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Currently working towards a MSN to become licensed as an AG-ACNP.

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  1. Not always, but a lot of the time... I find that those patients that are especially needy, or those who expect the call light to be answered immediately, are sometimes placated if their immediate needs are given into within the first couple hours. By this I mean, at shift change, if I answer their call light, and attend to their wants and needs like Johnny on the Spot, they tend not to call as much through out the night, unless absolutely necessary (or, if they're consistently wanting their PRN's). Perhaps they're testing me, or maybe it's a comfort knowing that I am that person that will be there almost immediately if you need me (and if I can be). I don't even really bother asking what, specifically, they need on the call light. I just tell them I'll be right down. I'll tell you one thing, since I've started nursing, I've lost over 25lbs, and that's likely due to the fact that I'm walking/running up and down the halls all night
  2. Levitas

    Geriatric Lovers: Loss and the Nursing Intervention

    That was truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing, so much thank you. I'm about to start my first job out of nursing school in a LTC facility. I'm so very excited, and I love reading these stories.
  3. Levitas

    LTC Charting: A Beginner's Guide

    Thank you so much for this! I'm bookmarking it, as I just got my first job as an RN at a LTC facility.
  4. Levitas

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    My Son's middle name is Raistlin. Named after a character in Dungeon and Dragons, and also from a series of books called Dragonlance.
  5. All I was trying to do was explain why I wrote what I wrote, so that we can find common ground. Also, I tried PM'ing you to avoid using this thread any further, but you either have PM's turn off (if that's even possible), or have me on ignore. Either way is fine. You're a student, very sure-minded and from what little interaction I've had with you, you don't seem to be willing to bend, that can be dangerous (free advice). If you'd like to continue the discussion, enable PM's, or un-ignore me, and PM me. That way, this thread can remain free from it (which is what I meant from the "Can we relax now.")
  6. I'm sorry, is there something bothering you today? :) My original statement was, "Just so you guys realize... a 4.0 student doesn't always make the best nurse. " That implies that it can go either way, meaning, a 4.0 student can be the best nurse, but having a 4.0 doesn't automatically make you the best nurse. What you're correcting now is my rebuttal to your repeating what I had already stated originally, lol. No one's challenging you. Can we relax now?
  7. lol, of course. The idea of saying, "Doesn't always..." generally means that it can go both ways. You seemed to ignore the rest of the point
  8. Just so you guys realize... a 4.0 student doesn't always make the best nurse. Beyond that, nothing wrong with maintaining the highest GPA feasible! It's not a battle of who's right, or wrong, but an individual choice to be made by us all. I settled with my B (almost B+) average. If that doesn't suit you, but still you see your grades slipping, don't kill yourself over it. I believe that's the underlying statement being made when folks 'round here say, "Get used to not getting A's all of the time." Not to go into the program hoping for less than you're capable of attaining. I don't believe anyone is saying that.
  9. I was yet another aspiring 4.0 student that felt the harsh reality of Nursing School B's, and yes, sometimes C's.... It hit me especially hard with my senior (2nd) year. I fell into a depression, and almost didn't climb out. But I did, I graduated. My GPA is 3.23, and I couldn't be more proud! 2nd in my class, and I'm already registered for my RN-BSN, (which, by the way, is much more important, in terms of GPA and continuing education). Though, that doesn't really apply to you BSN students, because your GPA is your GPA, where as mine will reset when going into this other program (in which the classes will be far easier, and Iwill get my 4.0 back!) Also, nice read, OP. I sympathized with some, empathized with others.
  10. Levitas

    NCLEX Study Tips! My story

    That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Levitas

    Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse?

    17 days until graduation!!! My first ideals of becoming a nurse mainly had to do with self-interests. I have a 6 year old boy who relies on me, and a beautiful fiancee who works her *** off supporting me (she's a manager at McDonalds), and I want to give them both a better life! However! Through out my 3 years at school, I've learned some things about myself. I've learned that money, while necessary, certainly isn't everything! I acquired a deep satisfaction when I started really getting into my clinicals. Teaching patients, they looked up to me as a source of knowledge, or a master of my craft (even though I was a mere student!) and that felt amazing. Sitting around and talking to my patients, i.e. one patient I had was post-op (inguinal hernia repair... which I got to see! Super cool...), well, I just sat around and talked to him (after my morning care). We talked about chess, music, poetry, and you could just tell that he was exhilarated that I was just sitting with him, and talking to him (he came from a nursing home), and I was enjoying myself! Self-less rewards, and what-not. It's just so amazing, effecting people's lives in ways that one could never imagine. The tears I've shed watching a family suffer the pain of loss (I spent 40 minutes doing chest compressions on a patient to no avail ). The laughs I've shared with patients, fellow students, and staff. Coming home feeling like today I was blessed to be alive and healthy, and I went through my day feeling satisfied because I knew that I made a difference, however large or small. It will not be easy, I have no legitimate experience (I'm not an R.N. yet!), but I know that this what I am here to do. Why do I want to be a nurse? Because I can't see myself doing anything else. Look out world, this (soon to be) R.N. is coming, to a hospital near you!