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nursepotter05 has 4 years experience as a RN and specializes in er, pediatric er.

I graduated nursing schoool in 2005. I am an er nurse through and through

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  1. nursepotter05

    How do you know if you are ER material?

    I went sraight out of nursing school into Pediatric Emergency @ a major Children's hospital. I did go through a nurse residency program. I always knew i wanted to do pediatrics, and after teching in the peds er, I knew it was what I wanted to do. It does take thick skin as some of the previous posters have stated.Now, I work for a tiny hicktown hospital as one of the earlier posters talked about. It is definately a different world in a small town hospital. you have to be a jack of all trades from cardiac to pediatric fevers. You have to have strong sklills because oftentimes, especially at night, you are the only nurse in the er. I would suggest shadowing a nurse for some shifts in the er and seeing if you think you would like it. As far as being a new grad, I think some nurses are more than ready straight out of school, some need to go work med surg and build some experience it. It depends on which nurse you think you are. I have never done anything but the er and would have it no other way! I wish you luck in whatever position you decide to take.
  2. nursepotter05

    Changing Careers to Nursing. Advice needed

    I live in Tennessee and there are stilll jobs, even for new grads. However, I can see the difference in the number of positions now as compared to when i graduated in 2005.
  3. nursepotter05

    Pay Raises

    My hospital usually gives a 3% raise and cut it to 2%. Haven't seen next years benefits, but i figure the insurance is going up with probably less coverage to go with it. however, they serve filet minion @ the monthly board meetings! Go figure!
  4. nursepotter05

    Changing Careers to Nursing. Advice needed

    It amazes me how someone can post a simple question, and others can be so judgmental and just plain rude!Good Lord!:angryfire. Also, I know the job market isn't good in some regions, but i would bet it is much better than most careers during this ressession.
  5. nursepotter05

    advice on giving flu shot

    I highly doubt that an injection given in the deltoid muscle is going to cause probelms with the pt's leg, even if it is the same side! The pt is 22 years old, unless mom has power of attorney or pt is not competent to make her own decisions, the pt's permission is all that was needed. As far as the doctor's order for the shot, if you have routine standing orders, you should not have to have an order
  6. nursepotter05

    Would you have given the meds??

    I think your doctor was way all out of line. If pt's bg was 127, i see no reason to hold oral hypoglycemics. I would have probably held the insulin, but not the oral meds.
  7. nursepotter05

    The best nursing job ever!!

    I did pediatric emergency @ Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I loved it there. I quit last year because i had to drive over an hour to get there and i had a new baby. went to hospital closer to home, not doing pediatrics. I miss it terribly.
  8. nursepotter05

    malpractice insurance

    i have heard both sides of this debate. I do not carry my own insurance. My belief is that the lawyer will look for the deepest pockets, the hospital, doctor,ect. I have been told by someone in the legal profession that the lawyer will find out who has liability insurance and single them out. And, they can't get blood out of a turnip, i owe on everything that i have, so i would gladly fork over my house payment, car payment, credit card payment, ect.
  9. nursepotter05

    Not properly trained for ER?????

    I did a level 1 pediatric er straight out of school. I did go through a residency program. I have a bachelor's degree, but as far a nursing training, I don't see that a new grad with a bachelor's degree would be any more prepared for the er/icu than an associates. I think that your emt experience will help you get a job in an er because you do have experience in emergency situations. Go for the er, I think you can do it. The instructors in my nursing school always advised not to do er or icu as new grads, however i have seen plenty of new grads not only do it, but be successful at it. Check out the level one trauma center and see if they have a residency/new grad program because many of them do. Get a job as a tech, that is useful to gain experience and get your foot in the door, as well. Good luck!
  10. nursepotter05

    Plan to transfer from tele to er

    I graduated in 2005, i have worked er my entire nursing career and was a patient care tech in the er before that. I love it. I don't get attached to patients or their families because they don't stay in the er long. I worked pediatric er for 4 years, so not getting attached was important to me. Also, it is fast paced, you never know what's going to roll through the doors, you never know what skills you might have to use any given night. It is very frustrating, though, since many people use the er for a clinic. I would have to say more than 50% of the pt's i see a night are not truly even close to being a true emergency! But it is definatley worth it when you help save someones life!
  11. nursepotter05

    Where have all the LPN's gone?

    i work in a small town @ a critical access hospital (
  12. nursepotter05

    I think I failed, and I'm panicking...

    Honey, I don't know of one single person who honestly believed that they passed after taking the NCLEX, no matter how many questions they got. calm down and wait for your results. You might be surprised! Good luck!
  13. nursepotter05

    Could high BP/Pulse during physical keep me from getting job?

    My physical @ both jobs i have worked as a nurse did not consist of any vitals being taken. it was a questionaire @ both places!
  14. nursepotter05

    Using Ampules w/o filter needles

    I work in a facility that provides filter needles, and i use them when pulling from glass ampules. Before working @ this hospital, I worked for a major children's hospital emergency department and they did not provide filter needles, so i never used them. I guess this is along the same lines as i was always taught to always aspirate when giving all im injections , even vaccines to the deltoid, and now the consensus is you do not have to do it. As one of the above posters said, things change, i guess.
  15. nursepotter05

    Vanderbilt's Nurse Residency Program

    I did the Pediatric Nurse Residency @ Vanderbilt Children's in 2005. It was very competative. There were over 150 applicants, they took 50 something I think. I don't know how competative the adult hospital's program is because children's was the only program Vandy had back then. I wrote my letter of intent and had one of my instructors critique it for me. I worked as a tech for Children's when I was applying, so I incorporated the hospital's mission statement values in my letter. As far as how long it took to hear from them, I can't remember, since it's been a few years. Good luck to everybody who applied. Vandy is truly an awesome place to work, especially Childrens
  16. nursepotter05

    Critical care right out of school? Please advise...

    I did the Pediatric Nurse Residency Program @ Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, which is a program where new grads float through the hospital and get a feel for what unit the nurse wants to work in. you have 4-5 months of orientation. it was a great program. I think if the NICU gives enough orientation to you, as a new grad, i say go for it! I went to Pediatric Emergency straight out of school. it was one of the best experiences of my career. The NICU was my second choice when i was going through the residency program. A lot of people say you need to start in med-surg as a new grad, however I have never prescribed to that line of thought, I think if you enjoy pediatrics and the unit will provide enough orientation, and yours seems to, go for it!