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  1. Castiela

    Lack of Family Support

    My mom was a nurse and hated it and she didn't want to see me make the same mistake? She also didn't think I could handle the stress.
  2. Castiela

    Lack of Family Support

    If you can afford to, I would. That way you can focus in passing. You will make more as an RN than your current job, maybe you can remind them that? My parents were upset when I told them I was going back to nursing school after finishing a bachelors of technology. The year between me applying and starting school was very awkward because every time I saw them, they told me that I was making a huge mistake and that I was making a terrible choice. At one point, they tried going behind my back to my husband and to tried to convince him tell me that I was making a mistake. Long story short, I've been an RN for a few years, love it and am a good RN. It's really hard to do something when your support network is adamantly against it, but I'm sure they'll come around, especially when you graduate and start working.
  3. Castiela

    What is a Sugar Cleanse and Do I Need It?

    I would add we are an evidence based field. Please cite your resources. What studies were these that you are referencing. I can't take your article as more than a fluff story without these
  4. Castiela

    What to look for in a job

    Questions i like to know involve staffing ratios, continuing education opportunities, benefits (if not standardized by the union) and resources available to help on shift.
  5. Castiela

    Nursing Differences

    I can't speak for other provinces, in BC, you can start your specialty education after ~ 2 years med/surg experience. UBC requires at minimum 2 years nursing experience before starting NP training. Even in specialties, you still wash and mobilize patients (ER, ICU, peds) and reposition. Most new grads start in med/ surgical units In the hospital, but there are other options of home health or public health. Beyond that, you have nursing informatics, occupational health, infectious disease etc. There are so many options that you can try but ere is nothing wrong with med surg. It is also a good specialty to start because you develop your critical thinking, time management and nursing skills
  6. Castiela

    Is this considered falsification?

    If I make changes to my electronic charting, I usually link a note saying why I made the changes...
  7. Castiela


    BCIT is a competitive program. I believe they look at grades, previous health care experience, volunteer work and then a quiz iif you are shortlisted. You best bet is to contact the nursing admissions group if you have any questions. There are also several threads for prospective students of BCIT in the student forum where prospective students speak about their experience and grades https://allnurses.com/canada-nursing-programs/april-2018-bcit-1130323.html https://allnurses.com/canada-nursing-programs/bcit-january-2018-1102699.html
  8. If your job is covered by the Ontario nurses Union, I would contact your union rep and find out what you rights/ employer responsibilities are
  9. Castiela

    dismissal appeal letter

    It sounds good. It addresses why you were unsuccessful and the steps you will take to correct them
  10. Castiela

    Surgery interview

    A lot of them will likely involve what would you do if you made an error, if you had a coworker who you didn't get along with, if you didn't agree with a Drs decision etc, how would you prioritize in x situation. The only actual medical question I can recall from any nursing interview has been what are the s&s of hypoglycaemia and what would you do to correct it. Best of luck
  11. Castiela

    First Nursing Job After Nursing School

    You could always call or email them first to set up a time to drop off your resume
  12. Castiela

    Is this normal?

    If you are concerned, your best bet is to contact the college of Ontario nurses and describe your experiences and concerns as they regulate nursing scopes of practice. I know in BC, there is are increased scopes which RNs can train for but I don't believe it includes diagnosing? I have no clue if Ontario has something like that. Are you sure they were not an NP?
  13. Castiela

    No Respect.

    Maybe you should leave ICU if having an encounter such as this has make you so frustrated? Although I feel that you will encounter these scenarios in any aspect of nursing which you are interacting with concours patients or their families. Personally my concerns in this situation would have revolved more with staffing than a family member demanding water for her mom. i would be interested in knowing from some of the older nurses if it has been more of a negative experience with patients treating nurses with less respect? Or if relationships have improved? I have a similar experience level to yours so I can't answer. Finally, nothing in that interaction you described really struck me as rude on the patients daughters part. Inconvenient yes. Frustrating sure. I wouldn't have said she disrespected you, she just didn't immediately listen and do exactly as you wanted.
  14. Castiela

    Is it too soon to go back? Need advice.

    Could you work per diem in the ER to get your chaos fix while working in PACU?
  15. Castiela

    No Respect.

    i don't mind open visitor hours. And I generally feel quite respected by patients and their families. Maybe 1% of my interactions are what you've described, but I find often these families are just scared/guilty that their loved one is in ICU and want to advocate for them, even if they don't know what the need to advocate for in this time. It's definitely a different approach. It's less of the authoritative relationship between doctors, nurses and patients which may be why we are "respected" less. It is unfortunate the family member entered before the patient was settled, but it sounds like the family member settled once you explained you wanted to ensure her mom was safe first.
  16. Castiela

    How to Search Hospitals Policies

    Your best bet would probably be to reach out to educators/ managers at different hospitals and request to see copies of their policies and explain what you are trying to accomplish