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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   TiffyRN
    I remember the year we all went to pick up our frozen turkeys. I was single, 22, what did I want with a frozen turkey? I still don't cook! I did donate it to the local shelter and they seemed to appreciate it.

    The bonuses I have typically received have been $10 to $25 gift cards to grocery stores, Walmart or just American Express gift cards, which is fine, except for the low amount. And at least it's not deducted from my paycheck!

    We do get a performance bonus check once a year based on the financial status of the hospital and whether we meet certain unit performance goals (things like handwashing or checking ID's). That bonus it typically $250 to $500 and is taxed. It typically comes in the first quarter of the year and is taxed as income. Not complaining.
  2. by   lots_of_luv
    Not a nurse yet.

    Last year I worked here in the Philippines in a call center. Started Aug. 1 and quit in October, in December I got my 13th month pay, it was 6,600 pesos ($132)... usually got 6,900 paycheck every 2 weeks.

    I got hired Dec. 2 in one call center and was invited to the Christmas Party... was given a bag filled with ham and other stuff to cook for Christmas dinner like pasta, sauce, cheese, and some sweets, it was nice)

    When I used to live in Nevada and worked in casinos, we got a fancy dinner for 2 at the hotel's steakhouse, chocolates if you're under 21 and champagne if you're over 21, turkey about 14lbs! One of the casinos had a cool Christmas party where you get to dress up and dance. And eat buffet style.

    Ah I miss working...

    I'm now in Nursing school and I am setting up a Christmas party for my class... we're all chipping in and buying exchange gifts.
  3. by   bethin
    Last year we got nothing - hospital spent all it's money (and then some) in a new OB. Three years prior I got $150 but that was supposed to be $300. I'm weekend option and we are considered full time and get all the full time benefits except at Christmas.

    But last year we did get a free turkey. Bad thing is it makes me break out in hives and sweat like a pig that knows it's Sunday dinner.
  4. by   Annor

    I work for a Plastic Surgeon

    Finally a decent job...:hatparty:
  5. by   LiveZen
    At the hospital, where I volunteer, an urban pediatric hospital...pretty good sized...we have a very special volunteer dinner for all the staff and volunteers. (I think they do it for night shift also). The entire cafeteria is closed to the public for the event (they set up a separate food area for patient families elsewhere). They decorate everything and the food is great, and the big-wigs of the hospital carry your tray to your table for you. The CFO of the hospital was there last year! Then they bring a fabulous dessert cart around when they think you are pretty much done. The line for food does get a bit long..but I think it is very special that they do this for us!
  6. by   augigi
    Quote from gotnurse333
    What corporate position do you have? that sounds like a good deal.
    I'm the director of medical affairs at a medical device manufacturer.

    Ironically enough, I'm planning to leave in the next 6-9 months to go back to work at a hospital in a clinical position. I miss it too much. My 3 years in corporate land have been extremely valuable to both myself and my employer, but I'm a people-nurse at heart.
  7. by   dorieabsLPN
    also if we work thanksgiving or christmas we get double time pay and we get 3 hours earned time. if we work new years we get time and a half and 3 hours earned time
  8. by   Elektra6
    Last year I got a check for $12, which I thought was weird, but then the note said it was from a fund donated by resident's families. I thought that was nice.
  9. by   asher315
    $15.00 gift card from Kroger's. Same as last eight years, atleast it's not taken out of my check!
  10. by   AuntieRN
    We get a frozen turkey...and a free meal ticket wether we work that day or not...but I really can not complain because they are good to us during the year...in the summer they buy out one of the local waterparks for the day and we have a big cook out and you can bring all your children and one adult free...ok guess I got off track....
  11. by   MomNRN
    I get to choose between a 5lb ham or a 10-12lb turkey. Woo hoo!
  12. by   fierymom
    This year we will recieve $100 bonus if we're full time and we also received a $10 gift certificate at Thanksgiving. Of course...we are some of the lowest paid health care workers in the state :0
  13. by   flytern
    Nothing for thanksgiving. But after we attend a mandatory 1hour forum (where the big whigs all pat themselves on the back for the great job they've done this past year) we get a $15.00 certificate to a local grocery store.
    Unfortunately, my spouse also works for same corporation/different hospital, they get $50.00 American Express gift cards.

    I work midnites: for Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve, we get FREE sandwiches and pop (1 each please).

    I guess our bosses don't really have to do anything for us, but I wish they were consistant from hospital to hospital, shift to shift