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  1. RNstudent13renee

    Spinoff thread-A or pass

    I work part time (20 hours a week minimum) and am entering my last semester of my program. No kids. I have managed to get A's so far in every semester. When I started I thought I would be fine with just passing, but after gaining acquaintances I have to say my competitive streak came out. And after the first semester I started to realize that knowing the material helped a LOT with tests...who would've thought? I was always a bit of a procrastinator and slacker in my prereqs, and I still kind of am, but being in the program has definitely motivated me. At this point I feel like I'd be fine with just passing since its almost over, but hey why mess up a streak right?! Haha, when I start (next week!!! ) I'm sure I'll be back to wanting an A....
  2. RNstudent13renee


    One of my biggest annoyances is when a nurse walks out of a room, sees you, and tells you a task needs to be done in that very same room, like they're urinal needs to be emptied, needs trash taken, etc. You were just IN there. Or when a nurse sees something needs to be done with a patient such as the above and will take the time to look for you to tell you it needs to be done...I could literally scream at nurses like those. I understand if you're crazy busy or if its a larger task, but c'mon...
  3. RNstudent13renee

    Antagonizing dementia patients

    So tonight at work one as an aide at a hospital, we had a patient with dementia who was obviously confused and was the type to not realize it and get very angry and was paranoid about everything. Well, the nurse on duty was trying to give her night meds and the patient of course was not having that but the nurse wouldn't give up and just kept on and on, asking questions and giving reasoning, and to the point the patient was yelling at her and the nurse kept going. It was not like she was trying to just explain, she was actually being antagonizing. She had a reason for everything and would not just try to calm her down or simply leave the situation but was very antagonizing, would laugh at the patient and it was just ridiculous. I finally stepped in and the patient calmed down, bu to me this was extremely unprofessional. It happened with another of our patients tonight as well, and I feel like that nurse should be reprimanded. I don't know if this normal or what you are supposed to do in those types of situations but for me I usually step out and let them calm down before I take it any further. I don't think that you are able to reason with dementia patients in that state, and to continue to argue with them seems almost like taking advantage of their problem because its fun for you. Anyone experienced anything like this??
  4. RNstudent13renee

    How to chart I&Os

    I work as an aide in a hospital, and here the aides will chart Intakes/output for all of their patients. What I'm wondering is when to chart them. To me it makes sense to chart the output or intake when it happens, like if a pt urinates and I measure it chart it as they went at that time and so many mLs at that time. Same with intake. But some of the other aides will chart all of the mLs and counts at one time in the chart at the end of the shift - so say they leave at 1500, in the chart it shows that the patient went 3 times and there was 650 mLs total. But wouldn't you want to chart each time differently to see how much they went each time? Could someone explain the logic? :)
  5. Just wondering what the role of a nurse extern is at different facilities. At mine they are different than nurse interns or residents - basically the role and duties of an AUA.
  6. RNstudent13renee

    Don't go into nursing school if_____

    If you don't know how to talk to people i.e. bedside manner if you are afraid to ask questions if you can't accept criticism if making a mistake makes you give up if being reprimanded causes you to give up if patience is not one of your virtues if you can't keep a level head during a crisis or learn to do so if you aren't willing to change things about yourself in order to become a better nurse all of these I have seen in myself, the last one is what helped me the most :)
  7. RNstudent13renee

    Any tips for a newly certified CNA? :)

    The fact that you are a nursing student definitely helps. My clinical director actually will only hire those with no experience if they are in nursing school. That's how I got the job and nearly all of the assistants that work on my floor are in nursing school or are on the way. They trained me on the job, I was qualified to work as an NA since I had a semester of nursing under my belt. Some places like to train up their future nurses. It also helps to apply to a ton of positions, and make your application stand out. Get that BLS cert, mention nursing school, provide a well-written resume, etc and call the clinical directors!!! They receive tons of apps so make yourself heard.
  8. RNstudent13renee

    I can't be excited

    I have always offered my help to my friends and others. Some aren't so welcoming of the help while others are. I understand that others do struggle and I have struggled as well, (I barely passed 3 out of 4 of my pre-req sciences) but I am not a bragger and never have been. To me, the competition is with myself but it does bother me to see others scrape by who will earn the same degree as I will because they don't study enough and then have the audacity to whine about it, and yet hate me if I say I got an A. I also know there are those who will study more than I do and make the same grade and those are the people I try to help and am truly excited for when they pass also. I have friends of both types. I'm just trying to clarify what I meant when I said "congratulating those who passed by points I could count on my hand" because I think that's what may have came off wrong...if I'm totally off on that notion, sorry! :)
  9. RNstudent13renee

