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hi everyone, I just wanted to know how many of you going to start the nursing program in fall 02 and how far are you with the prerequisites?... Read More

  1. by   craff1
    i'm applying this april for the fall. I feel for you guys in micro, but just think how much easier everything will be once you've taken that back-breaker! micro taught this A student a whole new way to study! have fun guys!
  2. by   kcsun3
    I applied over the summer to two BSN programs that start in the fall (2002)...I won't find out if I made it in to either one until March The wait is driving me crazy! LOL

    I am taking my last semester of prereqs...all the stuff I put off (English Comp II, US History, Philosophy and Public (Ack!) Speaking). Also taking CPR/BLS for HCP - at least that will spice up an otherwise dreary semester

  3. by   shunda
    If it is the Lord's will I will be in the nursing program Fall 2002. I will have to Micro with my nursing classes but other than that I will have all my other pre-req's out of the way. I am just trying to take one day at a time and just asking the Lord to continue to hold my hand. Last semester went by so fast and so is this year. So I just would like to commend everyone for the hardwork that you are doing and just to tell everyone to hang in there. It will be worth it in the long run!!!
  4. by   shakizer
    I had applied for the Fall, but fortunately I was picked for this Spring!! I have all of my prereqs out of the way and my college gives a nurse entrance exam that you must pass to be accepted. The program at my college goes by a point system for each A or B or C earned in any classes that have been taken up to that point. They also give points based on the Nurse entrance test that they require. Well, I ended up having a total of 43 points (the average student has anywhere between 29 and 35)!! I somehow pulled off making the highest grade on the Nurse entrance test this semester, so, they asked me if I wanted to come in in the Spring instead of the Fall.... of course I jumped at the chance to start my great adventure!!! I am just very pround of all that I have accomplished because I am a recently singled Mom of five children, one of whom has a complex congenital heart defect and has been sick the last few years. I also have a son who has an immune deficiency. So it has been hard and very challenging to say the least, but I have a great family support system that steps in for me all of the time so I can finish my dream and do something to be able to provide for my wonderful children better. More power to all of you that are starting in the Fall and I will be praying that all goes well for all of you!!
  5. by   Mkue
    Congradulations on getting in early !

    Best Wishes to you and your family

  6. by   rachaelm4
    I'm starting school this August! I'm finishing up all of my pre-reqs this spring. I'm going to nursing school at my local hospital. Are there many of these type schools out there, or are must people going through a traditional college setting? I'm receiving college credits through the nursing school with the intentions of possibly going for a BSN done the road. I'm looking forward to starting school!
  7. by   Debstr
    I'm in and I can't wait! I was one of the lucky ones selected for the Spring semester, but I just can't swing it yet. Those who scored high on the NLN Entrance exam were offered seats in the Spring.

    I'm currently signed up for Microbiology, the lab, and Nutrition. In the summer I'll take Phil 202 -- Critical Thinking, and Intro to Politics. Here in Nevada we are required to take either Nevada History or Intro to Politics. Blech

    I keep walking past those nursing books in the bookstore and can't believe how thick and expensive they are!! I still can't wait though

    Take care and good luck in your classes!

  8. by   fnimat1
    I was previously an Early Childhood Education major. I decided to change to nursing because I wasn't fulfilled in that arena. The up side to that is that I have taken all my pre-reqs and then some, so they all transferred over. The only thing that I have to take (which I am taking right now) is Anatomy & Physilogy 1 and Chemistry 101.....I have to do very, very, very well in these classes and do even better on the entrance exam. I also have to have a 2.50 or better for my G.P.A. I'm not worried about that though....I already have a basically I have to work hard, I know I can do it.....

  9. by   dianacs
    I only recently applied, so my acceptance is still in the works. I meet with a preadmissions counselor next week. I'm working on my prereqs now and plan on having them completed by the end of the summer. The nursing program is a BSN, part-time, almost all on evenings and weekends (although 1 semester has clinicals during the day). It takes a little over 2 years and I hope to finish in December 2004. Wow, that seems so far away! I have a 2-year-old son and my husband cares for him while I am at school. I'm not sure I would have gone back to school if I had to leave my son with a sitter, so I feel lucky to have found a program that can accomodate our schedules. When I am finished with school, my son will be in kindergarten, so I hope to find a position where I can be with him as much as possible when he's not in school. I worry about that sometimes, but I have faith that it will all work out. Good luck to everyone!

  10. by   cappieo
    Originally posted by hanginginthere
    hi everyone,

    I just wanted to know how many of you going to start the nursing program in fall 02 and how far are you with the prerequisites?

    Hi I am new here!
    I am waiting to hear if I was accepted into my schools ADN program. I have finished ALL of my prereqisites, All I need are the actual NUR classes.

    Glad to have found this message board!

  11. by   subec

    I too am hoping to start fall 2002. I have applied to 3 BSN programs, and unfortunately won't know until March or April. The waiting is the worst. I'm finished with all of my pre-req's---took Micro last semester---so I'm just sitting and waiting.

    Carlalogan---I saw that you were in Allen, where did you apply?

    I've applied to UT Arlington, Texas Woman's, and Texas Tech. Whoever accepts me and gives me money, that's where I'll go. I would like to stay in the Dallas area, but I'm willing to move.

    Good luck to all of you in our last semesters before the fall.

  12. by   vfib
    Prereq's now...Starting the program in the Fall...I can not WAIT!
  13. by   squareface
    Hoping to get in for fall 2002. I'm finishing up with A & P II this semester. I am starting a CNA program tomorrow; it's not a requirement for entry but I thought it would be a great learning experience. I won't know if I'm in until the end of May. The wait is going to kill me! I still need to take my PSB examination. My school assigns points based on your PSB score and the number of pre-req's taken. Has anyone else taking the PSB??? If so, what was it like.