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SCmomof3 is a RN and specializes in NICU.

I am fascinated by the entire miracle of life from conception to birth (and beyond!). I always imagined I'd work in L&D - til I FELL IN LOVE with the NICU!! I'm a wife, mother, daughter, friend and brand new NICU nurse, and I love the Lord!

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  1. SCmomof3

    Nurses at Increased Risk for Asthma

    I've heard this before. There is also a link to frequent latex contact and asthma. I'm just lucky, I guess - I already had asthma before I became a nurse
  2. Aisha, I would be interested in and appreciate of both of those resources!!! :)
  3. SCmomof3

    Quick ? about IDDM

    Thank you sirI - that was exactly my thought process on it and I was hoping for some reassurance :) Thank you again.
  4. SCmomof3

    Things to do while awaiting NCLEX results

    I got my results from SC BON in 25 hours, before Kaplan even had the results up. Thank God for a prompt BON!!!!!! I was going nuts!
  5. SCmomof3

    12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    Thank you!!!! I hope your wait isn't too terribly long - I have heard the horror stories about CA! *hug* Waiting is the worst part! Oh it's 15 non-scored ?s. No idea how they judge your competency in 60 ?s but right now I don't care anymore - I'm an RN!!!
  6. SCmomof3

    12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

  7. SCmomof3

    12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED!!!! I am an RN!! I still can't believe it. I just cried and cried when I saw the results. I am so glad I never have to take that horrible test again!!!! I checked the SC BON several times and it was 27 hours after I started my test when I saw it (25.5 hours after I ended the test). NICU here I come!!!!! Thanks for your support everyone :)
  8. SCmomof3

    12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes. Not sure how I feel right now. I have gone through pretty much every emotion imaginable today. I had 90 ?s, got the last one right for sure, so I'm hoping that means something, but I know it probably doesn't. I had lots of priority and drug ?s, 2 check all that apply, 1 math... The thing that's freaking me out (besides that it didn't shut off at 75!) is that after the 75th ?, the ?s started to seem easier, KWIM? I am all freaked that they seemed like they were Level 1 ?s at that point. I mean, I knew at least 1/2 of the answers to the last 15 ?s and like I said, I was just guessing about the difficulty level of course. But that can't be a good sign. I am completely freaking myself out and I wish I could stop. I am just so confused and sick to my stomach. I did well on my practice ?s - scoring in the mid to high 70% range consistently. There were a couple ?s from fundamentals that I just totally blanked out on (where you hear certain breath sounds, for example - ack!). And the things I thought I know - um, yea, well, the ?s were worded in such a way that I felt like I didn't know anything. So that's that. This is going to be a long, hard wait.
  9. SCmomof3

    NCLEX Exam today!!

  10. SCmomof3

    Quick ? about IDDM

  11. SCmomof3

    Quick ? about IDDM

    Which would be of greater concern for a newly admitted, newly diagnosed IDDM diabetic, a pH of 7.2 or a BGL of 268? Thanks.
  12. SCmomof3

    12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    I can't believe it's finally here. I feel sick to my stomach! Not only that, but I have been so stressed about it and the fact that DH lost his job June 19 that I am now sick with a sinus infection. It ought to be fun sniffling with taking the NCLEX (hope I don't bug everyone around me too much - I always hated "that person" who sniffled and blew their nose through every test, and now here I am all stuffy and runny LOL Murphy's law, I guess. I feel prepared but you just never know. Three years of school comes down to this one test. So random. I did well in school and am a pretty good test taker (make dumb mistakes though LOL). I had an ERI review course, did Kaplan's NCLEX RN review book (great tips!), and almost finished the Mosby's review. Hopefully I won't draw a blank once I sit down to test! Well I am just rambling because I am anxious and jittery since I just took my albuterol nebulizer meds but I guess I better hit the sack. Hopefully I'll have good news to report in a couple days!!!!!
  13. SCmomof3

    NCLEX Exam today!!

    This thread caught my eye because of your user name - my 8 1/2 year old son is named Jayden :) Anyway, I bet you did great! I take the NCLEX in 12 hours 45 minutes!!!!! :uhoh21:
  14. SCmomof3

    heel sticks?

    Kristi thank you soooo much for that awesome detailed post. I did quite a few blood draws while I was precepting this spring, but like Marnie, I usually had trouble getting the mechanics down properly to get a good bloodflow. Your tips and explanation really help, and I feel more confident now - I take my boards Monday and start work August 6th. I can't wait to get back in the NICU!!!
  15. SCmomof3

    Heelsticks How to.

    I know this is an old post, but it came up on the bottom of a thread and I wanted to say thanks! I start in the NICU August 6 and I can't wait. I precepted there for 12 shifts and fell in love. So I'm here soaking up as much info as possible from all of you experienced NICU RNs Thanks!
  16. SCmomof3

    ever use a 'Zaky'?

    That looks...different. But neat. I wonder if our NICU has tried them (I don't start work til August 6). I will definitely have to bring that up. Thanks for sharing.

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