Done! Done! Done!

  1. Okay I finished my preceptorship on Tuesday and finished my preceptor journal this morning. As soon as I turn this in I am offically DONE with nursing school!!!! It has been a long haul but I finally made it!!! I have to pick up my cap and gown on May 6th and then just wait for graduation. I can hardly believe I am done though. What am I going to do with myself now???? I mean before I worked full time and went to school full time. I guess my husband will be happy, I will finally have time to clean my house!!!! I am going to miss all my friends that I have gotten close to through school though.

    Good luck to all of you in nursing school now and to those graduating, CONGRATULATIONS!

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  3. by   Katnip
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  5. by   Gator,SN
    Congratulations! I wish you the very best!


  6. by   AmyLiz
    Congrats!!!!!! :hatparty:
  7. by   nrselisa
    Congrats!!! I have 2 finals left & I'm done! Next I will be freaking out over the NCLEX!!!
  8. by   jessjoy
    Congrats to you......relax and celebrate. You've earned it.:roll
  9. by   maire
    Congo rats!!!
  10. by   RNIAM
    That is awesome! I sure wish it were me but I know my time will come! Good luck with your future endevors!
  11. by   RainbowzLPN
    Congrats Sara! Enjoy all that free time you'll have!
  12. by   rnnurse2b
    Congratulations!! It will be nice when i START the Nursing program so i can look forward to Graduation day!! I noticed you also are in Il...can i ask what school you are going to???? Thanks
  13. by   FutureRN~Pookie
    CONGRATS, SARA!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a great graduation, and keep us posted on where you decide to go to work!!


  14. by   NurseDixie
    Congrats!! I have my final tomorrow in Med/Surg and Trends. I'm off until Aug.18, then only one semester left for me! YEAH! (Peds,OB,Mental Health) I'll be graduating in December.