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  1. There isn't really anything that you can say.. I have been there... Lost my son 4 yrs ago unexpectly and suddelnly to aml and now recently a friend of mine lost her 20 yr son to sucide. It was very hard going over to her house 2 days after it happened.. alot of it brought back memories of what i went thru.. yet I felt needed to go and give her support.. still, I didn't have anything to really to say except that was so sorry they had to go thru it... the family was in such shock no one was talking they were all pretty much just sitting there staring at each other.. felt so bad for them.. their situation also was more tragic then what mine was.. the only thing one could do is just be there to listen to them when they do talk about it and their feelings.. it is a bad experieince and it sticks with you for a long time... I have found that people will get turned off when you start talking about your loss.. it makes them feel uncomfortable.. especially if the conversation starts out innocently with how many children do you have..have had friends not even talk to me any more. I have found being a nurse really doesn't make things easier either.. you tend to understand so things easier but it makes it hard if you have to deal with death in your job. I have empathy but I tend wonder if I come off too cold..
  2. I often wonder this because where I am at, I am often wonder if the state is not strict enough with the survey.
  3. nd deb

    Nursing Home Activities

    I am often disappointed with the activity department where I am at. I feel that they could be doing a lot more then what they are doing. Right now it doesn't appear to be much. I used to work activities in a nursing home in a different state and where I am at now not is not the same.. I often wonder how the home gets by with out getting a deficiency in the activities dept on their surveys. I often wonder that they don't even include that dept in the survey. Many times I will see them doing something with the active, mobile, alert residents and nothing with the inactive, immobile, non-alert residents. So many times when I have worked a pm shift a lot of the residents are in bed sleeping till supper time and then they are gotten up and then when they are done with supper they are put to bed. I often wonder it is no wonder why we get residents at night that aren't sleeping. They spend most of their day in bed, sleeping.
  4. Where I am at it seems like alot of the places are being picky as to who they pick and they are taking a bsn over the asn. I had been told more then by one person that the one hospital that I have applied at that they don't even look at the 2 yr rn. They are trying to get magnet status and they only want to hire bsn.. pretty crappy I say..
  5. nd deb

    Cna bonding too much with me...

    totallackofsurprise, what you have stated is good infor.. I wonder too if there is a short fall with the counselling after hospital discharge. I told her that since she isn't able to get into therapy right away that perhaps she needs to call the crisis hotline number when she is feeling down. She had stated she didn't feel comfortable talking to them.. but yet I wonder if she just isn't wanting to do the counseling.
  6. nd deb

    Cna bonding too much with me...

    Yeah.. this is pretty much what is going on.. this gal doesn't have any family here. They are in the other side of the united states. I work with her alot, most of the time and have lent a listening ear to her because of that fact. She is also a single parent. I do question at times thou if she is being manipulative as to get attention. She is a bit of a drama queen. She called again the other day and I told her that she should really be talking to a counselor. From what she says she hasn't had any therapy yet. Really wierd because I would have thought that once she was discharged from the hospital that she would have these sessions already set up. She had an appt lined up but it sounds like they gave her the run around and no counselling. At times I have noticed that some of the stuff she says don't really make sense so I wonder if she is making stuff up to gain attention. I have been trying to distance my self more.. at one time for a while she would call me 4 to 5 times a day and that was sometimes when I was scheduled to work with her that nite. This was when she was supposely in a crisis.. she doesn't handle criticism well. If someone rides her at work she thinks they don't like her and/or are targeting her. At times she will ask people if they are mad at her. Seems like I am always explaining to her the why of these things... In a recent conversation with her she made it sound like that with because of her recent hospitalization that she wasn't able to do some of her job tasks. Sounded like she was trying to use it as reason to do less.
  7. Where I am at I have noticed lately that the cna's now think that the nurse should be answering their lights even when they are having a quiet shift. Got one shift that the cnas only will answer their own lights on their list because they feel that they will get behind if they are answering everyone else's. They leave supplements to the nurse to give, walking residents to the nurse to do. Had a Cna a couple of times try to tell me that the nurse is to give the supplements, walk someone.. I think it all comes down to that they don't want to waste their time doing it so they try to leave it to the nurse.. I believe in team work but I just get the impression that once you start helping them out that they start to expect that you are to help them all the time and/or will try to take advantage of the nurse.
  8. nd deb

    Night Shift!!! How do YOU stay awake?

