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  1. nj1grlcrus

    Bergen Community Program

    PDA's are allowed, in some hospitals, you can even get their latest drug updates, but you can do fine without the PDA. The drug book, lab book and hospital computer covers just about everything. It would be nice, if you were leaning to carrying a PDA, to test it out while in school to see how you like it. If you have a well setup PDA, you will be carrying a library of info in your pocket. Good luck, Donna
  2. nj1grlcrus

    Math Whizs please reply

    you move the decimal at the start of the problem, let's see if I can type it in. Let's say 25.5 divided by 0.5. change that to 255 divided by 5, you moved each decimal place over one so that you could make 0.5 into a whole number, no decimal. Now let's do 25.5 divided by 0.005, you move the decimal place over three places on both numbers, and get 25500 divided by 5. Hope that helps, Donna
  3. nj1grlcrus


    Teamwork is the name of the game. The nurse is responsible for making sure the pt is taken care of. If call lights or cleaning is stacked up, they better pitch in. Or learn to manage pts and CNA better. And telling CNA's that s__t is beneath them is not the way to get cooperation from CNA;s. A child could tell them that!
  4. nj1grlcrus

    OMG.....Great News!!!!

    Great news, good luck :balloons: I can only imagine how great that must feel. ENJOY!
  5. nj1grlcrus

    Bergen Community Program

    Congrats to all! I am going into second year nights at Bergen. You need to buy a stethescope, it is not included in the kit, the BP cuff is optional, but make sure it is manual, not digital, they are cheap, under $20 at Walgreen's and other drugstores. Uniforms are needed for clinicals, not the first day of class, so don't stress if they don't arrive before school. I think they are more flexible than they let on, with due dates for stuff, and I don't think they will give your spot away, but try and get them everything they want ASAP. Also, the health forms need to be done before clinicals, not before you register. Good luck, I know exactly how you feel, and it will be great fun and alot of work. Make friends fast, and get a study group.
  6. nj1grlcrus

    Male nurse looks

    OOPS, didn't finish the post, after the first haircut, the instructor was still asking me to pull back the hair, finally just cut it SHORT. You get graded on everything in school, after that, as long as you are clean and neat, no problem
  7. nj1grlcrus

    Male nurse looks

    The hair thing affects women, too. I am a nursing student that HAD medium length hair, layered, and I couldn't get it pulled back into a ponytial.
  8. nj1grlcrus

    can someone help me pleeeeeeeeease (metric question)

    4.16M (100cm/1M) = 416cm 416cm(1dm/10cm) = 41.6dm first I changed to cm, then to dm, answer 41.6 dm if you did it from mm it would be: 4.16M(1000mm/1M) = 4160mm 4160mm(1cm/10mm) = 416cm then go to the above conversions, hope it helped;)
  9. nj1grlcrus

    Lipping the bottle

    maybe its like tossing the salt over your shoulder after you knock over the salt shaker??????
  10. nj1grlcrus

    Does this sound strange to you?

    Doesn't sound like a big deal to me, I know my MIL gets her flu shot from a neighbor who is a nurse, she brings it home with her.
  11. nj1grlcrus

    They make me feel like a failure

    It's like this, when asked about WHY NURSING? you should say, "If you have to ask, you'll never understand!" or whatever it is that the bikers say. You are a member of the elite, don't fall prey to the haters. :wink2:
  12. nj1grlcrus

    where is sacrum and coccyx located?

    great site! thanks daytonite!!
  13. nj1grlcrus

    Do any students deal with a nervous stomach or IBS?

    we didn't get a break(food or drink kind) on our clinical, but the bathroom was always available.
  14. nj1grlcrus

    Just accepeted FINALLY!!!

    All suggestions were great. The NCLEX questions are key, if your instructors dive right in with critical thinking skills. That's what drove most of my class crazy. You will get questions and ask the instructor, is there more than one correct answer? Yes, now pick the best/most important/ one that should be done first answer. NCLEX questions or HESI questions will help you prepare for that. GOOD LUCK, you can do it!
  15. nj1grlcrus

    Too old????

    I am 50, just finished Level I nursing for an RN, ADN. Critical thinking came much easier to me than to some of the youngsters, so I think you will have an edge, not a liability because of your age, go for it:lol2:
  16. nj1grlcrus

    need writing help.

    I definitely like the role of patient advocate, check that angle out:wink2: