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  1. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    What is a Sugar Cleanse and Do I Need It?

    If this is research-based, please provide your operational definition for toxin,” what the parameters of your sugar cleanse are, and what each toxin” level was before and after the sugar cleanse.
  2. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    No Respect.

    Okay, but if there's smoke coming from under the hood, you don't demand that the mechanic stop and clean a bug off the windshield. And if you do, expect to be rebuffed.
  3. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    First Time Fall

    When an alert & oriented patient does something they know is risky and gets hurt, it is their fault, not yours. I've only had one fall in acute care (tons in LTC before that) and I did feel bad for not anticipating my LOL's nighttime confusion. I did a thorough assessment (no injury), followed protocol for follow-up vs/assessments and notifications, and charted the dickens out of it - as I'd learned to do in previous work where falls were commonplace. Management didn't scold me for allowing the fall, they praised me for my thorough care afterward. If management continues to frighten you over minor infractions, I promise you can find better places to work.
  4. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Should I Be a Nurse? 5 Things to Think About

    Using the quote button will help with clarity so people can read what you're responding to.
  5. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Forced out to pasture

    I wish employers around here would care about retaining nurses 😆
  6. How sad regarding emergency contraception. I was initially misinformed about how plan B worked and when someone asked for it at the pharmacy there I teched I would politely get someone else to help them. But it only reduces the chance of ovulation and had I known that I would not have refused. I guess if you're against any form of birth control whatsoever you'd still refuse, but it still ducks under the "life begins at conception" bar many conservatives go by.* *My views have evolved in the years since then but I was behaving politely and professionally according to my beliefs at the time and it didn't impair my ability to do that job.
  7. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Utah Nurse Wubbels Reaches $500,000 Settlement

    For those saying she said she wouldn't sue... She said she was keeping her options open based on how the people responsible for those events managed the aftermath. And she didn't sue, she settled for a VERY low amount considering the circumstances. My impression is that they threw a little money at her so they could get paperwork preventing her from suing if she decided she wanted big bucks after all down the road. I support everything about the way Nurse Wubbels has handled this situation. She gave them time to handle it internally, and they didn't. So she released the footage and humiliated those jerks on a national level. I wish both cops had lost their job, but you can't win them all. My hope is that she made it burn badly enough to effect lasting systemic change - because not only were those cops aggressive and inappropriate, the department protected them before the public knew what happened - and I believe she has.
  8. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    What is your Nursing Super Power?

    My superpower is calming hospice patients' families. It just comes naturally. Unfortunately it is also severely draining so while I believe I'd be a skilled hospice nurse, I'd burn out in no time.
  9. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Explaining a Career Shift After Injury

    Thank you for the reply. I am already working a light physical duty job that requires only a limited slice of nursing knowledge; I'm not looking to go from one to another. I'm losing my knowledge and skills, I get $3 less an hour, and I'm tied to the job 5 day a week. I hate it. I love my coworkers and I enjoy not having the politics of bedside nursing, but that's why I want to go part time with my current job and part time acute care. I'd love to get into OR. But definitely not looking for or needing light duty.
  10. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Explaining a Career Shift After Injury

    About a year and a half ago, I experienced a lifting injury while on the job. I was returned to work with no basis for declaring me fit for duty, then when I didn't recover as they wanted, they (again with no medical or objective reason) declared a minimal permanent impairment which meant they could terminate injury medical coverage and WC lost wages. I lost my inpatient position and was eventually placed in a specialty clinic where heavy lifting was not required. Long story short, I didn't fight it initially because I was in pain and nobody was able to figure out why I didn't heal on the expected timeline. Healing has been a long slow journey, but I have paid for care out of pocket and my physical therapist is encouraging me to get the ball rolling on having my "permanent" lifting restrictions removed. That's a fight I'll go about on my own (independently for finding new work elsewhere, then with a lawyer when I go after the system that deliberately mishandled my injury). My question is not about that process. My question is, how do I go about explaining the career shift when I start to interview again? I have been out of acute care for a year, and I never would have chosen to leave - at least not for my current situation. If I mention that I had an injury and they could not hold my original position, I believe that is a reasonable explanation for why I would leave, and why I want to come back. I would not mention the prolonged healing process, only that I have medical clearance to work again. My concern is that if I mention being injured, I'm not sure if that will prejudice interviewers against me with the worry that I'll end up re-injured or unable to perform.
  11. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    Some careers involve an inherent risk to life and limb, and so asking those people to risk life and limb is not a big change. Nursing is not one of those professions. I can certainly understand the thought that hurricanes are part of life in Florida and SOMEBODY needs to help keep patients safe during disasters, but I don't believe being an RN (or LPN) inherently obligates one to place patients' safety above their own.
  12. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    YES, ALL OF THIS. Also good work relationships don't break down over one misunderstanding. If a patient's family told me a coworker did something shady/lazy/inappropriate and I trusted that coworker, the family would not succeed in creating a yelling/physical intimidation encounter. Which is why even if the family was rude to the tech, it's entirely irrelevant to the tech's behavior or OP's. There were clearly already problems.
  13. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    But he said he had meds in hand. So did he take patient meds into the break room to find Jen before taking care of those urgent med passes? Once I started on a unit with Vocera, nothing was sacred. I'd get paged by 3 different departments to take care of issues while I was supposed to be off the clock. I got no mental rest. If someone is on break it is reasonable to wait til they're back on the floor to address a non-urgent issue, and my impression is that all of this took place in a very short span of time. Unless they are an unreliable worker, it seems odd to me to approach someone in the break room to ask if they're on a legitimate break, then assign them work that they have to write down or remember until they come back on the floor. I can't help but wonder if Jen has had blistering resentment building up because (accurate or not) she feels that the nurses, or OP in particular, are delegating to her because they CAN and not because it is really needed. *edit to add* OP also mentioned it is a point of contention that the CNAs are taking their allotted breaks whether the nurses get them or not. I can't help but wonder if that contributed to his willingness to interrupt Jen's break with a work issue.
  14. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    I felt there were two separate motivations to those telling OP not to apologize. One was to avoid further complicating the situation and the other was that he had the moral high ground because she behaved unprofessionally first. If someone says they felt threatened by your actions then you definitely should not seek out any conversation with them without a reliable witness. As for him morally owing her an apology, I'd say absolutely. She owes him one too, but neither of them is truly regretful if they refuse to own their bad actions unless the other does, too. If they have a meeting with all parties and a mediator present I think is is reasonable to expect, at the least, an apology that she felt unsafe. You can apologize for how your actions negatively impacted someone, even if the action itself was neutral (though in this case it was not).
  15. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    OP did not pursue reasonable swift action with management regarding Jen's initial reaction. Jen's behavior was terrible but if he pursues disciplinary action because she filed an incident report about his physically blocking her somewhere - while she was already upset - to force a conversation, that smells like retaliation.
  16. NotAllWhoWandeRN

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    So you're not aware that physically trapping someone in a room because they're not doing what you want could be considered criminal confinement? You do not EVER physically bar someone from stepping away from you. EVER. If someone did that to me I would raise ****, IMMEDIATELY, to get witnesses and to get my freedom, and I would not be politely discussing it with the person who had just played barricade. If OP's recounting is accurate, the CNA was extremely out of line, but Jen isn't here, he is. And that single confessed action is inexcusable. He lost his right to ride the high horse.

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