

    I would definitely take it to someone higher up if your instructor doesn't add those points to your grade. My program will not change your grade if you marked the Scantron incorrectly, but they will if the machine simply failed to pick up on your mar...
  4. i♥words

    I *loved* my ED Rotation

    Wow, I hope I have that aha moment when I feel like I really fit somewhere. You may be able to find a job in the ED as a new grad, especially if you apply to a new grad fellowship (some are called internships). I'm so happy for you!
  5. i♥words

    Feeling overwhelmed - not getting it

    Did I write this? My first semester I had a huge drop in confidence. I would look at skills and say "How hard can that be?" and then fail at them multiple times before succeeding. By mid semester I felt defeated and I hated clinical. When I mess up (...
  6. i♥words

    When you are at clinicals

    The issue here seems to be the instructor. My instructors would be horrified if they found us in the breakroom or lounging at the nurses' station. Plus, I don't understand the mentality of not wanting to be involved at clinical. I'm here to learn how...
  7. i♥words

    First Fundamentals Test

    I did pretty well in Fundamentals. I found it mostly common sense, and once I learned about NCLEX style questions I was good to go. Keep doing what you're doing and don't overthink it.
  8. i♥words

    Being a slow reader in nursing school

    I have started doing this and it is so helpful. Much quicker than reading word for word, and I'm going over and over what's important.
  9. i♥words

    Just need a vent...

    Don't even get me started on that lab coat...
  10. i♥words

    Nursing student lacking passion?

    This is exactly how I feel, and you worded it so well, Everline.
  11. i♥words

    Just need a vent...

    I'm going into my second year and haven't faced any roadblocks this year (so far), but I just want you to know I feel your pain. First year there were so many issues from books to lab coats to clinical schedules. For me it has gotten a lot easier to ...
  12. i♥words

    Well-fitting scrubs for tall, thin girls?

    Have you looked at Urbane? They have scrub pants in tall and I think they start at xxsmall.
  13. i♥words

    Sacrificing church to study instead SMH

    This thread has been silent for a couple of days, but I just want to share my personal experience. After my second semester of college I became so stressed out because I was studying all the time. I hardly saw the people who I lived with let alone fr...
  14. i♥words

    Commuting to Nursing School?

    I usually clock in at 2 to 3 hours round trip depending on clinical site. Honestly, it is a pain. I do enjoy the time alone to decompress, but I hate that it cuts a huge chunk out of my study time. Plus it makes the 12 hour shifts that much more tiri...
  15. i♥words

    Clinical Socks/Stockings Question!

    As long as your socks are all white and your bare skin doesn't show when you sit down, you'll be fine!