    I can't be excited

    Thanks everyone! Its so different from my other coursework. Then, so many of the people I talked to made better grades than me so I've felt the way they feel, but when you are the one who finally made the A its hard to be humble about it. I've been going with "I passed" as well. This semester was rumored to be the hardest of our program...now I'm bragging. :) Sorry! Thanks again for the support.
  10. RNstudent13renee

    I can't be excited

    because I made an A this semester and all of my friends barely passed, a few of them failed and I can't be excited to anyone except myself and it sucks. In nursing school it feels like you are the odd one out and everyone hates you if you made a good grade. I haven't told anyone my grades this semester because of this. The only person I can tell is my boyfriend and he doesn't get it. I should have been stoked after I found out my grade but instead I was consoling others who failed or congratulating those who passed by points I could count on one hand. It sounds selfish, but I'm proud of myself and I worked my butt of for my A! Its just frustrating to have to keep it under wraps to those who understand it the most. Thanks for letting me tell someone!
  11. RNstudent13renee

    Another vent about nurse vs aide

    Thanks for your insight. I am in nursing school as well and when I am in clinical it is opposite for me, I feel like the nurses are overworked while the aides are sitting around, but at work as an aide it is hard to see things that way when I can't get a break. It doesn't really matter now of course, but the thing that hurt my feelings the most about the whole situation was that the nurse in question went to the charge nurse about something that small (me not giving him blood sugar readings that were already in the computer by the way) without telling me first to correct the problem, and then he was snarky about it later - when I asked him about the report on the admit he told me that he would "give you the information when I get it, that's how this works you know". To me it was disrespectful, if it were me with the problem I would have gone to the person I was having the problem with first as long as I knew it could be handled that way, and here I felt it could have. I tried to step in his shoes and see how maybe he was just having a bad day or stressed or whatever. It was just an overall bad day probably more due to bad communication technique than anything else.
  12. That has not happened to me, but I know how you feel about being rusty in fundamental skills. I have never done a foley and at the moment couldn't tell you exactly how but I can draw blood great and know the steps to an IV like the back of my hand, because that's where I'm at in my education. When you first learn its fresh and you have to remember it for tests, but you don't get practice in as much as nurses do so how could you remember every step perfectly? My nurse at clinical today had to ask about how to do an enema because she hadn't done one in so long...don't feel bad. That student who made a fool out of herself, not you, will understand when she's in your shoes. And if she doesn't then I hope she realizes it before she graduates because if not she will have a hard time on the floor. .
  13. RNstudent13renee

    Another vent about nurse vs aide

    All of the nurses I have worked with on my floor, which is ortho, rely on aides to get vitals. I have had them ask me to take it manually as well, and most of them expect you to do it if the numbers are crazy taking it with a dynamap. I assume they would take the vitals themselves again if it decided a med admin, but I always get vitals for everything. They expect us to tell them if a reading is too high or low of course.
  14. RNstudent13renee

    Another vent about nurse vs aide

    I've never heard that the RN has to do the vitals...at the hospital I work at the aides are the ones getting them most of the time. Hmm. You're right, I did feel like it was obvious that I needed help since I was running up and down the halls constantly in plain view but I definitely could have spoken up. I had never worked with that nurse before and I wasn't sure how he liked to work with the aides. I did ask him a question though later and he was a bit snappy, but I'm assuming that was because he was having a bad day too. I figured out that the fact that he was, in my opinion, unhelpful and rude about it made me just want to prove him wrong so I ended up trying harder. Weird, usually I'm the type to get hurt and then be resentful and unhelpful...maybe I'm learning things after all. Thanks for the support. I'm taking it as a learning experience.
  15. RNstudent13renee

    Another vent about nurse vs aide

    I just don't understand nurses that are so utterly oblivious to all the work that aides do. I understand that meds need to be passed and you have to call the doctor and do a million other things but when you are sitting at the nurses station for 30 minutes talking to your wife on your cell phone and then have the nerve to go to the charge about how I didn't tell you the blood sugar reading within 10 minutes of getting them when 6 out of 8 of my patients had to pee, plus there is a patient receiving blood that needs vitals every 30 minutes, oh and there's an admit coming in 15 minutes, and you aren't helping, it kind of ****** people off. And whispering in corners just makes me even less willing to help you out, especially after I've already cried in the bathroom being so frustrated. UGH. Vent much needed.
  16. RNstudent13renee

    Concept Maps

    Me too. I don't feel like they help me much.