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  1. Thanks, I was aware of those. I was looking for facilities outside the HCA system... especially ones with peds.. Sometimes it's difficult to ascertain if a facility is HCA, as it's not always easy to find on their site. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, May I ask what system you're in? I only know of HCA in the Myrtle Beach area. I am relocating there soon and am trying to narrow down where I'd like to apply. My specialty is peds. I've done PICU (rotating through NICU/TICU). Ideally, I'd like to work in NICU. Do you have any suggestions on the best places to work? I'm willing to go outside the MLB area to places like Charleston, etc. Thanks.
  3. rn4lyfe08

    Children's Hospital Info

    I wouldn't assume it's an error. Their start dates can change. When I did their residency, it was a September start date.
  4. rn4lyfe08

    Children's Hospital Info

    Yes, I worked at the Dallas location. It was a level 1 PICU, not sure about Plano. During nurse residency, you have a boat load of classes mixed with floor work. Some weeks were 40-44 hrs. Be prepared for intense sim-labs, EEG classes, and a bunch of mandatory online modules. There was also a progress book that we each had that stayed on the unit to track our progress. Most orientation is done on your home unit. We floated to the other units for orientation as well. And sometimes you'd come in thinking you were precepting on your home unit, and your preceptor got floated...gotta learn to roll with it. There was lots of ECMO and CVVH when I was there. There are mandatory day and night shifts at least during the residency so you can see what happens on both shifts. And not everyone got out of orientation at the same time (as to be expected). The educators and preceptors were awesome. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. rn4lyfe08

    Children's Hospital Info

    I worked there in the PICU a few years ago (CMCD). I loved it. I started in an internship that lasted about 6mos. You learn soooo much. At that campus, you float between all 4 ICU's, while you have a home base (mine was PICU). At that time to work at Plano, you needed 2 years PICU experience. More tenured nurses who would PRN in Plano said it wasn't the same acuity; the kinda did it cuz it was a brake. A lot has changed since then, so I can't tell you how it is now, but it was a great experience for sure.
  6. rn4lyfe08

    Should gtube feeding bags be rinsed between feedings?

    I have worked as a tech in a pedi rehab (lots of tube feedings),and as a nurse in gen peds, pedi rehab, and PICU, as well as pedi home health. Across multiple facilities/states, the policy has always been the same..hang time no longer than 4hrs, rinse bag, flush extension tubing, change bag Q24hrs. Continuous feeds are added to the bag approx 4hrs at a time. If you have a large flush ordered (one u can't quickly push or bolus), you can give it via pump before rinsing the bag so you can attend to another task. But even after that flush, you'll notice a little of the cloudy liquid left at the base of the bag (especially depending on any additives). This needs to be rinsed out of the bag to reduce the amt of bacteria that can grow in it. On older pump models, priming was fast, but newer models require priming over the pump which adds time. However, this process shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete. As for the other nurse pausing the pump every time she walks away, I have no answer. But lots of places have different policies/procedures. I would check that if possible.
  7. rn4lyfe08

    Hair Restoration RN

    I was wondering the same thing. I recently applied, but haven't heard back yet. I imagine/hope its a really cool place to work.
  8. rn4lyfe08

    Main Line Health

    From what I read in an article a few months go, MLH, only hires BSNs. I applied there as a new grad several times. Never got a call back, and the recruiter doesn't respond to calls/e-mail. This may have change since last year. The article regarding BSN only hiring was only a few months ago. Good Luck.
  9. rn4lyfe08

    Nursing Shortage: More Jobs Than Recruiters can fill

    I agree! But the article did say skilled. And as new or fairly new grads, some nurses are seen as skilless by some employers. Just my take on things.
  10. rn4lyfe08

    How long between graduation and NCLEX?

    I grad May. Really studied Oct. Took NCLEX Nov and passed w/ 75 questions. I had a 6mos gap. Was told by instructors my chances of passing 1st try were better w/in 3 mos of graduation. Go figure. :)
  11. rn4lyfe08

    Hijab (headscarf) Nurses

    At the last hospital I worked for, there was an MD who wore her hijab and also dressed modern/traditional. There were never any issues and I was in the south. Prejudice can exist anywhere. I however, do not wear the hijab by personal choice, not because of what others think. The medical staff I see in my home city (philly) wear the hijab w/o problems. I think the only issue was the bottom falling during pt care, same as long hair would. In that instance, either tuck it into your shirt, or twist the rest up into a bun. Problem solved. :)
  12. rn4lyfe08

    How long? how many?

    Grad May 08 Began job hunting last wk of June 08 Took NCLEX Nov 08 (passed 1st try) Hired by head hunter in Feb 09 (only interview) Relocated for work March 09 8 months total til I found a job & I had to scrounge up the cash to relocate!
  13. rn4lyfe08

    ER job- new grad

    I definitely don't think 8wks is enough time. Most med/surg floors are 8-16 wks. ER can be considered up there with the critical care areas, and in my exp/research, ICU settings are grouped w/ ER, & their orientation is a minimum of 16wks to 6mos. And I've heard of some being 1 year. I think its great that you want this area, and I don't agree that new grads should be banned, but it will be difficult in 16wks, and probably unsafe in 8wks. That being said, I agree with other posters that it depends on the facility, patient population, and education dept. Also depends on how quick you catch on, your current set of skills, etc. Be sure and ask about what happens if at week 7 or 8, you're still not ready... Do they allow more time?, if so, how much more time? If you're still not ready, then what happens, do they fire you? If in the end 8 wks isn't enough time & the only option is termination, it will be detrimental to you as far as your confidence is concerned. Personally, I don't know if it'd be worth risking my sanity and license even in this economy. Sorry to be so dismal, but I'd rather be truthful than to sugar coat things and then have it go sour. But to each his own. Hope this helps in some sort of way. :)
  14. OMG, IDK what I'd do if my orientation was only 5 days for a new area of nursing and I've been a nurse for a year! Even as a Health Care Worker (btwn CNA & LVN type duties), I had about a month of orientation. Scary to me that they'd put you and your license in jeopardy like that. Are they short-staffed of RNs? I would definitely be chatting about my concerns with the DON. Lizerbith, don't feel bad. Many of us who weren't in critical care areas have felt the same, like every tiny thing is a huge error. I remember when I first started in Pedi, I thought everyone thought I was incompetent b/c I didn't know how to use a buretrol. (My pedi rotation in school was like 4 wks, w/ rarely any pedi pts, and no IVs at work) Then I felt dumb b/c I didn't know how to clear air outta line w/o disconnecting it. Boy did it feel great when I got some skills down, and even better when I was called upon to show others how to do things. It gets better. I do have to admit though, that soon, I will be in your shoes when I start my PICU Internship. I am soooooo excited, but also sooooo anxious. I feel it'll be like starting over again with the not knowing anything, etc, but I am eager to learn. Hope everyone can find some peace of mind in knowing that you are never alone, and even the most seasoned nurses were in your same shoes once upon a time.
  15. rn4lyfe08

    Great Cities/States for New Grads

    Do you really want to relocate?? I mean, I did and will again, but most ppl who can't find jobs in the northern states are relocating to the southern states, namely TX, GA, NV, AZ, etc... You said you graduate in Dec., I would begin applying to jobs in your area NOW to stand a better chance of finding employment. If you want to relocate, I know there are some places in southern TX that have a relatively low cost of living, but I don't know how it is where you are in GA. You'll just have to do some more research on what you want and where you want to be both unit-wise and location-wise.