Whats your favorite part of nursing?

  1. I won't repeat the title but what do you guys think?

    Help during codes...
    Patients education...
    Assist in families during the grieving process...

    I'll tell you mine...I like catching things that doctors and respiratory therapists may overlook or miss completely. It keeps me on my toes and is an instant reminder that I make a difference.

    It could be something stupid like rounding on your patient who's wheezing and in respiratory distress. The physician rounds and orders a set of ABGs, steroids IV, chest X-ray and a set of labs including enzymes. After all said and done you assess your patient and realize that his nasal O2 has been disconnected this entire time. You hook him back up and his sat goes up to 96% and the wheezing gradually dissipates.
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  3. by   Elfriede
    My paycheck.
  4. by   Grobyc82
    Yeah that's a good one
  5. by   Davey Do
    Quote from Davey Do
    I love being a nurse, what the title stands for, what the work entails, and what satisfaction I get feeling like a contributing member of society.

    I am by no means, a religious person. However, the basic principles behind Christianity are worth following. Doing techy things like working in surgery, or administrative things like being a nursing supervisor were great and I feel blessed to have been able to work in those areas. But when I stoop down to help a geriatric psych patient put on their footies, I think of how Jesus washed the feet of his Disciples. Here this great man (or whatever else you may believe), humbled himself. He made himself equal to them by making himself less than them, but in reality, he was above them.

    That doesn't sound the way I wanted to convey about how I think and feel bout nursing, but maybe you can get the gist. We are servants to those with which we provide care, but we are esteemed professionals in a respected field. So, whether I was first scrub on a lumbar laminectomy with a second scrub, two surgeons, three back tables and a mayo stand, or wiping the butt of an incontinent geriatric psych patient, I was doing a job that I love: providing comfort and care to another human being
  6. by   Davey Do
    The Double Post Ghost strikes again!
  7. by   elkpark
    My paycheck, as another poster already noted, and going home at the end of the day.
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    I always enjoyed the 'fluff and buff' aspect- getting my patient clean, comfortable and settled in a clean bed so they could sleep.
  9. by   NightNerd
    My work family, the fun and zany stories I get to be part of, and all the possibilities this work offers me.
  10. by   KelRN215
    Patient advocacy and (I've said this a lot in interviews recently) I like that the nurse is the member of the healthcare team who sees the whole picture. Most other members of the healthcare team just see their piece of it- MD, PT, OT, Speech, Nutrition, Social Work. The nurse puts all those pieces together.
  11. by   Everline
    Educating patients and seeing patients turn their lives around for the better. I feel lucky that I get to see patients over time and see how they change and how their life is going. I like the camaraderie I have with other nurses at my job. I like always having interesting things to learn. I like feeling like I am doing something good in the world...
  12. by   Pepper The Cat
    I work in Rehab. I love having the pts come to us as a heavy two person transfer but leave walking on their own.
  13. by   djh123
    Clocking out & driving home? :^) Nah, seriously, it's when I actually help someone, whether personally, or notifying doctor(s) of something I think needs attention asap. That, and good relationships with a lot of my residents, family members, etc.
  14. by   thoughtful21
    Forming relationships with my patients, and being there for them during the best and worst times of their lives. I also love learning something new every day!