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augigi CNS

Critical Care, Cardiothoracics, VADs
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augigi has 10 years experience as a CNS and specializes in Critical Care, Cardiothoracics, VADs.

I am an Australian ICU CNS, currently working for a medical device company with an active implantable cardiac device in clinical trials.

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  1. augigi

    Curious what your school would do?

    You learn something new every day. We leave the cows at home and just take the koalas, since they're cuter.
  2. augigi

    OUCH!!!! Ampule issues. Anyone else have problems?

    It's a bit disgraceful when we need to provide our own workgloves to open medications...!! We must be behind the US in this, as almost all our meds are in ampoules in ICU. Some days it felt like opening and drawing up ampoules was all I did!
  3. augigi

    Am I Suited to the OR?

    Well, new ICU nurses are always welcomed and in short supply - you sound like you'd be great at it. I did it for 8 years and still found it challenging and interesting. Best move I ever made. Many nurses move from ERICU and you might find that ideal.
  4. augigi

    CGFNS policies

    Actually I checked the website FAQs at VT BON: QUESTION: If I have taken and passed CGFNS, do I need to submit a transcript from my school of nursing regarding my education? ANSWER: No. If you have taken and passed CGFNS in the last 5 years, you do not need to submit a transcript from your school of nursing.
  5. augigi

    CGFNS policies

    FYI, I have emailed CGFNS at least 10 times and never got a response.. ever. I agree, contact Vermont first to ask if they'll even accept the CGNFS (they do answer emails quickly in my experience)
  6. augigi

    Nursing intervention?

    Since the question said "in your facility what would you do" I presumed that is what was being asked. Point taken.
  7. augigi

    Unsure what to do career wise...

    Just to add, it's a great idea to do nursing, get some ICU/ED experience and then apply for paramedic - you get recognition of prior learning and an accelerated pathway. This also fulfils the requirement that you've been out of school for 3 years for "life experience". Many of the nurses I did my critical care course with ended up doing it that way. In addition, you then have a nursing degree to fall back on.
  8. augigi

    Unsure what to do career wise...

    If you want to stay in WA, Edith Cowan Uni has the Bachelor of Paramedical Science: Paramedical Science | School of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Sciences | ECU
  9. augigi

    Nursing intervention?

    I'm not trying to tell you that you're not correct. I'm not sure how you would presume to know my level of knowledge in anything, apart from the fact that I am not in the US...? I merely was pointing out to the OP that they may not be able to do this, since it's not apparent they are either an APN or in your state.
  10. augigi

    Am I Suited to the OR?

    Can't answer to OR, but if you are sharp, like a challenge, enjoy autonomy and like playing with "toys", then ICU might be a good fit!
  11. augigi

    How soon after LVN did you start RN???

    Never done it, but I'd think any experience you get during your RN course will be beneficial. If you have the time, money and willingness to do it now, the question is more - why not?
  12. augigi

    how do u study??

    You might try searching "study habits", as I just noticed a post with some info on this. Basically, it depends on your learning style, so you just need to figure out what works for you.
  13. augigi

    Concerned for Our Elderly Citizens - Need Your Help

    Your post makes it sound like the medication aides will be in ICU. from my understanding it's only in LTC...?? Why don't you start an online petition?
  14. augigi

    How to Unplug NG Tube for TF

    Hate to say it, but in my nursing home years I learned - Coca Cola is the best thing to unplug a NG/PEG tube!
  15. augigi

    Hello "HELP"

    I carry around a handover sheet, with details written about each patient, including doc's name, room number, code status, meds, diagnosis etc.
  16. augigi

    ICU VS. the ER?

    No, their care was always complicated, which is why they go to an intensive care unit. Look at the names, folks. ERs provide emergency care. ICU provides intensive care.