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annmariern has 30 years experience and specializes in vascular, med surg, home health , rehab,.

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  1. annmariern

    Breakroom refrigerator theft

    This reminded me of to this day mystery theft of an entire Christmas Dinner when I lived in a nurses residence. A group of nurses got together and created a feast for themselves, large turkey in the oven and all. The kitchen was a bit of a walk from their rooms, when the timer went off for the turkey and they went to get it out of the oven...yes, the turkey and all the trimmings and desserts vanished. Everything closed of course, so no takeout options. A lousy trick. Personally I would have sniffed my was along every hallway, outside every room until I found the culprit. They never did find out who did it. Dried foods became pretty popular after that.
  2. annmariern

    I have 60 grand of student loan when I finished BSN

    Hearing this story more and more; I worked with a new grad ADN who owes $45,000 for her LPN/ADN. She came from Cuba, had to earn and learn, hence the LPN. Now she is finding the hospitals are requiring BSN or that she be enrolled or they wont give her more than PRN. She is now a single mom. She's been quoted as much as $50,000 and 3 years to $9000 for her BSN. Now she's having issues getting schools to take her previous credits. Some of these Schools are providing lousy education and massive debt. Depressing actually. I read an article that it is impossible to qualify enough BSN's in time to make up the shortfall for retiring RN's and people leaving the profession. So making it expensive and difficult seems to make no sense at all.
  3. annmariern

    Stressed and Anxious New Grad

    Lot of new grads on my floor lately fall into two categories. The know it all, nothing is their fault, everyone is supposed to take care of me kind. And the ones that are polite, ask for help and advice, thank you for it and come and see if they can help you out if you've helped them. The latter are the ones who get the help. We all started in your shoes. I clearly remember that helpless feeling. Nursing has become so much more complicated. My advice, accept your not going to know everything. Spot the people on your floor, even the cranky ones who have experience and use it. Using the criteria listed above. You can not do it alone. And give yourself a break, never forget we are all always learning something new.
  4. annmariern

    Running on Empty

    I am a Rn with almost 30 years in; a couple of weeks ago I floated to another unit, leaving my floor short. Got a crappy assignment of course. Spent the day running, no time to chart, demanding families, the whole shebang. I was giving meds to a patient who was talking to his son. He was 84, came in with osteomyelitis, put on vanco, sent to a SNF. Back in Acute Renal Failure. Needed "temporary" HD, except his kidneys were not responding. As I'm busy scanning meds, racing to move on, I hear fragments of the conversation. This man was telling his son, he had had enough. He was bone tired, he was ready to "go home". His son was agreeing. I had to take a deep breath. Stop what I was doing, accept this was going to be another 14 hour day. I talked to him, told him that this was his choice. HD was his decision. He was doing it for his kids. I asked his son to call the family, called the doc and cancelled his HD for the morning, got a palliative care consult. I believe he went home with Hospice two days later. But holding this mans hand while he was crying. A man who thought he had no options but to accept all the invasive treatments. It was a massive wake up call to me. I'm not there to perform tasks. I was there for just this. I left late, tired, thirsty, hungry that night. But I did knowing I did something for a man who really needed my help. It made it worthwhile.
  5. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-29951094
  6. annmariern

    What About Post-Op Bathing?

    Why on earth would this be bothering you now? Your brother didn't get a bed bath a few years ago after a chole. I assume he recovered well and didn't suffer any ill effects from BO? If not able to shower or stand he could have had a simple wash in his chair or bed with minimal assistance. I'm sure if he wanted to do that he was quite capable of letting the staff know and I am sure would have been accommodated. I frequently have male 40 something year old patients who decline any offers to help bathe, and then have spouses/mothers/sisters freaking out because of it. Forget all the good care he was getting, he didn't get the fabled "bed bath"....stop the press.
  7. annmariern

    Soooo, I quit

    You have no reason at all to feel bad about what you did, the managers and CEO at that facilty should, but of course they don't; the conditions you described are totally unacceptable and staying there, hoping its gets better would have been soul destroying. Whats appaling to me is how many hospitals are run like this and how many patients have and will continue to pay through the nose for crappy, substandard care? Good luck in your future, you walked the walk when it came to integrity, if more nurses did it might not this way.
  8. annmariern

