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  1. Laurlaur

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    You don't call the docs by their first names? We are all on a first name basis with all our junior doctors (until up to consultant level where they remain Dr. so and so)...If they want to use my first name then I will use theirs...doesn't not doing this reinforce the superiority that MDs may think they have? By using first names we repsect each other (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, cleaners etc)
  2. Laurlaur

    Tips for nurses in their first year of nursing

    After having my first year anniversary in nursing last week, my tips would be 1. Always listen to your gut instinct, if you think your patient looks well and is all right they probably are. If you have a little voice in your head telling you something is wrong, there IS!! Always listen to this little nagging voice! 2. Always listen to your patients..if they have pain, they will tell you (especially in paeds), likewise if they say they're gonna vomit...99.5% chance it's coming, run for the sick bowl! 3. If you don't know how to do something, or not sure, ALWAYS say! You're gonna look a lot more stupid doing someting wrong you're not competent to do, rather than saying "can I have some help?" before you start! 4. Never lie to patients/families..they prefer the truth than to be lied to/or not told anything, people need information and honesty. Listening and showing an interest in them will get you a long way too. 5. Always try to put your own health/life first, if you feel burned out, take a break if you need it...it's no good carrying on regardless, it doesn't do you, your colleagues or your patients any good. We all need a rest sometimes. 6. Learn to say "no"...if you can't/don't want to do a shift you're not rostered for, then don't! Nurses need a life too! There will be someone else to fill that gap.
  3. Laurlaur

    What's your nursing philosophy?

    take as many sick days as possible so you never have to be with your patients!!!hahahah!! No no no not really......I think half the battle is letting your patients/families/co-workers/docs know that you're listening and care about what they have to say...makes life a lot easier
  4. Laurlaur

    Are small jokes accepted?

    Well Frankie you cracked me up!! If I ever happen to be unlucky enough to land in hospital I hope I have someone like you to cheer me up! I work in Paeds in the UK, and especially when parents are very tense, stressed etc it works wonders to have someone lighten the mood and help them smile. Pick your moments though, and never be insensitive. I'm sure that you will be an asset if you can bring some light into your patients' lives.
  5. Laurlaur

    What do patients say that irks you?

    One patients father saying to me "how long have you been doing this?"....as if to say "are you competent?"...I know I look 16 but I am 23 and went to university for 3 years, and have a BSc in Nursing!! To which then followed "didn't you want to do medicine?" AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG.....ok well why not ask me "didn't you want to be an astronaut"..."didn't you want to be a truck driver"..."didn't you want to be a hairdresser?"...NOOOOO I wanted to be an RN so here I am!!!!!
  6. Laurlaur

    Moan Moan Grumpy Fed Up Angry

    I am sick and tired of the NHS!!!!!! We've had many many complaints as so many operations have been delayed for several days.....we're the ones on the wards that have to face the angry families!! Short staffed (with maternity leave not covered), many staff on sick leave too. I've just done a 14 stretch of day and night shifts with one day off...I'm shattered and fed up with it....the only thing that keeps me there is my love of nursing but not all of the crap that goes with it!!! Sorry for the rant! No wonder the NHS is losing nurses like there's no tomorrow..who wants to work for an organisation like this? That gets slated in the media every five minutes and staff morale at an all time low.......
  7. Laurlaur

    counting respirations

    I would say it is more important to monitor resp rate if the patient is in obvious resp. distress, or some sort of respiratory problem. If they are a good colour (well perfused), not cyanosed and can hold a conversation (not breathless etc) and temp and pulse are normal then maybe not as vital to get an exact full minute count.....although resp. rate is important look at other things too...
  8. Please say something to the senior staff there, get out of this job or get a new preceptor quick! I am now a qualified nurse, but when I was a student in the NICU, I had a mentor that sounds EXACTLY the same as your preceptor. I had never looked after tiny babies before, nor even changed a nappy on a child so small, I was scared stiff! She near to the point bullied me, was RUDE in front of the parents and other staff, talked about my mistakes to other staff, made me feel so small. I wanted to leave there and then even though I was 3/4 of the way through my training. She sucked up to the head nurse who thought she was wonderful. Like you, I didnt say anything as I am naturally quiet and don't like to cause a fuss, but other staff noticed how rude she was to me. I hate to think how many others she has done this to, it has put me off working in the NICU forever as I just don't have the confidence (this woman kicked it out of me)..however somehow I managed to get a new mentor who was kind, patient, talked me through everything one step at a time and helped me through my time there. Please please find a new preceptor, or even just another member of staff that you trust who you can talk things through with, you don't have to put up with these people, find someone who can support you and help you turn into the great nurse you know you can be.
  9. Laurlaur

    what makes a good clinical (student) ?

    Well only being a qualified RN several months, I haven't forgotten what being a student is like! However when they turn up late, say "I hate it here and I don't want to stay (and yet still come back) and don't know where in the chest the heart is(!!!!!) it does make you wonder...........
  10. Laurlaur

    what makes a good clinical (student) ?

    Be on time!!!!!! Don't say "I'm just here to do nursing for a while...but later I'm studying XYZ as I don't want to do nursing as a career" - that's REALLY annoying, especially when you're taking the time to teach. Don't say "all they get me to do is vitals, it's so boring"....muck in and help make beds, empty bins, everyone has to do this..it's OUR ward. Use the time spent doing vitals to ASSESS your patient. Listen, ask questions, don't do anything you are not capable of. Learn some basic anatomy before coming to the ward e.g. where the heart is (seriously)..if not ask your 5 year old patient, he might just be able to tell you......................
  11. Laurlaur

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    the way i was asked a couple of days ago if being an RN "was only a part time temp job" until I had finished college! as if i had just come in off the street to do my job!!! I said "no, I did nursing at college and this is my full time position". These people that think to be an RN you can just show up on the day and do the job!!!!GGRRRRRRR :angryfire
  12. Laurlaur

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    It gets that colour from one drink all shift! That's if you ever get to the toilet....... And trying to guess what "sort" of cough the person has whilst holding your breath (smokers, bronchitis etc)
  13. Laurlaur

    Why do you want to be a nurse?

    gotta agree with you there.....
  14. Laurlaur

    Why do you want to be a nurse?

    Except don't come to the U.K. to work as you wont get big bucks over here!Oh no!
  15. I everyone, I was asking if anyone knew about allergic reactions to wasp stings. I was stung a few years ago and fainted about 10 minutes later, i was wondering if it would be an anaphylactic reaction (or is that much worse and am i being stupid?). I haven't been stung since, but i was concerned if i was stung again could the reaction be worse?? Just wondering if anyone else had a similar reaction? Cheers for your help!!
  16. HI I was just asking about a reaction i had to a wasp sting once and i wondered if anyone else had experienced the same, about 5 years ago i got stung by a wasp and about 10 minutes later i fainted, i haven't been stung since, but i was wondering if it was an anaphylactic reaction (or are these reactions much worse)?? Cheers for your help anybody!!!