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  1. texas_lvn

    teaching phlebotomy class

    Thank you for all the responses and the links. Just to clarify, we are a new hospital that opened up 3 months ago, and I am responsible for getting together all the above. The plan, the tests, the initiation of CNA to techs, ect. I am also working closely with the CEO to determine the legality of all the circumstances, ect. Again, thank you all for the help!
  2. texas_lvn

    teaching phlebotomy class

    Hi all, Well, I have been recently promoted and will initiate a CNA to Tech class with the two items being taught are phlebotomy and EKG. I have no books to start with, and really have no clue where to start. I thought I would go to the local book store and get a book, and the guy behind the counter just looked at me like I was from space. I would think there is at least an A&P book to show where the proper veins are for venipuncture, but ended up empty handed. Any advice on where to look next? Thanks!
  3. texas_lvn

    Workplace Issues. How do I deal with this nonsense? (Long post)

    I am so sorry you are having such a crappy time. Hon, its time to look for a different job. In my exp, the Dr is actually over the manager, so maybe speak with him. Just be sure and DOCUMENT everything. Write it all down on your personal time, and if anyone emails you anything, forward it to a different email account that you have access to at home, I would also ask the manager to email you the change in schedule and ask why cant the three of you have alternating weeks of 10 hour shifts? that seems fair to me, and if she says no, go to the Dr. and document everything said!!!! Good luck.
  4. texas_lvn

    career? life?

    Wow, so I just spent a Thanksgiving noc shift so I can hopefully have Christmas off, and have been thinking of my "career" to this point in my life. I find myself rereading threads long forgotten and laughing out loud to the point that I have woken up the knee replacement in 128 multiple times. (She is afraid of the dark and wont let me close her freaking door, and I get giggly when tired.!) I have thought of the look on the old bratty nurses face when on my second day of being on her floor, I placed a blunt needle on the tip of a syringe and walked by her non-chalantly asking "IMs are given with blunts right?" trying to keep a straight face. Or the thought of the post turp/severe uti in 3 point restraints that somehow got out of them to be holding the blood ridden foley like a lollipop with feces all over his body like he was heading into a UFC fight. I remember the lol that had a bm so big she hit me when I flushed "her baby she was in labor with for 18 hours d@amn@t" down the toilet. I do have to say looking back, I am so glad I am a nurse. I am honored to have these and many more memories that I just cant think of right now or I will over-flow my poise pad, and yes I am only 30, but I am a fast learner! Thank you AN, and all the guests/members for being part of me. I cant wait for many more memories!!!:dance:
  5. texas_lvn

    Med.Administration Error.

    I remember my instructor saying "every nurse will make a med error, they are either too stupid to realize it or to dishonest to admit it, either way it kills" support ya'lls way ((())).
  6. texas_lvn

    I am allergic to...

    I have had not one but TWO different pts in last 3 months allergic to........."generic brands of everything" what in the world:spin:???
  7. texas_lvn


    thanks! That is how I tried to explain it to my bf, I also told him that I couldnt imagine not being a team player,
  8. texas_lvn


    So, my boyfriend got a question close to this one during an interview, and I believe that in nursing this question is a constant battle for nurses to prioritize. while at work, you see a colleague struggling with a task that could clearly be done more efficiently and effectively with a few changes. However, you are working on a project that requires all your attention. If you offer your colleague help, it may cause you to miss your deadline. If you don't, it is possible that your colleague may fail their task. How would you handle the situation? Why did you choose to handle the situation this way? What are the pros and cons of your approach? I answered that unless it was a life and death situation that I believe the "higher ups" would understand if my deadline was a few minutes past. By helping my teammate, I am in fact being a team player and it could help me in the future because my teammate may have suggestions for me. The only con I can see by not providing the teamwork would be if it was a life/death situation. So, whatta ya think?
  9. texas_lvn

    Where is blood not admnistered?

    I worked in a prison (slightly different than jail, but along same lines) and we administered blood almost daily. We also have an er, icu and med surg area tho.
  10. texas_lvn

    specimen with medicine?

    Thank you to all. I have spent probley a total of 16 hours looking at all the above suggestions and cant find the literature to prove our point. Thank you all!
  11. texas_lvn

    Why Do Nurses Write: "no new orders received"?

    I went to a conference that said using "continue to monitor" meant that you actually had a pt on some sort of monitor. She suggested we use "continue to observe"
  12. texas_lvn

    specimen with medicine?

    I did try but it got muddled with all the other information. My don has been a nurse for 30 years, I find it hard to believe that she doesnt understand you I have a problem with this.
  13. texas_lvn

    specimen with medicine?

    I work in a small clinic and am uncomfortable that we keep urine, wound, gc/chlam specimens in with were we keep our bicillian, insulin, and other meds. I know there is no food allowed with meds or cultures, but can anyone help me find where food and specimens need to be away from each other? I have looked on cdc and Texas health and human resources, but cant find the notification......help! (please) duh, I live in Texas if that makes a difference....
  14. texas_lvn

    Your appointment is only 10 minutes long...

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! This is a very good idea and I wish more people would do this!!!! :yeah:
  15. texas_lvn

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    just poking fun..............aN exacerbation..............LOL. Sorry. I have worked 15 days straight and needed a laugh. This thread is doin it!