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Elektra6 has 17 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Home Health, PDN, LTC, subacute.

LPN for 7 years, RN since 2013, BSN 2016

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  1. Elektra6

    No CNAs

    Just came from helping my private duty patient with quadriplegia at the hospital. Mom has been taking care of him 24/7 while he is inpatient and I go in to help out and relieve her. I don’t know how you can keep patients safe without CNAs. I mean h...
  2. Elektra6

    LPN to RN online programs

    I did Excelsior LPN to RN in 2012. It was accredited for NJ.
  3. I had to do a project for community health with some hours but it wasn’t very structured. Mostly I did hours on my days off here and there. Not a big deal.
  4. I went to WGU. I had a BA so I transferred most of the general ED credits. It was fast and cheap. Mostly paper writing. I did it because I had just graduated with my RN and was in school mode.
  5. It’s not rude. I would call the office and keep letting them know she is taking the tablet home and not bringing it back. The no addendum/no MAR written for new meds is a MEDICATION MISTAKE and is 100% her fault and poor nursing care. She could at le...
  6. Elektra6

    Will I Lose My License? | Knowledge is Power

    Thank you!
  7. Private duty. You are right. They didn’t care about having a BSN. WGU took me 3 semesters working full time which is a year and a half.
  8. I got my BSN right after my RN (was an LPN for 7 yrs) even though I stayed in homecare. I thought if I wanted to go into a supervisor position or switch jobs it would be required. I did it really cheap at WGU online. I don’t regret it but I’m glad I...
  9. Elektra6

    Guilt tripped. Need advice

    Patient gets 8 hrs a day skilled care. Primary care giver is old and sickly, she needs surgery plus whatever else is going on with her. She gets 24 hrs paid to be a home health aide for the patient or he can hire someone. Family doesn’t really want t...
  10. Elektra6

    Staffing issues

    Same issues here. Or the nurses don’t show up and you have to stay. It’s awful. I don’t want to work 7 days a week.
  11. Elektra6

    Family refuses to meet in person

    Once upon a time, I had a supervisor that retired who I trusted to go out and do the work of setting up everything and making sure the household was safe. But now, I don’t have that same level of trust in the agency. So go with your gut.
  12. Elektra6

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    You guys are encouraging. I am going to start applying and see how it goes. ?
  13. Elektra6

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    About that age.
  14. Jury duty. We were filling out a 20 page questionnaire about us (it was a death penalty case) when someone came in and said we were under attack. We couldn’t leave until we filled it out. A month later I had to go before the judge, the defendant and...
  15. Elektra6

    Publication 4 Holistic Nursing

    Just the magazine the magazine the AHNA publishes, Beginnings.