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  1. by   Torqued
    Quote from Jo Anne
    Especially when one has very sick patients and they ask you to watch theirs while they go smoke.
    And they gave them a big dose of sorbitol about 30 minutes earlier.
  2. by   MissPiggy
    Quote from mjlrn97
    My biggest nursing pet peeve is supervisor/manager types who haven't worked the floor in years, and who won't pitch in and help when things get crazy. :angryfire

    These are inevitably the same ones who get all snarky about overtime when we can't finish everything and get out on time. :stone
    ...and the administrators who like to give the impression that they know it all; when called on it their favorite thing to say is "But I'm not a nurse - I can't do that, I don't have a license" :angryfire
  3. by   jeepgirl
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Ooops - okay I do have one. We have a young, social worker who flits down to the ER, stands in the truama room (at a pediatric traumatic full arrest no less) and says (loud enough for everyone to hear) - "ooohhh this is just so exciting!" Yuck - wanted to let her have it right then and there. However, I just told her to get out and come back in 10-15 years when she grows up.
    that makes me sick. if it were her child it wouldn't be so exciting, would it? NO code... especially one with a child... is exciting. more like sheer terror. She should be reported for that... she has no sensitivity. I hope she wasn't interacting with the parents.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Hovering over a patient, calling the doc, doing everything that can be done for the patient, literally saving his life, only to hear, a couple of days later, that "the service here is terrible and I'm gonna call the TV station news and report you all."

    :stone Go right ahead, honey. I'm honored that after "four lousy days in this hellhole" you can actually get up out of bed without fainting from your heart condition, which is now pretty much fixed, thanks to us lazy, good-for-nothing nurses.

    Here's the number. And don't let's forget to have me dial it for you too, right? :chuckle
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  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Holier-than-thou co-workers who see you as less-than-zero because you're not an RN, who make snide, rude remarks such as "oh in a dream world it would just be us RNs in the the OR".

    Luckily the person that said this went PRN this week. So i only have to hear it from her once a month.
  6. by   mackrn
    [QUOTE=Dinith88]Stupid nurses.QUOTE]

    I am known for asking some of the more "un-intelligent" nurses how the hell they passed boards!
  7. by   mackrn
    Quote from TweetiePieRN
    . After nurse left the room I asked her if she understood everything ok (since i could tell she was confused. Oh and her mom looked confused too)
    Had the same problem with one of the nurses trying to get a sputum specimen from one of the patients. She was really getting frustrated until I went up to the patient and told him top "Hock a Lugi in the bottle" which he did.
  8. by   mackrn
    Quote from care bear
    So many pet peeves so little time...

    Pet peeve #5: Patients who think doctors are God.

    have told more than one resident that MD does not stand for medical deity.
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    DOCTORS who think they're God.
  10. by   mye614
    Well, the only thing I kinda noticed that makes me a little hmmmn.... Maybe it's just me.....I hate it when I go to my clinical assignment and I don't know who's who (well, nurses and CNA's all wear scrubs and their name tags are backwards)...I often come across talking to a CNA thinking she's the primary RN....she'll be telling me things about the patient then afterwards she tells me "Oh, I'm not the RN...I'm the CNA".....It makes me feel soooo stupid. I just wish that there would be some kind of way to separate the CNA's to the RN's (like maybe their uniform). I don't know maybe I'm just not paying attention or something.
  11. by   lpnstudentin2010
    Quote from ccu nrs
    nurse thatwill not answer a call light and just let it continue to beep, even if you look at them an say hey that is your room they say yeah i know s/he is always on the light i will get it in a little bit. which i will go answer, i usually just go answer them anyway but if that nurse is sitting there jabbering or even doing paper work , i guess i am old school but i still think pts come first!
    good i am not a nurse but a patient. i like this attitude.
  12. by   URO-RN
    Quote from Torqued
    And they gave them a big dose of sorbitol about 30 minutes earlier.

    Yes! This has happened to me. Got stuck cleaning all the poo!.
  13. by   lpnstudentin2010
    Quote from Dinith88
    Apologies all around. Sorry oldiebutgoodie. I have a habit of shooting from the hip and regretting it later.

    After thinking on this, i suppose i'd also be frustrated if someone was feeding me the wrong information and claiming it truth.

    I think my frustration stems from experiences with nursing students that put on a set of scrubs and suddenly know everything (not you, i'm speaking of personal experiences)...these same students tend to make know-it-all grads...and then make DANGEROUS know-it-all nurses right out of school. Alot of them get a big shock when they finally come out of their orientation...many of them break down and have at least one big crying spell. This type of new-nurse/recent grad (which the majority are NOT) tend to get under my skin more than a little.

    In my personal opinion, a nurse has to put in at least a year of practice before i consider her/him part of the 'club'...thats when i think they've walked a mile in a nurses' shoes...and can complain about it.

    Students get exposed to alot of the terminology, pathophys., clinical skills and stuff....but the vast majority of what being a nurse is all about is learned through experience on the job... after graduation. (i think most nurses would agree with this statement)

    Again, although i may hold an unpopular opinion regarding new nurses and nursing students, i apologize for being out of line....and didnt mean to attack your post in such a way.

    i like people who can admit they are wrong. good for you