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On the more upbeat side of nursing, what's your favorite type of patient? Mine is a cheerful, independent, and interesting old lady or old man, the older the better, who is sharp as a tack. I... Read More

  1. by   EarthChild1130
    I miss working in the mental health unit...work was NEVER, EVER boring because you just never know what's gonna happen when those doors lock behind you...I rarely had to clean up bodily fluids (not that I mind too much now; it just gets OLD sometimes! lol)...and we all seemed to work better as a team than just about any other unit I've floated to since!
  2. by   JennieO
    Intubated, sedated and without family.
  3. by   cdm.rn2006
    Quote from JennieO
    Intubated, sedated and without family.
    I was going to say sleeping but that is pretty good Jennie. :chuckle
  4. by   hlfpnt
    My favorite pt is the one that's willing to get well & not just lay there wanting drugs waiting for someone to do everything for them even though they're quite capable. And, I agree, continence is a definate plus!!!
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  5. by   adrienurse
    I like the crusty ones with wicked a wicked sense of humor.
  6. by   Lenap
    Quote from muffie
    walkey, talkey, happy, continent, compliant, day of discharge, dnr if they need to be

    you asked, i said

    Well said! same here and maybe pleasantly confused (just not the ones who are pleasantly ringing call bell every minute) :roll
  7. by   StrwbryblndRN
    I also prefer the saucy pt's. I love people who "dish it out" but can take it too.
    It is very refeshing to have a pt who makes jokes and is very engaging. They have a personality that comes across like they know and like everyone, and love life.
  8. by   Kyrshamarks
    I prefer the patients that when you get to work all you have to do is get them to sign their discharge instructions....
  9. by   janster58
    I prefer mine breathing!
  10. by   AfloydRN
    As of late- I tend to prefer the intubated, sedated ones. No backtalk, no complaining and they are truly sick and need alot of my attention. I actually get to think on these patients and be the MD's eyes and ears. I can be a patient advocate since they cannot.
  11. by   neka729
    I love the compliant patients and those who don't ring the call bells every five minutes.
  12. by   ylesner
    I like the challenged noncompliant patients. I practice my therapeutic communication techniques and treasure what I learn from them. Since I am an impatient nurse, I would like to learn to be patient with them otherwise, I get fire from my job.
  13. by   cvicugirl
    A nice fresh hemodynamically unstable, bleeding double valve. Cold, acidotic, with an out of whack coag panel and a CI of 1.5. And their only family member lives in another state. I'm sick, I know.