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  1. by   wezzie, RN
    I picked LTC, but only because of chronic short staffing and RN's being ultimately responsible for everything. I have no desire to lose my license because an agency doesn't provide enough support for their facilities.

    I'd also like to thank all you nurses who refuse to do psych.. .. I just got my first job as a new grad in an acute psych unit!! It was my first choice of specialty, I loved my psych rotation. My favorite by far.. So excited to start!

    The ER was a close 2nd.. loved it!

    Actually, there isn't one area I encountered that I would say I wouldn't want to do, I really enjoyed them all.
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  2. by   turnforthenurse
    Psych because I am scared for my safety!! I also found psych to be very boring. I LOVE talking to patients but I like doing technical things too. No offense to any psych nurses here, but I just feel like I would lose all of my technical nursing skills if I worked in psych. I also think psych is really sad...every time we went to the ward the nurses would just sit at the nurses station all day and the only interaction they got from the nurses was during med pass :/
  3. by   ok2bme
    Med/Surg! I called it "the dungeon" in nursing school. The unsafe pt/nurse ratios, the needy and hostile family members, dirty nature of the job..ahh! I admire all you Med/Surg nurses out there..I couldn't/wouldn't do it.
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I voted TLC.
    But what is UNIT?
  5. by   Kelly9405
    I could never do Oncology. My dad died from cancer, and it would just hit too close to home for me.
  6. by   swirlything
    I was torn between LTC and home health. I don't enjoy working with geriatric populations and their ailments. Don't get me wrong, I like healthy old people; I just don't want to deal with them when they're sick. I also do not like the atmosphere of LTC or think that the ratios are safe.

    But I chose home-health as the absolute worst. I can handle home health when I'm going into nice, clean homes. But my allergies cannot handle homes with cats, tobacco or excessive dust. I like the nice clean hospital enironment, and wouldn't want to put myself into some of the nasty homes that home health nurses walk into.

    I pray I never have to take either a home health or LTC job. I'm much happier in the NICU!
  7. by   pielęgniarka
    I picked renal, only because I find chronic dialysis to be incredibly depressing.
  8. by   Fiona59
    Anything to with geriatrics, outpatient dialysis, the OR, maternity, general medicine, public school programme
  9. by   -nurse-
    I haven't voted on this poll, but I have to say that I am really surprised that LTC & Psych are so undesirable! Can anyone tell me why it seems like such a large proportion of nurses aren't so crazy about those?
  10. by   resilientnurse
    You were wondering why LTC and psych were voted as the least favorite areas to work. I currently work in a LTC facility until my real job comes along. I experience both areas with my geriatric psych patients. Imagine a patient standing right next to you repeating a variation of the same incoherent phrase over and over again (no less than 200 times) while you are trying to chart before clocking out. Aside from that, it is combining factors like obvious family abandonment; feeling compelled to yet hating to ask: "How are you doing this morning Mr. Smith?" (because they NEVER answer "Good" "Fine" "Great"; and always short-staffed and subsequently not having the resources to socially engage the patients as I would want my own grandparents to be.

    I do give my 110% every time I work. However, I am grateful for the RNs that love and have dedicated their professional lives to these areas, because for me LTC and psych are the jobs you work on your way to something else.
  11. by   AusRN
    I need variety or I get bored.
    Contemplating oncology
  12. by   enchantmentdis
    In med-surg/tele you are floating constantly; usually have 5-6 patients; too many of the patients are obese, non-compliant diabetics, dialysis, and psyche patients; many patients are frequent flyers; most patients do not need telemetry; CNAs hide and/or are used as sitters; management micomanages the staff; there are too many pills to open and pass out; there is no respect for the nurses; the day just drags on and on if you work 12 hour shifts; too many of the patients are drug-seekers or are demented and are constantly making noise, do not take their meds, or are climbing out of bed while nurse is already too busy; people are constantly having bowel movements; there are gross wounds; nurses have to hold their bladders all day; when i come back from break i am assaulted with many questions from ancillary staff or 3 patients are begging for pain meds; i am constantly interrupted and can't finish one task from start to finish. When i am giving report i am interrupted by the CNAs, MDs, anyone who knows i want to get the H out of there. Whenever my shift ended and i hit the elevator i ran to my car and felt like it was Christmas day. I paid my dues for 15 years in med-surg/tele and it sucked the life out of me and i dreaded every shift--mainly because management was not supportive and expected too much and gave so little. So happy to be in hospice nursing now. Notice how all the hospitals are constantly looking for med-surg/tele/acls- trained nurses? Beware.
  13. by   regularRN
    I disagree - I love the fast pace and challenges of med/surg. But home health is so slow... yawn! Please prove me wrong.