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Elektra6 ASN, BSN, RN

Home Health, LTC, subacute

Former LPN, now RN

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Elektra6 has 16 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Home Health, LTC, subacute.

LPN for 7 years, RN since 2013, BSN 2016

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  1. Elektra6

    How much do you owe in student loans?

    $0. Gen X here. College in the 90s was WAY cheaper than today. Got a BA at a state college near home. Paid for with a part time job LOL. Went the LPN, RN, BSN step by step paying as I went later on. A second degree is not many courses.
  2. Elektra6

    Nursemates alternative

    I have the same type of feet as you. The best shoes I had were Landsend all weather slip on mocs. I wore these as an associate at Target after spending $$$$ on tons of shoes. They USED to have them in nursing school plain white leather but now are only in regular colors 😡they are about $40 on sale.
  3. Elektra6

    COVID and Winter coats

    Private duty here. I wear cheap, washable old navy fleece jackets into house. Put it in plastic bag with your stuff. Wash with your scrubs. Leave heavy coat in car and throw over the fleece. Should be clean enough.
  4. Elektra6

    As an LPN, I can't help but feel like I'm not a "real nurse"

    If it makes you feel any better, I became an RN and stayed in homecare. I still get the “what hospital do you work at” and “oh” response to home health. I think it’s everyone that doesn’t work in a hospital. Maybe there’s a hierarchy to working in certain depts too like ICU? I do not let this bother me anymore. Most people who ask have are not in healthcare and haven’t a clue that 40% of nurses work outside of acute care. We are all valuable.
  5. It’s been a rough few months now. No mention this year for us by the agency so I’m saying Happy Nurse’s Week and hang in there everybody!
  6. Elektra6

    Covid and family members

    As of this week, we have to wear a “comfort” 😷 mask. Just paper. We have to wear it all the time while providing care. Avoiding lawsuits I think.
  7. Elektra6

    Covid and family members

    Anyone have family members who are being stupid? Like out grocery shopping every day? Ready to rip my hair out. I’ve educated them until they are PO’d at me. Mom is older and set in her ways. Says she is being safe but I am concerned. Worried about client, my other client, myself and older mom I live with. Am I being overly dramatic?
  8. Elektra6

    Coronavirus questions for home care

    Second this. We are doing the educating in the house. Limiting outings too.
  9. Elektra6

    Pt's wife just snapped at me

    I just LOVE how you are not supposed to eat in their (dirty and gross) house because it makes a mess, LOL. I have found that nobody wants you to eat in their house and if you do, they will complain about you using the fridge, microwave, crumbs, making noise etc. 🤷🏻‍♀️I mostly starve.
  10. I think it’s possible to bill direct when providing private duty care. I know a nurse who does this. She has to pay all her taxes and is self employed. I don’t know about skilled visits though.
  11. Elektra6

    renewal of lpn license in pa age 66

    It’s a lot more difficult to get it back after you don’t renew.
  12. Elektra6

    Loooove these scrub pants

    Thanks! Refuse to get any without stretch anymore.
  13. Elektra6

    Did anyone ever refuse a trip w/patient?

    Yes, you are right, I meant “she”. I go with them on the outings. The mom has expressed concerns about her maybe trying to get control/custody of the patient?! Weird, weird situation. Agency is fine with her being there all the time. Actually agency is fine with just about anything as long as client is not complaining. I give up.
  14. Elektra6

    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    Pixie, you’ve always been my hero 🌸💐
  15. Elektra6

    Ready For The CPNE

    I understand the fear. I was CPNE eligible for a while. I went to a bootcamp and all the students there had failed and regaled me with horror stories. It took me a while to get up the nerve to register, but I practiced all the time and passed a year to the day I went to the bootcamp!
  16. Elektra6

    LPNs- where did you work as new grads?

    I worked at a LTC on subacute and regular floor. No hospital would hire me as an LPN. After 1 1/2 years I started working private duty home health and have been here ever since!