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  1. I have a masters in health care administration, and computer information management
  2. Healthcare employees who get "walked off" in corrections deviate from safety rules/policies. Some of those rule breaking rules result in a felony and you your self can go to jail/prison. If you are a person with boundaries that change or a person who will go out of your way for a patient then corrections is not for you, for in corrections you need to be black and white when it comes to communication and following the rules and have an attitude of this is the way it is. This is to protect you, me and all staff, it also teaches inmates a new concept to follow rules so in the future they can perhaps go back into society safely.
  3. After reading your concerns I as a manager most of my career I would not feel you lack of med/surg experience would hold you back. Yes Utilization Review/Case Management would serve you well. In these roles you come across alot of things you need to google, saying I never heard of that before. You can work a case of ovarian cancer, finish that and go onto a MVA with multiple fractures to gastroparesis. I suggest you really research and then when you find what you want go for it.
  4. Neats

    Moving to the sticks

    Community health nurse
  5. Neats


    From what I know of the new designation it is like a case manager but focus is on the affordable care act (also know as metallic plans/Obama Care), you work to keep costs down and usually in a designated team.
  6. Neats

    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    Late to this thread but thought I would reply. In 2004 there were 66 emotional support dog complaints of which 57 were found to be related to "other disabilities" meaning they could not show proof of disability in the end. In 2011 there was 466 complaints of which 411 of these could not show proof. Source NBC Chicago. I have sat by a bird on a flight one time, that bird was wearing a diaper. The bird slept and was vocal at times. The person was nice and kept the bird away from me. On another flight I sat by a yapppy dog who would not shut up, many other flyers complained and the dog owner offered many apologies. If it was a pit bull I would not take care of my patient until the dogs were removed.
  7. Neats

    CM initial test for certification

    Sorry this is late did you pass?
  8. Neats

    Help me name my baby!

    I like ANEMONE it means wind. Ava works too I like it!!!
  9. Neats

    How can I handle this

    No need to get upset, Just tell your boss I did my job AND even allow collaboration with this nurse as she picked her patient whom she complained about, not my monkey not my circus, you need to speak with her about her attitude, she needs to make things pleasant and herself approachable. Nothing more to say. Then walk out.
  10. Neats

    CM initial test for certification

    I took my test this morning.....I passed!!! Yes I agree I used the books, took a workshop and after taking the test was surprised I could have just completed the practice tests. I do think by the time we take this test we are already well versed in the knowledge we should have though. Thank you for your reply.
  11. Neats

    Are We Too PC?

    PC...get real. This song I agree with what others wrote it is an innocent song nothing more. I love watching James Bond this time of year the old ones (I am sure these will be a topic too to get rid of). Oh my what next are they going to be verboten (not allowed)? Too offensive? Same with Red Nose Reindeer...to sexist? We are losing reality here people. You cannot please all, heck I am afraid to just say hello and smile at someone walking down the street anymore just because I may get sued for being me. My spouse tells me it is people want their 15 mins fame. When you click on these articles it is money in their pocket so to speak each time a person reads the truth or untruth that person gets moneys, same with like buttons. I do not believe what I see or read in the print any more. Life is just a show and everywhere I go I am part of the audience watching things unfold staged or not. My spouse says there are people out there who write untruthful articles just to get paid. We are suppose to write the truth for historical value, 50 years from now no one will know the truth if it bit them in the bottom...just like now.
  12. Neats

    Insulin injection in inner thigh?

