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SCmomof3 is a RN and specializes in NICU.

I am fascinated by the entire miracle of life from conception to birth (and beyond!). I always imagined I'd work in L&D - til I FELL IN LOVE with the NICU!! I'm a wife, mother, daughter, friend and brand new NICU nurse, and I love the Lord!

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  1. Aisha, I would be interested in and appreciate of both of those resources!!! :)
  2. Quick ? about IDDM

    Thank you sirI - that was exactly my thought process on it and I was hoping for some reassurance :) Thank you again.
  3. Things to do while awaiting NCLEX results

    I got my results from SC BON in 25 hours, before Kaplan even had the results up. Thank God for a prompt BON!!!!!! I was going nuts!
  4. 12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    Thank you!!!! I hope your wait isn't too terribly long - I have heard the horror stories about CA! *hug* Waiting is the worst part! Oh it's 15 non-scored ?s. No idea how they judge your competency in 60 ?s but right now I don't care anymore - I'...
  5. 12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

  6. 12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    I PASSED I PASSED I PASSED!!!! I am an RN!! I still can't believe it. I just cried and cried when I saw the results. I am so glad I never have to take that horrible test again!!!! I checked the SC BON several times and it was 27 hours after I star...
  7. 12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes. Not sure how I feel right now. I have gone through pretty much every emotion imaginable today. I had 90 ?s, got the last one right for sure, so I'm hoping that means something, but I know it probably doesn't. I had ...
  8. NCLEX Exam today!!

  9. Quick ? about IDDM

  10. Quick ? about IDDM

    Which would be of greater concern for a newly admitted, newly diagnosed IDDM diabetic, a pH of 7.2 or a BGL of 268? Thanks.
  11. 12 hours and 40 minutes to go!

    I can't believe it's finally here. I feel sick to my stomach! Not only that, but I have been so stressed about it and the fact that DH lost his job June 19 that I am now sick with a sinus infection. It ought to be fun sniffling with taking the NCLEX...
  12. NCLEX Exam today!!

    This thread caught my eye because of your user name - my 8 1/2 year old son is named Jayden :) Anyway, I bet you did great! I take the NCLEX in 12 hours 45 minutes!!!!! :uhoh21:
  13. heel sticks?

    Kristi thank you soooo much for that awesome detailed post. I did quite a few blood draws while I was precepting this spring, but like Marnie, I usually had trouble getting the mechanics down properly to get a good bloodflow. Your tips and explanat...
  14. Heelsticks How to.

    I know this is an old post, but it came up on the bottom of a thread and I wanted to say thanks! I start in the NICU August 6 and I can't wait. I precepted there for 12 shifts and fell in love. So I'm here soaking up as much info as possible from ...
  15. ever use a 'Zaky'?

    That looks...different. But neat. I wonder if our NICU has tried them (I don't start work til August 6). I will definitely have to bring that up. Thanks for sharing.