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I was just curious if any of you have any good luck charms you've used through school or any rituals you do before every test? I have used the same brand mechanical pencil since I began...and feel like l'd jinx myself if I took a test with a different one :) It's my lucky pencil...I am only half-joking here!

Not really a good luck charm, but I do say a small prayer before each test and before walking into any of my patients rooms...

My husband bought me a beautiful silver cross necklace to wear, but I am not allowed to wear anything like that. I did sneak by and wear it for a couple of weeks and didn't think anyone would notice...

When did I think I could get something over on a 20+ year veteran nurse?:chuckle She didn't even say anything, just wrote it down in my grid we see each week (that evaluates how we're doing) and asked me to review the dress code!:)


I really do not have a physical charm but I do use prayer. I have this friend who also used the same pencil and she would freak out if she could not find the pencil before the test. That was during our first semester but now all tests have moved to the computer so there is no need for a pencil.

Everyone in our class is pretty close. Before every exam one girl brings in peppermints and hands them out to everyone. I have to have three pencils sharp and have to sit in the same seat. I also pray for good recall, or excellent guessing abilities:)

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for the first few years i always had to sit at the same desk until one day me and two of my friends had to site elsewhere we all got A's and now move to a new desk in a different section of the room on test days "just to get a new perspective on the world" i dont know but it works for us.

I'm not scared

Light my candles

In a daze 'cause I've found god

Yeah he he yeah

If I listen to Nirvana, I'm all right :-)

I have a special pen with the serenity prayer on it that I use for exams....seems to work so far!! LOL!

No, I guess if I did even joking then I might become dependend on it and freak if I didn't have it for some reason (say I lost it )

I don't have a good luck charm for tests, but I do for studying. Since I get easily distracted at home, I do most of my studying at the library. If someone is using *my* study carrel, I freak out! (I internalize of course, lest people think I'm completely insane :) !)

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