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  1. NPs4health

    Narcotics and diagnostics...

    Props to you for tapering patient off benzo, we get so many patients just put on benzos long term just because one doctor started it and noone bothered to D/C it. Was the patient referred to a psychiatrist and therapist following her suicide attempt?...
  2. NPs4health

    Looking for advice on two job offers

    Congratulations on the job offers. It depends on where you are in life and what kind of schedule you're looking for. how quickly you would be able to see a cardiology patient...would you be able to do more than 3 an hour, 15mins/pt? And what are work...
  3. NPs4health

    Wasteful practices in the OR?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has noticed any wasteful practices in the OR? (this can pertain to doctors, surgical techs as well as nurses) I am writing a mock proposal about cost saving strategies from material management perspective for a surgica...
  4. Hi, I was wondering if any managers out there have suggestions or things that they have tried in their unit to address the issue of increasing supply costs for their unit? I am writing a mock proposal about cost saving strategies from material manage...
  5. That is good to know! But does that already count in the 1% yearly increase for inflation?
  6. Kim, does it really go up much after you start working for a set salary? I was under the impression that NPs pretty much stay within 10K of what they start out making...
  7. Dixiecup, Yes, I meant to come back and correct that. I would say 25-30 now that I've had more rotations. Wish that I could see 10 patients a day only. When you find a place that allow NPs to only see 10 patients per day let us know.
  8. NPs4health

    Clinical Nurse Specialist or Nurse Practitioner?

    It does vary by state, where I'm located in there are more opportunities for nurse practitioners. Clinical nurse specialists mainly work in hospitals whereas NPs can work in a larger variety of places
  9. NPs4health

    Psych/Mental Health NP

    I was pretty excited when I saw how many states allowed for independent practice, but the one problem that I see is that although so many states allow for "autonomous practice" they still require physician supervision with drug writing so this is kin...
  10. NPs4health

    how many patients?

    Viva, I agree! I'm not hoping to be filthy rich either. It's just difficult to find a place that has that kind of funding. I would love the luxury of being able to spend more time with patients and less time worrying about coding and billing (especia...
  11. NPs4health

    how many patients?

    JD, what kind of practice do you work in? What age group are the patients? At our primary care practice we get a lot of strep, influenza, allergic rhinitis, hypertension, diabetes, pretty common stuff. We do get some crazy off the wall things, but mo...
  12. NPs4health

    how many patients?

  13. NPs4health

    how many patients?

    So at this family practice clinic, we are open from 8-6:30 with a 1.5 hr break for lunch. And see about 40 patients within that time frame. That equals roughly 4-5 patients an hour. Is this typical? About how many patients do you see a day?
  14. NPs4health

    Psych/Mental Health NP

    Wondering what kind of job responsibilities psych/mental health np's typically have. What's a typical day like? Hours? Do you have to take call? Job satisfaction? Is there a high need? I've just started my program but have heard many benefits of b...
  15. NPs4health

    What PDA programs do you use?

    Hi, I'm an FNP student and wondering what kinds of programs you are using if you have a PDA and where the programs can be found, especially if there are any free ones. (I already have epocrates but it is not very detailed for prescribing.) Thanks s...