    I have no problem staying awake on the shift it is on my days off that really messes with me.. I end up staying stuck in that nite shift mode and can't adjust. It is depressing and frustrating when I am off because I feel like I am sleeping all the time. Have recently been rotating and still having the problem. I like nite shift but I hate it when I am off..
  9. Just wondering if anyone has found that if they helped cna's on the floor with answering lights, assisting them with putting residents to bed with lifts if eventually they expect the nurse to help them. This helping out is done when the nurse is having some down time..
  10. nd deb

    Cna bonding too much with me...

    I didn't give out my phone number. The schedule has everyone's number on it. This person calls everyone. She didn't call me until I started working nites with her. At first it wasn't often but as time as gone on it has gotten more so. I never worked with her as a CNA but on nites since there is only one cna on we are to help them out with answering lights. I requested to work a different shift and the next time she calls I am gonna tell her I that she needs to talk to a counsellor, find a support group somewheres. The last time I talked to her she made it sound like she was gonna use her recent hospitalization as an excuse to do less work. Gonna also tell her that is the impression I got from her. I never have tried to make friends with her. Over time it is like she just latched on.. she tells everyone her problems.. almost too open that I wonder if it is more so to get attention.
  11. nd deb

    Cna bonding too much with me...

    I work nites with only one CNA. We work alot with each other. She is a single parent who isn't from the area and doesnt have any family in the area. She's been dealing with alot of problems at home with one of her kids.. I hear alot about her problems.. she calls me alot at home.. almost daily. She recently had been admitted to the hospital for a couple of days or so for some type of mental illness.. I always wondered if she had some type of personality disorder. I am suspecting she is histonic. She seems to have alot of the symptoms except for dressing sexual and flirting.. She always seems to have some type of drama in her life. Anyways.. it seems like lately she has bonded too much with me to the point that it is really starting to bother me... After her hospitalization she came to work and was telling staff and some of the nursing home residents that she was in the hospital.. some of them she told what for, some she hasn't. I am getting the impression she is doing it to get attention. Any ideas, suggestions?
  12. nd deb

    Are all nursing homes the same?

    Just wondering if it is the same/common for all nursing homes to have alot of call ins with cna staffing, lack of support from DON, ADON, administator when trying to fill cna staffing needs, hiring alot of Cnas with poor work ethic and/or call in alot, give the impression along as it is a warm body they don't care with the type of care they give...
  13. Seen a position opening for an RN for director of health services in a 50 apartment complex for assisted living.. noticed it required being on call.. They are the only nurse on staff. The facility trains their own staff to do resident care and pass meds.. rn sets the meds up. Staff isn't lincensed as cna or med tech with the state. was told that staff can call the Rn at any time when they off about falls, chest pain, low blood sugars ect.. to ask what they should do. Interested in what people's experiences or knowledge is about working in this position in assisted living.. What kind of salary do the Rn, and people doing the care, meds get? Is there a high turnover?
  14. nd deb

    How Many Residents Do You Care For On Your Unit?

    In work in LTC in a small town in north east SD. When I work nites its just me and one cna for 35 residents. On pms it is me, a med aide and 4 but more often 3 cnas..
  15. nd deb

    Staff/Patient Ratio - 30 Patients per Nurse

    Where I work there is 1 nurse and 1 cna for 35 residents on nites.. 1 nurse and 4 but many times 3 cnas on pms.. 1 nurse and 4 cnas but at times ends up being 3 that have lists, 1 cna that is a bath aide and 1 cna that is the PT aide. This is all for 35 residents.. sometimes I think they should have another cna on at nite. The nurse many times on nites has to help out the cna quite a bit which ends up that the nurse is there an hr or 2 or more after her shift is done to do her charting. Alot of the residents are hard to move, higher acuity types. On days and pms there is a med aide that passes meds. I have run into where on day shifts the pt aide gets pulled to work a list because they are short, sometimes this happens quite often so that there can be 4 that have lists. On fri there is no baths and if there isn't a PT aide then I have to split up 35 residents amongst 4 people to get up. Sometimes on fri there isn't any PT or bath aide and only 3 cnas on that I have to split up 35 resident amongst for them to get up in 2 hrs.