competitiveness amongst classmates..

  1. Just wondering if anyone sees or experiences this. I am in my 2nd semester of LPN training and I am starting to see it somewhat. It is like they want to distance themselves from someone that seems to be doing real well or answers alot of the questions in class. My class is pretty quiet and the teachers just have us blurt out the answers. It is usually the same ones answering the questions. It also could be that they are more so annoyed by those people I suppose.
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  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    There's a few in every class..
  4. by   SummerGarden
    I think it is childish for people in class to hate or dislike the students whom are doing well. Distancing one's self from good students is the OPPOSITE of what I do!

    I prefer to have nothing to do with students that slack off, make excuses instead of working hard, show up to clinicals or class unprepared or late, don't practice his/her skills (the list is endless)!! So, if people want nothing to do with me because I work hard and perform well, then good riddens!

    By the way, I am in NO WAY competing with the other students. Nursing school is not a competition. When I earn the title RN, that does not mean that the others in my class will or won't. Thus, if poor/average students feel he/she is competing with me in nursing school, he/she needs to grow up!
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  5. by   biogeek
    I've never experienced people not liking those that perform well. Usually it's the other way around. I personally get tired of hearing other students complain about how unfair the exam was when they receive their exams back. Whenever one of them asks me how I did so well, I tell them what I do, but then they say it's too much work! I don't know if it's just a maturity thing or what, but it's frustrating to me when my classmates aren't even willing to make an attempt at doing well.
  6. by   Daytonite
    Quote from nd deb
    just wondering if anyone sees or experiences this. i am in my 2nd semester of lpn training and i am starting to see it somewhat. it is like they want to distance themselves from someone that seems to be doing real well or answers alot of the questions in class. my class is pretty quiet and the teachers just have us blurt out the answers. it is usually the same ones answering the questions. it also could be that they are more so annoyed by those people i suppose.
    sorry, i'm not getting the point you're trying to make. who is distancing themselves from who here? are the instructors distancing themselves from the quieter students and ignoring them? or, are the smarter students distancing themselves from the quieter students and ignoring them? what does being quiet have to do with grades and doing better than other students here? if the class is quiet then who is blurting out answers? and, why are you annoyed with them? are their answers wrong? are they beating you out with an answer you wanted to give?

    my position on students who call out and are disruptive in class has always been that the person you should be mad at is the instructor, not the other students. the instructor is responsible for maintaining order in the class. if the instructor isn't doing that, then the problem is with the instructor, not necessarily with the students.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    True, Dayton.....However, I think the OP may have been referring to some pettiness/problems with classmates. My own classmates are quick to point out what they know(which usually have very little to do with the topic at hand) and try to argue with instructors...guess how much sucess we have with that....
    So, overall, I'd say to just stay the course, pass your class, and just do what you have to do to get your degree....the petty people always run themselves right out of life...
  8. by   nj1grlcrus
    In my class, everyone basically gets along. My attitude is that I am in class with the top students, since entrance to the class was VERY competitive, and from here on in it is just a matter of passing each class. We work together, and if we are not friends, we are certainly colleagues that are in this together for the next two years. At the end, every single one of us can be an RN, and get a job. OK, some people tend to show off a bit, who cares? I just worry about the few that haven't yet adapted to the teachers testing style, the profs sure love those distractors on tests. On the very first test, someone asked, "Are you sure there is only ONE right answer to this question?" That's the tough part.
  9. by   nd deb
    The way the teachers run the classes is by students just stating the answers without raising their hand. It seems to be always the same few people that are giving out the answers. I am one of the ones that will give out answers. I am also one of the few that will ask questions. I get the impression that the some of the ones that aren't active in class participation are annoyed with the ones that are. I have also noticed they seem to distance themselves from those people as well. I have been noticing changes in how people are, seems like some of them have gotten less social or a bit short when you do talk to them. Perhaps the stress of trying to maintain a high or good grade is getting to them.
  10. by   Daytonite
    ah, i see. you know, i'm taking a class and before i go to class my head is buried in my books researching the topic we are going to be covering in the next lecture. the instructor will ask a question. because i am one of the ones that will sing out and sometimes feel a bit like you, i will sit there for a few seconds because i don't want to deprive anyone else of their chance to participate and boost their self-esteem. and, you know what? silence. so, then i'll pipe up. i'm sure some of the "quieter" ones in the class don't like it. i will also ask questions in class because i've done reading already and i need to have something clarified. some will tell me later, "good question, joyce". then, others just glare at me and don't like me for asking questions either. i think it's because they don't like that someone else is getting attention. is that a reason for someone who doesn't get what they need to be mad at me? i've seen some of the sneers on their faces, even when i smile and greet them. that's just not normal social behavior on their part. i'm an equal opportunity friend to everyone. i've made it abundantly clear that i am open to working with anyone on this material, some of it incredibly confusing and complex and that i am parked in the computer lab most of every wednesday working away at the material. still, some stay far away. treat me as persona non grata. that's not my fault. nor is it yours. i see this kind of behavior as being similar to children who are pouting because they can't get their way. but, think about it. what is it that they want anyway? certainly, it isn't the chance to speak up themselves because most likely they don't know the answers or they'd be joining in. no, it's more likely ego and personality driven. what i'm trying to skirt around and avoid saying is that they are jealous for no valid reason, plain and simple. i don't have to get involved in that childish game. i have bigger fish to fry. so, do you. don't worry about these other people. as long as you monitor your own behavior and you are satisfied you aren't stepping on their toes or depriving them of the same opportunities you have, then don't let their game of silence and turning a cold shoulder to others worry you. it's only a game on their part--a sad one at that. acknowledging it sucks you into their game. and, you don't want to play, do you? be the better person. just ignore them. they're the ones that are losing out because of their own childishness, not you. some people never learned to grow up and act like adults. they will have problems throughout their lives in their interactions with others because of it. not your problem unless you are their boss and have to mediate disagreements between them and others they are hurting by their behavior.
  11. by   WDWpixieRN
    But then we must be careful to ensure that you're not the gal in my class who makes every lecture about "me me me", or her kids, or her friends, or her husband, etc., etc.....once in a while, someone has something constructive to add to a lecture...that's great...but this same someone has something to say 2 or 3 times a day minimum....and I think she got a hint that she was annoying the rest of the class, because now she's switched it up to 2 or 3 times each class reiterating an entire section the instructor just taught almost as if to highlight that she got it....c'mon...

