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i am just full of questions this evening. if you are just starting your program how many are enrolled? if you are nearing the end of the road how many did you start out with and how many do... Read More

  1. by   PennyLane
    Between 180 and 200, I believe. About half are accelerated and the other half traditional (2 year).
  2. by   SCmomof3
    My school accepts 40 each fall. I will start Fall 05. My friend started last fall and said they lost 1/3 after the first semester :uhoh21:
  3. by   Nursetob2005
    we have 21 students!
  4. by   mrsmoo2
    42 applied for fall, 26 accepted.
  5. by   Anna_Aus
    Ok, I'm a bit confused...I think the classes you are talking about must be different to ours.

    To begin with we had 350+ enrolled, I can't remember exact numbers. The lecture hall where we have our Anatomy & Physiology lecture holds just over 300 people so anybody who was running late and couldnt get a seat had to go to another leture room where they had video-streaming of the lecture.

    For all our other nursing subjects the lecture hall holds 370 and we all fit in ok, I'm sure several people have dropped out by now (almost finished first semester) but because there's so many people I wouldn't know who has dropped out or not.
  6. by   Omegaqueen1121
    hey :imbar
    i go to a private university in nyc so as far as i know in the night classe undergraduates total for this semsester is about 175 fulltime days (includes undergraduates and clinicals ) 210. the semester that just past all my classes were in the health science building lecture hall except ap2 that was broken up into 6 classes day and night and weekends! health science building can hold a max of 200 i had about 112 about 15 of them went to days and 10 dropped the class! it was an amazing semster, it varies on scholl size and who gets accepted into the program 2 teachers retired so , that may lessen our chances of getting in
    omega queen 1121 class of june 2006 !(confirmed !) pray i make it!
  7. by   johnnrachel
    I attend a community college and just completed my first semester (17 weeks) We started out with 50 and are down to 31. Most failed, some left for personal reasons. This is kind of frightening considering we have 3 more semesters to go. I will just have to wait and see how many more we lose. I lost some very good friends. Good Luck to all.
  8. by   z's playa
    Quote from LeesieBug
    :chuckle Apparently we like it in the northern U.S., too. We've got 140. After a full year, there are still people I run into and say, who the heck are you?

    AAACK! Game on!

    I imagine it now...."What do you mean who am I?....I've been staring at the back of your head from the nosebleed section for 4 months .......tabernaque!"

  9. by   SanFranSRNA
    We started with 66 people and lost 3. In our school, if you recieved a grade lower than a C you can't go on to next semester.
  10. by   TweetiePieRN
    Quote from z's playa
    Try 260!!!! :uhoh21:
    WOW! That is alot of students. Our program gets approx 300+ applications and can only take 30 this time around. Out of my class of 40 students, only 1 dropped. We got to have 40 students in our program thanks to a grant that allowed our school to accomodate the 10 extra students.

    There is a very competitive system to get into the program and this could be why our attrition rate is so low. First off, you have to have all A's and B's in your PREREQS to get into the program. You are allowed up to 1 C and even then you are thrown at the bottom of the "list" to get in. Most of the prereqs weed out the weak from the strong. So basically the school is left with the cream of the crop to choose from.

    Those of us who are lucky to get chosen to be in the nursing program are very serious about doing whatever it takes to stay in it. Also, if we get less than a C in any of our nursing are dropped from the program!! If you don't get 100% on all the math tests administered throughout the are also dropped!
  11. by   manna
    60 will be in my class - we begin in July. No idea how many will drop out, but in the past they've only lost 2-3 students per class throughout the whole program.

    Not that it isn't difficult, I just think it's a more supportive school enviroment.. or, at least that's what I'm hoping.
  12. by   LeesieBug
    Quote from z's playa
    AAACK! Game on!

    I imagine it now...."What do you mean who am I?....I've been staring at the back of your head from the nosebleed section for 4 months .......tabernaque!"

    :chuckle EXACTLY!
  13. by   suzy253
    Started off in August '03 with 52 we're down to about 38. A few flunked out due to dosage calculations (must pass course to move on), some found nursing just wasn't for them.
    Pretty good group we have (OK...with a few exceptions)