What is a Sugar Cleanse and Do I Need It?

  1. “Cleanses” have become super popular but not everyone understands what it is and why it is important. No, I’m not talking about cleansing something off the outside of your body. I’m talking about doing an inside job. So let’s explore what cleanses are all about.

    What is a Sugar Cleanse and Do I Need It?

    The Dictionary defines cleanse this way: to rid of impurities; to remove toxins from the body. Body cleanses have been around for centuries. From the Egyptians to the Romans, people have always tried to rid their bodies of toxin build up. And today we live in a toxic soup from exposures to toxic cleaning products, toxic fabrics that touch our bodies all day long and even at night, toxic mattresses, toxic air, toxic "new car smells" (yes that is called off-gassing from chemicals used). And then there are all the toxins on food we eat, whether fresh or packaged.

    But what does that have to do with doing a sugar cleanse? Did you know that sugar is toxic to the body? Maybe it wouldn't be if we ate less of it, but presently we consume on average, 200# of sugar per person per year. Our ancestors consumed about 22 teaspoons per year which was fine for the body to deal with, but today we are overloaded with it to the point that our bodies respond to as a toxic substance. And therefore sets us up for "inflammation" which is now the root cause of nearly all chronic disease.

    So how did we get so overloaded with sugar? Back in the 60's the sugar industry was studying the effects of sugar on the body and noticed a link with heart disease, so of course stopped the study and pivoted over to high cholesterol and high fat being the culprit.

    Because of this most major health organizations got on board promoting low fat diets including the healthcare system. And to help out the cause, the food industry then created a myriad of low-fat food options, which coincidently were also high carb which translates into high sugar once it breaks down in the body. So we started a grand experiment of the worst diet for health (high carb, low fat) which has led to skyrocketing rates of obesity, Diabetes, and many other chronic diseases, which we know today are related to inflammation.

    So back to sugar as the culprit. We now recognize the link between sugar and heart disease but also to cancer as well. Here is one journal article about this. And yet another.

    This is serious! And it is not getting any better since the food industry has upped their game with more sugary snacks on the market that are even bigger than ever. You see it every day - giant sized candy bars, giant muffins, giant bagels, giant bags of chips, etc. In addition if you are a label reader of food packages, you will see sugar has been added to 75% of all packaged foods. A very subtle way to get us to like the taste of a product and so we want more and more.

    Yes, most of us are addicted to sugar and can't seem to stop. Why can't you stop eating sugar easily? Because it is 8 times more addicting than cocaine. It actually "hits" the brain at the same location as drugs which causes the release of "feel good" hormones and of course the addiction cycle continues.

    So what is a person to do? It is not easy to just stop or just cut back because of the addictive property of sugar overload. That is where a sugar cleanse becomes useful. It is a process that allows your body to release the hold that sugar has on you by bringing your blood sugar back into control which in turn stops those incessant "carb cravings". It changes your chemistry and gives you back the control you need to resist sugar and appreciate the taste of whole natural foods. And they taste really good once you re-educate your palate.

    Here's what a quality sugar cleanse can do for you:

    • reduces the load of toxins going into your body
    • helps speed the process of removing toxins from your body using cleansing foods. removes most inflammatory foods and helps you identify foods that you don't tolerate
    • helps heal your gut which is one of the greatest locations for inflammation in the body.
    • gives you tools that you can use in your everyday life after the cleanse.
    • supplies optimal foods that fuel your body.
    • supplies pharmaceutical grade micro-nutrients to combat free-radical buildup
    • gives you support and holds you accountable.

    What I find interesting is that the healthcare system probably won't recommend this strategy for clearing your body from sugar addiction, probably because it doesn't require using any drugs. So if sugar is an issue for you, why not give a sugar cleanse a try. Of course, beware of any sugar cleanse that is loaded with sugar! So read the labels and make an informed choice, and then go for it. How might this help you with your New Year's Resolutions?
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  3. by   Flatline
    I do not oppose strictly limiting the intake of carbohydrates but what is this cleanse and toxins business? What toxins are we actually talking about? Is there any evidence that supports that this diet removes said toxins?

    Do I have to put anything in my anus to remove additional toxins?

    There are real scientific reasons why the general population should change their diet. No need to throw in ambiguous fear and doubt strategies such as the mysterious toxins, it honestly distracts from the message.

    It would be like saying you should buckle your seat belt because the world is flat and you might fall off. T Here really are good reasons to use your seat belt but the world being flat is not one of them.
  4. by   Luckyyou
  5. by   JBMmom
    I have tried the Whole 30/Paleo diet and I find that my body responds very well to that type of diet. However, my family went along for the ride, and my husband felt no different after removing sugar from his diet for 30 days (of course I suspect that he might have had some cheat days in there, he wasn't really that committed to start). Diets aren't a one size fits all thing, and while I'm certainly not arguing that people should have more sugar, not everyone needs to eliminate it completely. When I've done it, I feel fantastic, but the absolute lack of any food that I don't prepare myself makes it really inconvenient. I don't necessarily buy into the toxins angle, I think my liver does a pretty good job, but when I don't have sugar and processed foods I have more energy, more focus and my weight stabilizes at a much lower point than it is right now. If you do try it, beware of some major mood swings/dips about 3-4 days in that can last for up to a week or so. But, it might be worth it!
  6. by   klone
    Isn't that what we have a liver and kidneys for? For "cleansing" and ridding our bodies of "toxins"? What toxins exactly does sugar create in our body? This article doesn't seem particularly evidence-based to me.
  7. by   NotAllWhoWandeRN
    If this is research-based, please provide your operational definition for “toxin,” what the parameters of your sugar cleanse are, and what each “toxin” level was before and after the sugar cleanse.
  8. by   Castiela
    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    If this is research-based, please provide your operational definition for “toxin,” what the parameters of your sugar cleanse are, and what each “toxin” level was before and after the sugar cleanse.
    I would add we are an evidence based field. Please cite your resources. What studies were these that you are referencing. I can't take your article as more than a fluff story without these
  9. by   brownbook
    Well.......I clean my sugar every day befor I put it on my Frosted Flakes. I’ve made it too 66 in good health so it must be true. I’m actually a lower weight than the BMI scale says I should be. Not that I really believe the wole BMI scale mumbo jumbo!
  10. by   Sour Lemon
    "Why can't you stop eating sugar easily? Because it is 8 times more addicting than cocaine."

    Yeah ...I don't think so.
  11. by   xoemmylouox
    We are all going to die of something. I've met plenty of "healthy" people that watched every calorie/carb/fat and who exercised like it's a religion. They still develop cancer, they still die in MVA's, and some deny themselves food that they really want. I've met plenty of "unhealthy" people like myself who don't overindulge every day, but don't come between me and my cookies, because you're going to lose an arm or leg. Most days my exercise comes from chasing my kids/dog/hubby and the thousand miles I walk at work. It's possible that I too will develop cancer, I could get hit by a semi, and I don't deny myself the indulgences I want.

    At the end of the day to each their own, but this article need a major revamp it is wants any credibility.

    In honor of my sugar addiction I'm going to go eat a few hot coco oreos.
  12. by   traumaRUs
  13. by   BCgradnurse
    Show me the evidence.
  14. by   hppygr8ful
    These are not peer reviewed evidence based research. Plus could you please use APA format when citing your references.