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  1. Elektra6

    5 Tips For Using People First Language in Your Daily Practice

    Great article. Thank you!
  2. Second that VS equipt. Well worth the $$$$
  3. Elektra6

    Community complaint re: company car

    Wish I had a co car. Somebody hit me in front of the client’s house and now I have an accident record on my new car
  4. Elektra6

    Holiday Bonus

    Got a huge bonus $2500, CEO gave 20 million to employees this year
  5. Elektra6

    Rising insurance premiums through work

    I think prolonged and futile care is the norm. A man I know passed away last spring with heart failure. His wife told me they wanted to do invasive surgery on him even though he would not survive? She placed him on inpatient hospice instead. The final bill for everything (without surgery) was $214,000. Crazy
  6. Elektra6

    new grad drowning.. seeking advice

    This sounds like a good place. When you learn the residents you will find shortcuts to make it easier. I don't mean dangerous shortcuts, just you will learn who is a night owl and do them last or who goes to bed at 7pm. Helpful nurses are a blessing. Ask to observe any procedures you are not familiar with. At my place we had a book where you could log in small things the drs need to address without calling them constantly (things like itchy skin, med time change or family wants to talk to dr). You will probably get to know the drs too which is a help. Do not be afraid to call them if you need them. Use your nursing judgment when to call and bounce it off your supervisor or charge, you will get it. It does get easier. I promise.
  7. Elektra6

    Does your agency still use paper charting?

    One week in to tablet charting. I love it. Best part is not driving to drop off paperwork weekly!
  8. Elektra6

    lpn ny license to nj

    They don't have reciprocity with anyone. You have to apply with the NJ board for your license.
  9. Elektra6

    Does your agency still use paper charting?

    We are getting tablets for charting in November. I am hoping it goes well.
  10. Elektra6

    Where were you...9/11

    In court for jury duty! No one had smartphones and they wouldn't allow us to watch TV. Someone said they are bombing NYC and people started freaking out. After filling out papers they let us go. Called my work but they had left (was not a nurse then). Finally went home and saw what happened.
  11. Elektra6

    wgu texas

    I already had my RN and was a working nurse when I did WGU RN-BSN. It took me 1 1/2 years.
  12. Elektra6

    Did anyone ever refuse a trip w/patient?

    Eleven years now!
  13. Elektra6

    Did anyone ever refuse a trip w/patient?

    I refused the trip to the family and other nurse. I think they are not going to travel since the mom doesn't want to go with them. Patient & family are not angry about my refusal. I could care less what the other nurse thinks. I am also rethinking the liability issues that TriciaJ brought up since I am the one on the clock when we do these "outings".
  14. Elektra6

    Low salary same work

    Sometimes it's worth working in a great facility for a little less especially as a new grad. If they like you, you can always get more money in the future.
  15. Elektra6

    30 Safety Tips for the Home Care Nurse

    Please post in Private Duty forum too!