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  1. The ridiculousness of LTC/SNF

    I like the 'verbal colonoscopy' term...
  2. "Observing" my peers

    That's a tough situation, and I don't envy you. But on a lighter note, it reminds me of Davey's Waaaaaambulance thread, and a few current and former nurses in my current job. We were talking about one the other day. I like and respect her, but as ...
  3. Flyin' high in April, Shot down in May

    That's what the people say...
  4. Got Stress? Eat These Foods to Lower Your Stress Levels

    Man, you beat me to it - I was going to say that crazy as it might seem, combining malted barley, hops, yeast and water, and letting it ferment a while, has been known to help. :^)
  5. Are We Too PC?

    To me, the n-word or 'Kamikaze' for a Japanese person is not what the 'PC' topic is all about. Those are just offensive and racist things. To me 'PC' is when you go far beyond that and make a problem out of nothing, such as what another commenter m...
  6. I don't disagree with your advice here, but at the same time, life is full of risks. After my mother passed away and I finally dealt with the house, I took pre-reqs at one school, then applied to an accelerated program at another school, which (to m...
  7. Are We Too PC?

    Oh my ... and I was only kidding about that, Old Dude.
  8. Are We Too PC?

    Yes. I'd have to look up the lyrics to 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' to see what I think exactly, but without having done that, it seems like a bit much. What about the - what is it called? - micro-sensitivities, or something like that, on college camp...
  9. Flyin' high in April, Shot down in May

    We've all done it, bro ... glad it wasn't anything super-significant. Speaking of - and I always add this qualifier before I say anything negative about nurses I'm working with, and that is "I'm not perfect either", but on my last couple of work days...
  10. Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

    I hope it gets better or you get out of there. On occasion at my previous job (LTC/rehab) I'd have 2 units - 50-ish people - for 4 hours sometimes, sometimes longer. I'd always have a med tech in those situations, but still, it was just ridiculous....
  11. Yep. You're a spring chicken. I got my BSN at 54. Go for it! Actually, I'm editing this because I see all of those 'don't do it' comments. Everyone is different. Only you can decide, obviously. For me, even though I'm only going to do this for ...
  12. Holiday Bonus

    In my workplace, we'd probably need to use those 'points' to buy supplies. :^)
  13. Profanity in the workplace

    Partly because I've been through a great deal in the past 15+ years, I cuss more than I used to, but I don't do it a huge amount, and not much at work. But there are a few CNA's at work that cuss like Marines. And a LPN - whom I like and respect - ...
  14. How do you take blood pressures for 90 people?

    Stupid question, I guess, but you don't have aides to do any of that?
  15. Deciding on CEUs

    I do a mix of things that are relevant to the patients I see and other topics that I'm just interested in, or apply to my own health.
  16. Holiday Bonus

    Hey, that jives with my guess for my workplace. :^) Of course, there may be McDonald's $5 gift certificates, y'know...
  17. Dismissed From Nursing School, Not Sure What To Do Now

    I disagree that her grades were that bad, particularly when you factor in the re-takes. I'll add a qualifier, though, that I come from an era before grade inflation. In my first degree (not nursing) I had a 3.25 and was damned proud of it... not ma...
  18. As seen on TV

    Re: the immediate effect, I've always thought that about any food or drink - especially food - commercials. Whatever it is, the split-second it hits their lips, they just go "WOW, that tastes GREAT". No actual tasting first...
  19. Holiday Bonus

    I don't know for sure, since I wasn't in my current job last Christmas, but I suspect ours is "You get to keep working here".
  20. questionable IM injection

    I know what viscous means; I just hadn't heard of a viscous shot, nor have I heard of 'depot' related to any kind of injection. But my experience is *somewhat* limited.
  21. questionable IM injection

    I have no idea what a viscous depot is (unless of course, it's Viscous Depot! - For All Your Viscous Shopping Needs! :^) ... but I did quickly find a website that said all viscous or oily (?) injections should be in the gluteous muscle. 4 mL does so...
  22. FARAWYN, School Nurse to the rescue!

    If Nurse Dill can't handle it, is she in a pickle?
  23. As seen on TV

    You almost, ALMOST, made me spit out my salad when I cracked up reading that. :^)
  24. We can all relate!!

    Ha ha! Funny, because I've frequently joked about amputation with patients and CNA's when some minor problem is there.
  25. As seen on TV

    I've never watched medical shows much, except for Nurse Jackie, but when my ex watched "House" in its early days, I always cracked up at the team of 4-6 doctors spending a ton of time on ONE patient. Riiiiiiiiiiggghhht. Might happen occasionally at...