Would and how would you address no pay raise in over a year?

  1. So, it's about that time of year. Many organizations are now awarding their employees their yearly raise. However, you work for an organization that has yet to do so. More importantly, they have not offered anyone a raise in over a year. They are also one of the lowest paying organizations to work for. Other organizations have been increasing their starting wages, yet this organization has yet to do so. Would you address this? If so, with whom? And what would you say?
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  3. by   elkpark
    I've worked for plenty of employers that didn't do an "annual raise" (including my current employer). You got merit increases if you scored high enough above the average expectations on your performance review, but no one got a raise just for being there. When I worked as a state hospital surveyor years ago, we (state employees) got no raise at all (regardless of how good our performance was) for the four years I worked for the agency, because the state lege was balancing the state budget on the back of the state employees. Getting a raise isn't a given.

    How long have you been employed there? How do you like the job otherwise?
  4. by   QuietIsntAWord
    If you feel valued, I would simply go to your ADON or DON and tell them that you love working there but you are seeking incentive to stay (bills etc). If you are valuable to them they may make some changes.

    this route could have the opposite effect though... but then you could look for another job
  5. by   KelRN215
    If it's a large facility and, facility-wide, they aren't offering raises there's probably little that you can do to address it. I'd probably evaluate if I liked the job enough to stay without a raise.
  6. by   llg
    I have lots of experience, so I am at the top of my pay grade. I haven't gotten a raise in about 5 years.

    As for everyone else at my hospital ... they usually announce a small raise in the first few months of the year. So far, no announcement for this year yet. So, you're not alone, if that's any comfort. Yearly pay raises are not guaranteed unless you have a contract that stipulates such a raise.
  7. by   Crush
    We don't get automatic annual raises. We get ours every other year and how much we get depends on our evaluation scores.
  8. by   Ruby Vee
    If the hospital isn't offering raises, you aren't going to get one. All you do by "addressing the issue" is put a target on your back.
  9. by   brandy1017
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    If the hospital isn't offering raises, you aren't going to get one. All you do by "addressing the issue" is put a target on your back.
    I don't think there is anything wrong with asking. Usually raises are announced and lack of raises are also announced as a wage freeze while the place cries the money blues!
  10. by   ICU-BSN
    I was in this situation in my first job. I dealt with it by getting a new job. To be fair, lack of a raise was just one of many many issues I had with that job.
  11. by   mmc51264
    get a new job. We get a min of a cost of living raise and then a staggered amount based on above expectations (hard to achieve) meets expectations (most common) and below expectations (they have remediation or some sort of intervention). We end up with 2-5% per year. Min.
  12. by   Neats
    If you feel strongly about a pay raise I would go to my boss and find out why not? If I do not get a good answer have a meeting with the DON. Communicate your concerns.
    My husband did not get a pay raise for 4 years, he just never said anything, he is 61 and afraid to rock the boat he has 5 more years to go before retiring. He finally said something to his boss who said to him... I was waiting for you to say something he got a 20 percent pay raise!

    There are a lot of places that do not give pay raises, give pay raises based on performance, or give bonuses instead.
    Again it depends on how you feel about the job.

    If my salary was big enough I would not care if I got a pay raise or not, I would expect several bonuses throughout the year and enjoy those. I am at the top of my pay scale so my bonuses are important to my holiday time although I would not leave my job if I did not get a bonus.
  13. by   djh123
    You may work for the same co. I worked for. If I revealed what I was paid, and the TOTAL amount of raises in the time I was there, people would be shocked on here, although different parts of the country, with different costs of living, nursing shortages or not, etc., pay very differently.

    But anyway, as to how I addressed it: I finally left. Now, whether the new gig works out or not is another question for multiple reasons, but at least I'm giving it a try.
  14. by   RockinNurse2018
    Lol, it's funny. Today I got a raise