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The other day a patient baked me a homemade berry pie and brought it up to the floor with a really nice note saying some of the sweetest things! It made me feel so special!... Read More

  1. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Working in an assisted living, ny very first "real" job besides babysitting at age 17, a lady who had had a rough couple of days with the ambulance being called for her, chest pain, etc. and was getting just a little confused but was so tough... a couple of times, when someone asked her, do you know who that is? talking about me, and she said "That's my buddy!!!" and another time I answered her call light, and she was all happy and said, "I didn't know it would be YOU!!!" Her daughter wrote me a card saying how good of a nurse they knew I would be and thanking me for everything I did for her mom. I went to visit her once after I left for school and wrote her a couple of times, she has since passed away but I will never forget her. What a lively, wonderful lady.
  2. by   RN and Mommy
    I once took care of a patient in assisted living (with the help of hospice there) who was dying from a brain tumor and he and his wife were the sweetest people, always upbeat and thankful for the days they had left. I was about 8 months pregnant when I went on maternity leave and before I left they gave me a little dress and hat for my daughter. That was the last time I saw him. He passed away when I was on maternity leave. They were very special people.
  3. by   MadRedneckRN
    A patient recently made a leather braclet in crafts. (psych hospital) This patient is a quiet guy, never says much. He was shot 6 times (3 in the head) by police officers after he tried to shoot an officer. It is a miracle he survived. I keep everything patients give me in a file at home, but, this gift I wear everyday. More than the gift, it is the trust he has in me that makes my day a bit better
  4. by   KuteNurse
    The sweetest thing was a 4 year old girl who was going to get her kindergarten immunizations. She was actually EXCITED to get them! lol Her mom brought along 3 pieces of salt water taffy. One for each of the three shots she would receive. The little girl asked her mom if she could give me one of the pieces! I did not want to accept, but she would have felt bad if I didn't. I took one of her cherished pieces of salt water taffy because it was what she wanted to do...To share! After giving her immunizations, I rewarded her with three suckers and three stickers for doing such a great job. She has a special place in my heart, because she had an older brother before she was born, who had a fatal congenital heart disorder. Her brother passed away before she was born. I am so thankful to God for finally giving that family the little girl who brings sunshine into everyone's life, and for God giving this family a happy, well adjusted child.

  5. by   rhenmag9
    (clinical nursing b4 teaching cardio students)--patient gave me nacho chips, baked brownies, families of d patient always give fresh fruits from their farm....:1luvu:YUMMMY!!!!!..plus a warm hug, a genuine smile and says thank u for taking care of me.....ur an angel.:icon_hug:...
  6. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from RN always
    The other day a patient baked me a homemade berry pie and brought it up to the floor with a really nice note saying some of the sweetest things! It made me feel so special!
    My first ped patient was a little boy post T&A. A couple of days after he went home I got a nice "Thank You" card from his parents. He was address to me, RN. This was my first piece of mail with to me, RN on it. I was moved to tears.

    I had another patient who had been difficult with everyone and no one wanted to care for her. I didn't have a problem with her and we got along great. Several days later I got a letter from the Administrator. It turns out she was his teenage neice and they never told anyone when she was in. He was very appreciative that I had taken the time to see past her troublesome past, take good care of her, and not judge her.

    I've had many patients give me very thoughtful gifts but these two really cards meant more to me than any gifts I have received.
  7. by   leslie :-D
    gosh, i honestly can't say.
    as a hospice nurse, i've had hundreds of very grateful patients as well as their families. i've gotten homemade cards, flowers/plants, food, poetry as well as written letters.....i don't know how to select 1 favorite.

    probably the most memorable was when i had a 6 yo pt whose parents were atheist; but simultaneously, i thought they might be suffering from spiritual distress.....just a hunch. throughout the time i cared for her, she was insistent that she saw a glowing ring over my head. i was always talking about God in a very non threatening manner, and my love for Him was readily apparent. when my pt died and i did f/u visits with her parents, i learned that they had joined a unitarian church with them telling me that my love of 'God' was so inspirational to them, they needed to learn more. of course i was deeply, deeply touched and affected. but hospice is undoubtedly the most rewarding type of nsg i've ever done, and cannot foresee me changing specialties for at least 100 yrs.
  8. by   googlyeyes
    In the ER patients come and go. One woman I noticed sitting on her gurney in her street clothes, knitting. A little while later I asked what was up with the woman in rm 5. She has lung cancer I was told. She does'nt know yet. I talked to her for a few minutes. I checked on her a few times. Before she was moved she gave me 4-5 pot holders. The nurse (I'm a Tech} said "Why did'nt I get anything, I'm the Nurse!" I simply told her "I talked to her for a few minutes, I checked on her a few times". I don;t know what became of that woman 9 years ago, but I think of her every time I cook. I cook everyday.
  9. by   JBudd
    Well, this was from all the great folks I work with rather than a patient: when my dh was diagnosed with CA, everyone donated enough sick leave that I was able to take care of him at home for 4 1/2 months on full pay.
  10. by   adean
    I have only been nursing about 8 monthes. But, what a reward it has been. I get up every morning with a smile on my face waiting to see my patients. I had a patient die the other night. So, it was a downhill battle allnight and I pretty much stayed in the room with the family until it was over. They told me and hugged me for what seemed like days telling me how glad they were that I was the nurse there when their mother passed away. It was sssssooooo hard fighting back the tears that morning and as I went out of the room I realized just how much it had touches my life as well.

  11. by   clee1
    Quote from dphrn
    A sincere thank you always pulls on my heart strings.

    I am not an overly-emotional fellow, and am still in school. However, I get a large number of sincere "Thank you for taking such good care of me" comments for my pts on clinical rotations.

    Every time, I have to seek out a quiet place to regain my composure...
  12. by   FreshRN05
    For me the best thing is........SIMPLY A SMLE of contentment from the care I give them.....that is all I want from my patients...and I can honsetly say I do get that often.....I may be new in my profession and is still considered unexperienced but I make sure that I give my patients the utmost care they deserve and in return a smile of content is what I always get.....(knock on woods..so far I have not encountered rude patients/family...yeah...demanding maybe but as long as I can grant their demand, it's not a problem):angel2:
  13. by   royr
    Last week my patient prayed over her noon meal, thanking God for her food, and her nurse (me) and the care I was giving her that was beyond any she had experienced. I was touched, and tears were in my eyes. This gift far surpassed any food, candy, or other physical gifts I have ever received. It has firmed my resolve to continue on my path to become a licenced nurse.