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  2. cypress, I was not there, but I believe your articulate opine regarding the comments of some is spot on. I don't pretend to get it, but some won't even try. God forbid any human should ever be forced into a situation like Katrina again.
  3. begalli

    Disposable IV Canunulation Sets

    We have them but i never use them How hard is it to grab a tourniquet, alchol swab, a 2x2, some tape and an op-site? Most of these things are already in my pocket. I think they just create unecessary waste. Cost effective? I doubt it.
  4. This is what should have happened in the first place and I'm actually surprised the attorneys for these families didn't do this (that is if the families are represented by attorneys).
  5. Yes, I know. That's why I'm just dumbfounded as to why he's not pursuing charges against LifeCare or Tenet.
  6. begalli

    Does anyone else feel like...

    OP - I understand what you're saying. When I came out of nursing school and began working as a real nurse I felt like a complete fraud. FRAUD. I just couldn't believe that I was being trusted with such an important (and scarey) responsibility. It took a good year to really get over that feeling. But it's a really normal feeling that I think everyone can relate to. And it's good because at least you realize that you don't know everything. It takes time to get your confidence. Don't give up. My 28 year old daughter just finished submitting her application to nursing school. I send her all kinds of info from the web, but (sorry about this allnurses) this is one website I will not be sending her. While I personally think it's a great site it does have a LOT of negative in so many areas of discussion. There's a lot of good here too, so much helpful information for every type of nursing there is! Actually I don't recommend any of the nursing message boards out there for anyone in school. Sounds harsh, I know, but I don't know of any other way to say it. My experience in nursing hasn't been even a fraction of the negative that I read all over the web by my fellow nurses. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. Just never go into anything with a preconcieved notion based on what others say. Get through it and form your own opinions. You may be able to help those who are having a hard time.
  7. You know, I just don't get it. Why, in the case of the nursing home where 34 people drowned during Katrina did Foti bring charges against the OWNERS, but in the Memorial case, there seems to be absolutely no consequence for LifeCare or Tenet? This man is a fool. The grand jury will never move to proceed with this case. Never. What a complete waste of time and money not to mention a complete smear on the reputations of three selfless individuals when there is still suffering going on daily in NO and other areas hit by Katrina. Pathetic.
  8. begalli

    Med-Surg nursing... Who likes it? and why?

    ACK!!! No, no, no. A new grad gets plenty of practice in developing organizational skill in the ICU. There are also an abundance of things to "keep track of"....it's just different than the kind of stuff that is kept track of in med/surg. OP you can do a search and find that there are TONS of threads all over Allnurses discussing: New Grad - Med/Surg or ICU.
  9. begalli

    Need some solid answers

    It looks like you didn't get to finish your thought? Happens to me all the time!!!! :) If you are saying that it's okay for propofol to run with other drips, I want to disagree and here's why: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=10933040&dopt=Abstract This is something that I've personally experienced on several occassions. Our pharmacy provides us with a stopcock designed specifically for administering propofol. We ALWAYS run this wonderful drug the through a designated line. By allowing it to run with other drips there is the distinct possibility, I have seen it happen, that it will cause a leak at the stopcocks of other drugs. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=14661578&dopt=Abstract
  10. begalli

    Respecting pt's wishes vs doing what's best

    I would personally sit down at the bedside of this patient and go over the plan of turning with her and allow her some input. I wouldn't really give her the choice of whether or not she gets turned but I would give her some input. I may be nit-picking or taking this too literally, but when she shakes her head NO is it in response to "Are you comfortable?" Or is it in response to "Do you want to be turned?" Those are questions that should be asked separately and and enough time for her to respond to each should be provided. I agree with the psych consult. While this patient is being asked so many questions and she's responding and alert, has anyone ever taken the time to ask those hard questions about whether or not this is the way she wants to exist?
  11. begalli

    Who does your IABPs

    Wait. What exactly does "manage the iabp" mean when the RT is managing it? Does that mean timing, charting, etc? Can someone explain. If the patient with an iabp needs intervention who decides what needs to be done (fluid bolus, titrating trips, etc) the RN or the RT or is it a collaboration between the two? I mean does the RT manage the machine or manage the machine and the patient? I just can't imagine separating the two? Pardon my ignorance, but if a patient has a balloon pump is a nurse who is not certified in iabp permitted to take care of that patient as long as there is an RT to manage the pump? How can a nurse properly manage a patient if s/he does not have a clearly demonstrated understanding of what the pump does and how it's manipulated? I've learned so much over the years from RTs. But I've never heard of them managing iabp's. RT's do all things respiratory where I am. That includes the vent. If we value our well-being, we don't touch it and neither do the docs. If a patient is desatting there's a button to give supplemental O2 (100%) that can be hit without changing any settings. I appreciate and count on them to manage the vent. While I comprehend every aspect of our ventilators....that's what RT's specialize in. RT's are not the only ones who are passionately territorial.
  12. begalli

    Question about transporting patients + equipment

    BIG value. My facility uses the IV poles that can be attached to the head of the bed and then lifted off the ground by raising the bed for transport. No fumbling with anything but the bed itself. It's great. Something you might want to remember is that it is probably much better to be able to carry the pump(s) at the head of the bed. Sometimes when we transport patients our space on either side is somewhat limited. Adding to the length during transport is easier to maneuver than adding width. In some places nurses have a lot of pull when it comes to what equipment they use. It really depends on the facility.
  13. begalli

    help surviving orientation

    You are one smart cookie!! :) I applaud you for recognizing and getting out of a situation that was not good for you. More nurses need to do this! You are going to make a fine critical care RN. It will still take a while to really grasp onto things, but don't give up. It sounds like at least you might have some support now. Be a sponge and take in as much as you can. dorimar's advice is very good especially being present where stuff is happening. Let not only your preceptor but other nurses know that you want to be there so they can let you know when something new or interesting to you comes up. Good Luck!!
  14. begalli

    "Lean" Health Care????

    And this is exactly what gives me hesitation. I just don't like the idea of a group coming in thinking they can improve my job without really knowing what my job entails. JUST like the restructuring of the 90's. It's more for administration and the bottom line, not for the people who really run the place.
  15. begalli

    "Lean" Health Care????

    This sounds interesting, I've never heard of it. I will check this thread often for more responses. I just want to say one thing. I just hope that because the number of steps a nurse takes during a shift is reduced or whatever else is done to make our job just a little bit better, they don't also decide that that ju$tifie$ a move to increase a nurses workload. I really don't mean to be negative. This really sounds like it has many benefits for patients as well, but this whole thing takes me back to the devastating "re$tructuring" of the mid 90's.
  16. begalli

    how true

    Calling suzanne4, paging suzanne4.... mayflower2000, I don't know the answer to your question but I have no doubt that the poster I'm calling above does. She's very good at all things foreign. :) Hopefully she will find this thread and answer your question or you can send her a private message.