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  1. djh123

    Are We Too PC?

    To me, the n-word or 'Kamikaze' for a Japanese person is not what the 'PC' topic is all about. Those are just offensive and racist things. To me 'PC' is when you go far beyond that and make a problem out of nothing, such as what another commenter mentioned, 'Don we now our gay apparel', where gay only means 'happy'.
  2. djh123

    Are We Too PC?

    Oh my ... and I was only kidding about that, Old Dude.
  3. djh123

    Are We Too PC?

    Yes. I'd have to look up the lyrics to 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' to see what I think exactly, but without having done that, it seems like a bit much. What about the - what is it called? - micro-sensitivities, or something like that, on college campuses these days? Seems way overblown to me. Everyone is walking around with a chip on their shoulder the size of a boulder. My joke to myself, after hearing about the 'Baby...' banning is that next some misunderstanding idiot will complain that "White Christmas" should be banned...
  4. Wow. I hope this really turns into something.
  5. djh123

    A Newly Defined Type of Constipation: Opioid Induced Constipation

    If I don't go before work, I can sometimes have WIC (Work-Induced Constipation) :^) - 'cuz I rarely have time to do *that* at work!
  6. djh123

    Just Another Day in Paradise

    Nice piece. My LTC facility isn't that fun/cool, but there ARE a bunch of good people there - just a few jerks, including (unfortunately) my new immediate boss, but even she isn't all bad. But yeah, as I saw in another post on here about someone 'stuck' (or so they thought) in a LTC facility, others warned them that hospital work isn't necessarily better, more rewarding, whatever. I thought I'd be working in a hospital, and still want to try it, but at the same time, I think I'd miss some of my residents, co-workers, and - although we work hard every day, believe me - the slightly less serious/corporatized atmosphere of so many hospitals. I'm going to be moving after a while anyway, so I'll be leaving the place regardless, but still ... hard to know what to do sometimes.
  7. djh123

    Stop panic attacks

    Maybe this will help someone. It helped me yesterday and today. :^) 4 simple steps to end a panic attack A couple of caveats, though: I didn't read this really, just skimmed it, so I only took the basic 4 things from it. I'm also not 'into' NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)... again, I just liked the basic idea of this page.
  8. djh123

    A Goodnight Kiss and A Bedtime Story

    Wow - I nearly teared up reading that. Thanks.
  9. Yes... although I thought it would be hard, but it's been harder than I expected. But there have been many problems I didn't expect, both from my end and from my instructors. I didn't expect to have such a major roller coaster of thoughts & emotions in 'semester 5', but I sure have. I think it'll be day-to-day until I somehow feel like 'yeah, I'm going to finish this', or I don't.
  10. I'll try not to write a book here. I'm middle aged, and am only in 'semester 5' of a nursing program, although it's obviously nearly the end of the semester. I did pretty well in a previous career, but was bored to death with it, finally quit it, and after being my mother's caregiver - and for other reasons as well - decided to try this route. I thought - and still think - that I can do fairly well at this too, for several reasons, but we all have our strengths/weaknesses. Some on here have trouble with math (I wish I could help every one of you, seriously), some have trouble with the classroom stuff (I'm not making A's, in the inflated nursing school grading scale, but I'm doing fine), and some have trouble (that would be ME) with the clinicals. I think my problems with clinicals - and the insane paperwork we have to do (does this sound familiar?) - are partly mine, and partly them, whether it's a lack of *enough* or *clear* instruction beforehand. We have to do a 'teaching plan' that is ridiculously overwrought (what's required when writing it) compared to the usually quick/simple bit of 'teaching' we would be doing at this level. Our paperwork takes many, many hours, and to me there's something wrong with the picture when I have to physically abuse myself (i.e. get 4-5 hours sleep if I'm lucky) before each clinical - thank God we only have a few the first semester, and will allegedly maybe not have to do so much paperwork the next semester. To me it's counterproductive. I'm not going to do the greatest job the next day, and more importantly, my PATIENT isn't going to get as much from me either (as they would if I'd gotten at least 6+ hours sleep). Something could and should be cut out of this. Part of it is my problem - I'm gregarious in a way, but a little shy in a way. I do better with the actual patients, but I loathe having the teacher (although if I had a different one it might help) watch me do anything. I understand the rationale, but it's tough. This stuff is tough enough without the added pressure of a teacher watching you - I'd rather it be a fellow student or a nurse (most seem to be helpful). I think the gist of it for me is that I'll be decent at this IF I can get through school, but that's the hurdle. I honestly would like to help people, and make a difference in just one person's small way; I'm detail-oriented, I'm damn sure worried about giving someone the wrong med or too much (so I'll be very careful about it, and ask for help when I need it), and I'm interested in medical stuff... not to an extreme, but quite a bit. So... no need to comment or give me help or approval, but I just wanted to kind of vent a little bit. It's been tough - I knew it would be, but it's been tougher than I thought it would be, although some of my gripes may only be at my particular school (and I have more than I've listed here :^). Good luck to all.
  11. djh123

    Accepted into NS and scared!

    Hey, I'm only in nursing school myself (in middle age), and as someone else said, if you DIDN'T have that fear it would be bad. I think if you're detail-oriented, conscientious, and will ask more experienced people when you're not sure of something, you (and hopefully I) will do fine.
  12. djh123

    Coworker issues - so disheartening

    Hi- yes, it's not just in nursing! I'm middle-aged, and am only a nursing student (and am about to post a rant about that :^) ... but in my previous career I occasionally (certainly not all, let's be fair :^) saw people who were one or more of these: immature, temper-tantrum-throwing, power-mad, wanting-to-take-all-the-credit, unbelievably self-centered, mean, crazy, etc. I know it's hard, but as they say, don't let her get to you. If you can.
  13. djh123

    I just got fired... what the hell happened?

    I believe you, and I'm sorry. As some others have said, maybe it'll be much better if you get a job somewhere else. And maybe you have a case against them. And maybe they just don't DESERVE you!
  14. djh123

    Don't think Nursing is for me

    I'm thinking about quitting too. I'm middle-aged, and am in my first semester of nursing school after taking 29 hrs. of pre-reqs. I'm coming into it for good reasons - was my mother's caregiver, am a cancer survivor, am empathetic/caring - but at the same time, I think the paperwork is going to drive me mad, nit-picky rules-must-never-be-broken-for-any-reason-even-if-our-rule-doesn't-always-make-sense types are going to drive me crazy... it just all seems so rigid. However, I'm sure part of that is just that they want us to learn everything The Right Way first. In reality there's probably a little (but maybe only a *little* leeway in the real world). The workload is insane, and not for the first time, I'm thinking 'this may just not be enough "me"'. Sigh.
  15. djh123

    UHV - Sugarland/Katy Second Degree BSN

    I was not accepted, and I'm dumbfounded. But this is not just a 'sour grapes' comment. I had high grades, and I thought I wrote a good solid answer to their ONE question. I was very surprised that we only got ONE question, as were some others I talked to, as I was that we were not interviewed, not asked for resumes, not talked to about our previous careers - anything. They could've asked us 5-6 questions and given us an hour to respond; instead, in 3 hours, they only spent TEN MINUTES trying to differentiate any of us. And on the 'being able to use our email account', they didn't say in that invitation email that we would need to be able to use it ON THE INTERVIEW DAY, but only that we 'needed to be able to use it'. I had accessed it numerous times, but didn't bring the password because the instructions were not clear. In any case, good luck to all, whether you were accepted or not. I shouldn't have put all of my eggs in one basket, but I also can't believe the way that they decided on those of us 'finalists'.