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Crush has 13 years experience and specializes in Case manager, float pool, and more.

6 yrs as a CNA working in LTC and at a local hospital, 5 yrs as a LPN doing Med-Surg, and as a RN ever since.

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  1. Crush

    will i ever get hired at another hospital?

    Even LTC will give you some valuable experiences you can use in future hospitals and home healthcare or hospice work. LTC gets a bad rap but can gain good experiences there too and learn alot. Keep your options open, including other hospitals and different departments/units within hospitals. Good luck.
  2. Crush

    Aggressive family member

    Hopefully there is documentation in the chart, " Procedure interrupted related to ..............." And then an incident report. I think you handled it pretty well. I may have said something about not ok to touch me but I think you did fine.
  3. Crush

    Very concerned

    Really sorry to hear you were fired. Hope your appeal works for you. I am glad the patient was ok. I agree with Ddestiny, in be very careful in your wording. Best wishes.
  4. Crush

    Float staff having a hard time

    I work float pool. I was trained/oriented to all the equipment in our hospital, given classes, provided a decent orientation on all floors I have to float to. Personally, I have always been welcomed and shown appreciation on every floor so far. I have gotten the "crap" assignment a few times but that is more the exception where I am. I have a kick-buttocks manager who sticks up for us. I agree with what psu_213 wrote, this is a management issue.
  5. Crush

    Feeling guilty about calling in sick.

    That is why there is a float pool at our facility. Just in case of short staffing, etc. Don't feel guilty. If you are sick, you are sick. Our policy for calling out is also 2 hours as well. I am sure even with that policy there are exceptions.
  6. Crush

    Peer feedback

    Exactly. We have a few floors doing the "Employee of the Month" thing. The moral is no different than on any other floor. 1 floor does the employee of the month and hangs up those "high fives". I feel a simple thank you whether from a co-worker, patient, or manager goes alot further.
  7. Crush

    Co worker issue

    Yes, yes, yes. In these situations no saying your feelings. I think you did fine with what was going on but there is always room to reflect and grow. I sure would have let the charge nurse know you were having issues getting the EKG done in a timely manner & why much sooner though. I agree with what someone else said about this person being manipulative though. Now the big issue is why are only the PCAs able to do EKGs? This needs to be addressed so that if a similar situation arises, the nurse can do their own if need be.
  8. Crush

    2 Med errors in a week

    Adding to the above, maybe consider the environment too for a new grad. You are new, no preceptor, is just not a good mix in my opinion. While nursing school and our passion drive us to what we do, the real learning actually begins once you hit the floor and continues from there. I haven't met many nurses who have not had at least one med error in their career. I don't mean to sound flippant about med errors but they happen and should be taken seriously. I think you will be fine. Take a day or two off and and regroup. You can do this.
  9. I am so happy for you. This is awesome. :) Love, love, love the self reflection in your OP.
  10. Crush

    Long hair at the bedside

    It is enforced where I work. Ponytail or bun for those with longer hair.
  11. Crush

    Co worker issue

    From what you describe, you were more than reasonable. Hope this works out for you and your meeting with the manager is productive.
  12. Crush

    Student Nurse Med Error

    I agree with the above in that this was unacceptable. I am concerned with you knew you did not feel right as evidenced by your own admission of feeling spacey and yet, you continued. Did you notify your instructor of not feeling right or the preceptor? You said you give meds alone but does your instructor go behind later to verify or your preceptor or anyone? There has to be some kind of check since you are still a student.
  13. Crush

    Does anyone still wear white shoes?

    I just wear whatever sneakers match the scrubs I am wearing that day. Gotta keep everything coordinated.
  14. Crush


    What Sour Lemon said. You may also want to try working as a CNA for a bit to see if you'd like nursing, get a feel for it, etc. I don't see where having a degree outside nursing would hurt. But as mentioned already, call up some schools, talk to a guidence counselor and see what might be a good fit for you. No, you don't have to work as a CNA to get into nursing or nursing school. I just (my opinion) think it is helpful.
  15. Crush

    My DON accused me of patient abandonment during a snowstorm

    Ok, this then sheds more light. You were asked to cover r/t another nurse called off on another floor or unit. Aka, you were asked to float, agreed to it but tried to negotiate a day off. DON said no to the day off because of the snow, she could not make that kind of guarantee. So technically you did not abandon your patients since you reported off to the oncoming shift for your floor but you left the other floor high and dry. So the nurse there had to stay since you did not. I think that is what I am reading now?
  16. Crush

    My DON accused me of patient abandonment during a snowstorm

    That is just plain nuts. Lawyer, write up a letter ( don't send without attorney consult though ) with situation, including all relevant information as mentioned on one of the previous posts. I agree, no communication with them though. All communication should go through an attorney. I have no idea what on earth they are thinking with this being abandonment since clearly you gave report to the oncoming nurse and they accepted the assignment.