    In the prison system we teach the offenders any where there is fat deposits. I had a guy whose knees were fat...yes he injected there says it was better than the back of his arms and tummy. Had another man who liked to inject in his neck area...yuk, tried multiple times to stop him but he always injected into the fatty tissue he was morbid obese (450 pounds) I think anywhere would have been fine.
  13. Neats

    Lower Tier Management Jobs

    I think mid level management is the worst job to have in todays environment and here is why I was an Executive Director (Nursing Home Administrator) the average salary is about 150,000 annually I worked my tail off and there was one time I calculated I made 39 dollars an hour over a 12 week time period because I was always in the facility cleaning up things that needed to be done. This was my job and this was when I went to troubled facilities to help our organization. I did this continually for about 5 years until I realized I was not making that much, that with all the time spent I was making about half that. Although it did teach me to be a great administrator it also taught me not to be "married" to my job and the time spent in it. I started to delegated all the things I learned over the years to mid level management and continue to do this with my co-workers. In the military they have 3 kinds of workers/designations 1. Officers who are like the executive director responsible for everything, focus is on the paper trails/audits/reports, policies, procedures, daily operations it is your name on the line so of course you want to look good and you expect good performance out of all those you are responsible for. I get the credit if we are good and the bonus or I get the wrath of corporate if we fail. 2. Enlisted- these are the ones who really do all the hard work, get in the trenches, direct care much like a floor nurse. With enlisted experience you get promoted to supervisor and maybe mid level management where it is expected that you get those reports, scheduling, annual review ready for my review at an executive level. You get heck from the top and from the bottom, and not much pay. If the executive fails you get a new executive, if the executive succeeds then you get a pizza party. 3. Warrant Officers- These people are a special designation. They have the subject matter expertise, are not responsible for really anyone person, the go to person for any issues/fires where they tell you what you can and cannot do and the Officer/enlisted can run with it or not...this position is much like a House Nursing Supervisor and this position is great to be in as long as you are an expert at what you do. You will find this person on some sort of QA board again with no "hands on" feed back/report responsibility/any tasking, they are there for their input. Being a house supervisor would to me be the perfect position if I am subject matter expert, if I had common sense and good at what I do. My spouse who is CIO of a small computer firm will not manage anyone at any time, he acts like the Warrant Officer at all times. He has a manager who does all the "managerial work" for him and only signs off on annual eval and big picture documentation that have been developed by his guidance (he just checks in once in a while to see the development/project/improvement is going good). Staff go to him for specific question the supervisor cannot answer, management goess to him for his expertise when it comes to decision making. House supervisors to me are like managers, they have the expertise and the "influence" move the company in the direction it needs to go...this is what leadership is about.
  14. Neats


    You said they had a trial so the dietician and MD should know what that trial revealed. Stand your ground because if something is amiss it will surely fall on you. I would not set my own trial unless I had orders from the MD to titrate until the agreed amount is over 14 hours. Then I would speak to my supervisor and let my supervisor know I will need to be going back into the home several times throughout the next 28 hours to determine this patient need for nutritional support from the titration. Make sure you document well so the reimbursement can be made using time increments of 15 mins.
  15. Neats

    How do you take blood pressures for 90 people?

    I would get clarification of BP for 90 patients daily. If so I break it down into manageable can you do 30 each shift or say 45 each shift and do you have an aid to assist? This clearly is puzzling and really a patient concern because those darn BP machines hurt, why would you allow a patient to be subjected to this on a daily basis and cause pain? If I was a patient there and you approached me daily I would tell you to buzz off.
  16. Neats

    New to Correctional Nursing, any tips?

    really sound advice form other seasoned correctional nurses. When I was in corrections I never really had any issues about providing care until I came to the state where I was a contract worker. You are there for no frills medical nursing care. Do not go out of your way, do not deviate from the rules not even if it seems like a common sense dictates .. The only time I do different is say when a medical emergency arises like diabetic, if a diabetic inmate comes in shaking, a little confused I give what is in the med cart, if I am out in general population and it is a medical emergency I take whatever I can get from security one time the officer had an unopened bottle of coke, I gave the known offender sips of this and slowly he began to stop shaking I brought him to medical. He did come back and thanked me for saving his life asked me if I could give him bottles of coke to prevent his "diabetes", I told him nice try but no. He just laughed. He really was hypoglycemic and we were a long way from medical. It was one of those decisions you question but keep coming back yes I would do the same over again. Just be the best nurse you can be, do not do any favors, do not hold hands/wear your heart on your sleeve and you will do fine. It is OK to say no and you do not have to worry about a star rating.

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