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  1. by   EJSRN
    Whats a PWS unit???
  2. by   rph3664
    Quote from EJSRN
    Whats a PWS unit???
    Prader-Willi Syndrome, I believe.

    There are LTC facilities whose clientele is composed entirely of people with this disorder.
  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I picked OR because my back can't handle standing in one place for that long. I need to be moving around. The others, well, I'd rather not but I could deal with them. There really wasn't any rotation in school that I disliked, but I very much prefer teaching and illness prevention, so I'll stick to school nursing!
  4. by   mskate
    med surg! too many patients, too many *talking* patients, too many family members, they want out of bed, they all eat, they all use a call light --- no thank you! too much running! no breaks!

    give me intubated, sedated, gtts, limited visiting and sick!!! just one or two pts to focus on and really know in and out!
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  5. by   WildcatFanRN
    I picked psych. I deal with mentally challenged people with psych issues on a daily basis, I don't want to do it as my job too. It was a toss up between this and LTC with Med/Surg coming 3rd.
  6. by   melz34
    I wouldnt be able to do psych nursing because it would be to challenging for me I love working on peadiatrics i wouldnt mind working on oncology or intensive care unit
  7. by   mlolsonny
    Quote from night owl
    Give me an old bipolar,schizophrenic-paranoid, manic depressive, psychotic killer with CAD, HTN, DM, COPD, CHF, MI,CVA, MS, Alzheimered, pressure ulcerized, GT, S/P, F/C, colostomized, tracheostomized, ventilated, geriatric veteran anyday!!! YEESSSSSSSSS!
    We think a lot alike, can I be your friend?

    Although I don't mind the hospice patients either, and have even thought about getting certified in hospice/ palliative care. It's not depressing to know that I did what I could to make that person's last days (and their family's) as comfortable as they could be.
  8. by   mlolsonny
    Not too surprising tho that the people that don't like psych also don't like LTC. There's a ton of psych in LTC- hmmm, I'm even rounding with the psychiatrist tomorrow.......

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Give me pleasantly psychotic anyday. I just love them.
    The lady following around a hallucinatory cat that keep changing colors-- doesn't get much better than that.
    Unless it's the Guernsey cows trying to eat their way in to her room-- not distressed in the least.

    If the psychosis is distressing, they need meds plain and simple. It's a quality of life issue.
  9. by   mlolsonny
    Quote from nilepoc
    L & D yuck, can't handle crotch watch. ewwwww.
    Not a fiber in my being that wants to deliver babies-- and all the staff I work with that have been pregnant or are currently pregnant know that about me.
  10. by   inthesky
    ICU. I wanted to cry nearly everyday in that rotation. Way too many lines, bags, vents etc to be connected to a human being. I got tangled in the equipment and all my patients were vented and I could not communicate with them even though I could visually watch them suffering. Hospice, cancer, and sick children depresses the hell out of me..but somehow psych is different. I suppose it all depends upon comfort levels and perception of competency and effectiveness.
  11. by   Almeida09
    I do not like Psych, but I think that the theory is very interesting.
  12. by   devine_04
    I'd have to go with Psych. At first I thought I wouldn't like LTC, but after having the majority of our clinicals in those kinds of facilities, and now having just started at one, I love it! I don't think I'll work there for forever, but it's a good start for me.

    I want to someday work in either Pediatrics, or OB.
  13. by   momofstudent
    Quote from JennieBSN
    I despise psych...mostly 'cause my mom is a headshrink, and I spent the greater amount of my early childhood on up through college having to endure her 'clients' coming first. You know, getting called @ 2330 'cause one of her whackball kids just chugged a bottle of nair in the middle of a convenience store (true story...actually happened...). Finding my pet mice killed and jewelry stolen when she had some of her 'clients' over at our house for group activities (she specializes in juvenile sexual predators and juvenile sociopaths...nice, huh?)...neat stuff like that.

    So, needless to say, I loathe and detest psych with every fiber of my being, and it was nothing short of torture for me to get through my psych rotation in nsg school. Ironically, I have inherited a sort of 'sixth sense' when it comes to psych crap. I do quite well with the stillbirth patients that most people can't handle.

    Anyhoo, I hate psych because my whole life has been one big psych rotation/class, and have had my fill. All you psych nurses out there...my hat off to ya...couldn't/wouldn't do your job in a million years!!
    whoa that is quite the story and self examination. Sounds like you need therapy to recover from MOM. I feel that the best psych people have some real issues in their lives and they have little ability to look inward. Sorry, I think I will catch it for that comment.

    I worked in juvenile detention for several years and I found I liked the challenge of teenagers. I never had a moment of trouble with any of them and some are seriously ill. I just told them I was a nurse there to help them and I was not a judge or police officer. Some had committed serious crimes such as sexual abuse but I was able to separate the charge from the teenager and act as a kind professional nurse.