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  1. carlalogan

    Which semester is the hardest?

    thanks for the advice! It is good to hear from those who are surviving and thriving!
  2. Just started my first semester in nursing school and the amount of info we are having to learn is overwhelming. It made me wonder, is it just going to get harder from here...or is there a learning curve involved and it is harder at the beginning. Please, tell me it will get easier!
  3. carlalogan

    You know you're a nursing student and parent if...

    when you AND the kids try to top each other about who's homework and tests are harder!
  4. carlalogan

    Purchase student insurance?

    Can anyone give me guidance as to whether I should purchase the student nurse professional liability insurance offered endorsed by NSNA for my clinicals? I wasn't sure if it was necessary or if there were any cons to having it. Thanks!
  5. carlalogan

    Student Insurance-Buy it?

    Can anyone give me guidance as to whether I should get the student nurse professional liability insurance offered endorsed by our NSNA for clinicals? It is $29 a year for students and didn't know if most students do this or if there are any cons to doing it. Thanks!
  6. carlalogan

    Encouraging Words For Begining Nursing Students

    Mine is "Enjoy the Process"...because that is where the experience of life is...not the ending.
  7. carlalogan

    Palms and tape recorders- how helpful?

    i just bought a sony digital voice recorder for $99 from Radio Shack. They had some more expensive and less expensive but that was the cheapest one they had that could be downloaded to the computer and then onto a cd. I figure i can listen to the cd in my car when I am commuting the hour to class each day and back. I've never been one to tape lectures either but I am thinking the more times I hear this stuff...the better. The digital recorder's sound quality is much better than the micro cassette one that I had and will enable me to not have to change the tape in class...since it would have probably been at the front of class on her desk...too much trouble. I am very computer stupid but figured out how to download the info onto the computer and then burn onto a cd. If I can do it, anyone can :chuckle
  8. carlalogan

    Guilty pleasure during school

    I start classes on Monday and was wondering what fun thing do you allow yourself to do when you should be studying? I'm trying to figure out what gets to stay in the routine, and what is going to have to go...like TV! This website will probably be my guilty pleasure but I feel like it inspires me to study a lot of the times when I just don't want to. :balloons:
  9. carlalogan

    Do families HAVE to suffer while in school?

    I feel so encouraged! Thanks to all of you for your advice and good thoughts!
  10. carlalogan

    Do families HAVE to suffer while in school?

    thanks! I needed to hear that :)
  11. I have read many threads about how rough nursing school has been on families and spouses...how relationships have suffered. Is there anyone out there with a story to tell of how their family did just fine while someone went through nursing school? I'm beginning in a couple of weeks and as an older student with a great family and great relationship with my husband, the horror stories are starting to worry me that going to school just might be a bad decision for my family...not me...but my family! thanks
  12. carlalogan

    Share your tips & shortcuts for moms/students!

    I usually have one day where I get to be home while my kids are at school and I use this day for studying and doing laundry. I set a timer to remind me to go and change the loads so that it all gets done in one day. Also, makes me stay at task studying. I try to let that be all I do during that time...gives me nice breaks in studying...and gets it all done at one time which I like rather than playing chase with the laundry all week!
  13. carlalogan

    feeling like there's a lump in my troat

    I would see a doctor just to make sure, but I have had that about 3 times in my life during times of a lot of anxiety...not so much huge stress times but when I was chronically anxious for awhile about something...like starting a new job, etc...went away when the anxiety left..thankfully.
  14. carlalogan

    Tape versus Digital Recorders for lecture

    did the recorder come with instructions on how to download to your computer?
  15. I am about to start nursing classes in the fall and many have suggested taping the lectures for future study use. Is there a benefit of buying a recorder that has the actual microcassettes or have you found the digital ones worked out just as well. I am not very computer oriented and wondered what happened to the digitally recorded lectures once you ran out of space and had to tape over? Can they be downloaded? It seems having an actual cassette would be easier for study purposed. Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. carlalogan

    Late Night Studying

    Love the late night studying! Just wish I could sleep late the next day! :chuckle