    Hospital will not hire tobacco users

    If thats the case they really should put that in the brochures and take it out of the national anthem. I'm guessing that Land of the Corporate Drones wouldn't have the same ring to it. I have worked with a 20 year old guy who rides a high powered motorbike helmetless, 3 diabetics, all over weight not helped by to a McDonalds for lunch daily, one of whom had a stroke after not taking her Bp meds. A young nurse on her 3rd pregnancy in 3 years, complications on all. A nurse who took diet pills and also had a stroke....she was maybe 30lbs overweight at the time. So whose cost the employers the most just on my staff alone? Non smokers all of the above. Yes smoking is bad for you, so are all of the above. Once it starts, who draws the line? This is the start and whose fighting it? And if not why not?
  9. annmariern

    Hospital will not hire tobacco users

    Funny I thought I saw something about the US being the land of the free somewhere; seems to me thats fast becoming a myth.
  10. annmariern

    Would like to hear from nurses

    I saw a doc today, one of the good guys; last time I saw him a week or so ago he was stressed out; I called him at 7am because I saw a Mag level drawn at 3am in the ER of 1.0, pt throwing PVCs like crazy, never reported to him or addressed by the Er doc; I asked him if he was having a better day today? He just shook his head, and said, "poor nursing care, poor medical care, it just seems to get worse every day". Yep, I know how it feels; its not just nurses feeling it, made me feel a bit better. So very sad when it all comes down to money, when all most of us wanted to do was take good care of out patients and hope that one day someone would take care of us & ours.
  11. annmariern

    Bitter dried up nurses that need to RETIRE

    No, Very good luck in yours, your going to need it. Again in case you missed it: Hospitals are for medical care; pts need nurses to be available for them, they novelty of private rooms, flat screen TV's, room service, washcloths shaped like animals, cookies, last about 5 minutes. Then they want what they are there to recieve, skilled care from skilled staff. Funny enough, thanks to management who think like you, those nurses are too busy dealing with BS to actually provide that.
  12. annmariern

    Proposition for a Nursing Revolt

    Just wanted to say well done on such a well articulated post, putting in words what I wanted to.
  13. why I hate the fact that I have to use my own facilty when using my medical benefits....no privacy for us.
  14. annmariern

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    A cop; at the time policewomen in the UK had to be 5ft 6in. Despite no-one in my family being less than 5 6, I topped out at 5 ft even.....probably for the best, I'd have been a nightmare and it would have totally been ruined by the job; next dream nurse after taking care of my mum who was dying from breast cancer; one day I washed her up, put some lipstick on her and she felt so much better, I thought, damn, I want to make a difference, so nursing it was; shame im too busy juggling nonsense at work to do that any more.
  15. annmariern

    Insurance coverage for ER visit

    I believe that a reasonable laypersons belief that it is an emergency, and that includes abdo pain, means they will cover it. $10, 000 not bad, my abdo pain with no found cause ran $15,000 in 3 hours; spent months getting bills from 5 docs (I saw an NP only) radiologists, pathologists ( I disputed that as they didnt do any pathology and that bill went away). It was an eye opening experience to see just how crazy the cost of healthcare had become. A bag of LR....$50. EKG...$200 and the labs....even having a pulse ox on for 3 hrs $50. So glad I had healthcare insurance, used my own company, but still in the additional bills for this and that it had to be $1000 out of pocket. Opened my eyes big time. I am sure she'll be covered, so don't worry.
  16. annmariern

    Nasty email from CNS

    No question in my mind, nursing is fast becoming impossible; its never ever been an "easy" profession, but the steady drip of additional requirements has fast become a flood. Amazing how everything is the nurses fault; pt satisfaction scores not 100%? Bad nurses. Never mind the management who mandate endless paperwork that keeps us from actually taking care of them. Thats left to poorly trained and paid techs. They can't do whats demanded of them either; no human can. ER backed up? the nurses must be holding discharges...lets bully and threaten them, while still expecting everything else to be done perfectly...goes on and on. Maybe its the recession, I don't know. But yes, they would prefer robots to humans. They don't need breaks, to leave after their shift ends, don't get tired, or frustrated or complain. Yes, bit like they expect us to be right now. I feel your pain. Why is it our responsiblity to hound MDs to take care of their pts and our fault if they don't?? Something wrong there.