    As for answering questions, there's little you can do about that...that's always been very common in almost any class I've taken....and I've done what Daytonite suggests where you sit and give others an opportunity, until you get to the point you feel sorry for the instructor that no one's answering!! lol...I don't know if that's shyness on others' part or what, but I do not think if that's truly your case you need to feel like you should apologize or stop participating...we have a pretty cohesive class thank heavens, but reading other posts, it's apparent there are some where folks feel like they are still in a competition....and I don't think there's much to be done other than just making sure you continue to do your best!!
  12. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Quote from daytonite
    they will have problems throughout their lives in their interactions with others because of it. not your problem unless you are their boss and have to mediate disagreements between them and others they are hurting by their behavior.
    sadly, the behavior you've described seems to be an american phenomenon - a sort of "high school hangover." a lot of the younger people don't think it's "cool" to be the "smart" one in class. i've found people seem to loosen up a bit in upper division courses, after they've grown up a bit and realize they're there to get an education, not to be "cool."

    of course, that's all just my opinion, but i'm sticking to it!
  13. by   Thedreamer
    Unfortunately this is happening to me at the moment

    I am one of the top GPAs in my class at the moment in my 2nd term of LPN school. I work my ass off to study, learn my skills and make sure that I am prepared for every test and clinical day. I always have a positive attitude and I am very approachable and friendly. However there are the girls in my class who are very quick to blame a bad grade on the teacher and then trash talk her. One day a group of them actually went and reported her to the head nursing instructor instead of talking to her one on one to see what the problem was and if it could be resolved.

    Of course the AP talks to my teacher who then waits till post conference one day and actually calls the girls out in front of everyone. One after the other they started trying to belittle the teacher and actually said some very hurtful things to her such as: shes a bad teacher or doesnt care.. She has stated numerous times that all she wants to do is help us become good nurses and that she is willing to help any day after school. One of them actually had the nerve to say the tests were too hard and that they should be dumbed down some..

    I stood up for the teacher and since then that entire group of girls hasnt even looked my way. So childish. It really drives me crazy to see that people can be so lazy and then point fingers at everyone else when they fail.

    Its amazing the kinda people they let into some of these programs =/
  14. by   FutureNurse2005
    I have issue with the students who dont participate in class. In fact, we get assigned more readings if no one speaks up! So...I do my homework and know the answers. Others dont bother. Should I sit back and keep quiet just so I dont annoy them?? No way! lol I have enough homework!
    anyway, our class seems to get along for the most part so its not always an issue.